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  1. oh im not visiting grindr but i have some "alternative lifestyle" friends so i hear allot of things that people who dont communicate with that community may not know about. Its a strange strange world.
  2. as opposed to the calcium days? My god, never had such violent migraines in my life. to the point where I quit going to certain tracks due to over abundant use of it at the time.
  3. IMCA drivers do not complain about their tires. Its one of the reasons why they join the class. Its everyone else that complains about the tires.
  4. Correct me if im wrong, but on the flip side wasnt everyone all sorts of bent and pissed off over fultons extra long intermission during the 200 to FIX THE TRACK?????? Im beginning to believe the stereotype that race fans are just a bunch of ignorant rednecks. Especially after seeing complaints about two different tracks, the conditions and fixes all within 5 days. and exactly like someone said above, if brewerton cancelled, all you people would be complaining about that.
  5. God I try so hard to be nice and respect your opinions but its clear as day that your a douche bag 24/7.
  6. I hate people that cant tell the difference between a novice sportsman, a 602 sportsman, an open sportsman, a woodhull modified, a STSS modified, a 358 dirt modified and a big block. 😢
  7. Cupcakers for all your cookies, cupcakes ect ect.... Friends of mine own the place. 172 W 1st St, Oswego, NY 13126
  8. I wonder how many campers they had. The number was announced last year and we did the math, was staggering. I just don't recall what it was. Just for fun, 300 campers x $50 is $15,000. I had wanted to go but had to keep a DEC obligation and when I seen the price of the camping was raised to $50 that was the nail in the coffin. Especially when I live 15 minutes away. Would be cheaper if i wanted to drink that badly, have the wife drop me off and take an uber home. But what really turned me off, it would of been a minimum of $110 between camping and tix, not including food and drinks to watch 96 sportsman over 2 days. Noooooooooo thank you.
  9. I recall hearing Pauls name since i was a child. (30 years ago) hes a legend. While im not a fan of Mr Miller, I do respect his opinions although i may not agree with them. He's been around a long time as well and is boiling over with knowledge and history. If i had my own track and was promotor, I would run a 4 class program. Hammer down run it off, brief 15 minute intermission, no nonsense seamless to the fan. Heres what and why. 1. V8 trucks. Keep them stock except for certain handling upgrades, wheels/tires, nose and tail. Some engine mods such as exhaust and CAI. stock shocks, stock engines. Entry level, affordable and RWD. This will help with the transition when drivers move up. 2. My heart is with IMCA mods so there has to be an IMCA mod style class. Would be a nice transition from the trucks. 3. 602 sportsman. this would bring in the fans and the cars. My concern with this class though is that it may hurt counts in other classes due to the engine cost. Not the trucks necessarily but IMCA mods and the headliner. 4. headliner would be either some sort of Sprint car or some sort of late model. I choose these classes as there is literally something for everyone. A beginner class the trucks, a national class the imca mods, a fan favorite, the ne mod body and then either sprints or lates. I would concentrate on growing them 4 classes first and foremost. I would like a "union rep" of sorts or to meet with drivers on a regular basis by class only to hear their concerns and ideas on how to grow the class and make things better. I would work with local tracks to grow our classes and not run on competing nights. Fan experience, great food, craft beer, food truck nights, brew fests, wine fests, live bands, advertise and promote where racing is not. local parades. one night a week bar night during the off season to raise awareness of the track and give away tix. The fans have to be #1. A track cannot be just about racing anymore, it needs to be an entertainment destination. Racing video games for the kids, cars on display, autograph sessions, pit tours, i could go on and on. Wish i had the opportunity to help promote a track and see if some of my ideas actually work.
  10. It raised some questions with me so i thought i would post. Maybe the lack of expansion is hurting car counts? And if you read my post thoroughly, i did ask about the history of expansion attempts and peoples thoughts on why it has not expanded. i lastly lead into any thoughts on how to expand. I had mentioned imca mods in a different post and the the lame @$$ response is always thrown about, well IMCA mods are national and NE mods are regional. WELL then why are they regional? Why havent they grown? I would bet late models, imca style mods and sprint cars all started in one region or another and grew. Thus far, no really good answers or history on expansion attempts have been presented.
  11. Because you probably have only seen imca mods on the skating rinks of New York. Tracks around the country are not groomed to be ice rinks. They are groomed to retain moisture and have a berm. Thus providing for better racing on the hard compound imca tires.
  12. Oilman prompted this thought with his comment on another thread. Thank you oilman for making my brain work. Sprint cars, Late models and IMCA Style Mods are Nationwide the largest classes of racing. Not regionalized. Sure there is regionalized sanctions but class wise, they are all the same for the most part. Why have NE mods not expanded further than the NE? Why has the national race fan and tracks not embraced the NE mod? Please correct me if im wrong but Canada, NY, PA, VT, DE, MD and OH are the only places that run them weekly. With 3 of them states only have 1 track. Has expansion been tried in earnest? Why did it fail? Did it succeed on any level? and if so whats next? Why dont national fans like NE mod racing? How would YOU go about expanding NE dirt mods? What would your plan be? Most importantly does DIRT have a 3 year, 5 year, 10 year plan to grow and expand the NE mods classes? If no why not? I believe a track in florida is trying to start them up but its a bastardized sportsman from my understanding? Ive been told that when the mods are running in florida and charlotte, thats when the fans hit the bathroom and concessions. Is it the same mental block as to why most NE fans only like NE mods? With national expansion i believe you would see weekly local car counts grow, more interest, bigger purses, bigger series ect ect.
  13. Ive been a huge racing fan first, got to drive and own a car for a few years then back to crew guy and fan. Ive gone once this year and have zero ambition to go see any races for the remainder of the year. Heres why and I wont name the track as the track really doesnt matter as this is more or less a reflection of the NY race scene. 358 mods ok cool, the headliner should be good. Then it was like 9 heats of sportsman, 3 concis and 3 features of sportsman. That does not even include the 2 features and 4 heats of the novice sportsman. Crate models where also on the schedule. For the most part it was staring that the same exact looking cars all night. and im sorry the 602 has done wonders in terms of car counts and getting people involved but my god its incredibly boring. I was so bored and said to the wife lets go before half the features where even done. She was in disbelief. Just a non stop endless parade of 602 sportsman. God it was awful. IMO the 602 sportsman is a class killer. as their numbers go up, imca mods have faded and are about dead. I think down to one track for 2019. Pro and street stocks, pretty much dead. 4cyls are dwindling as people just skip them now and go right to novice sportsman. mod lite numbers are down. yes tracks have these classes but i dont think 10-13 car features are by any means doing well. and no that should not be considered the new norm and be acceptable. I think another thing that has hurt racing especially in the NE is the cult like mentality that NE mods are it and nobody else should be on the track. keeps people from wanting to get involved in the other support classes. As for 5 mile closing, its sad yes. Ive never cared for the place so its really no bother to me. The few times i was there was bad experiences so i never went back. Poor dusty track conditions and not getting done, paid and leaving until well after midnight. and getting any info off that website or being updated in a timely manner is more of a hassle than its worth. On the bright side if its gone, hopefuly it will boost car counts at the other local tracks. Edit Correction - ive gone twice this year. Series race at OCFS. Same thing, same cars all night. Sure it was exciting first time there but 358s followed up with big blocks. yaaaaaawn. Pro stocks are big down that way. they should of been on the card instead.
  14. Its been happening for years at the Boone Super Nationals and to a lesser extent Duel in the Desert. OH, Northeast Mods, no probably never for Big Blocks. If 358's make a resurgence, maybe, possibly someday.
  15. only thing thats out of line if your assumptions over my comments. its a legit concern in this day and age with bomb threats, mass shootings, terrorists, whacked out liberals, antifa, kkk, nazis and every other group out there trying to prove something. Lets face it, security at race tracks is basically non existent and would be an easy target for any of them groups to make a statement by wiping out a couple hundred people. its a legit concern. you bet your ass as a fan i would want to know why cops are there so often.
  16. From what im reading above the cops have been there twice now in recent weeks? Makes perfect sense to worry about it. Any fan should be. Is there some inherent danger that the fans should be concerned about? Was there a criminal act taking place? Are children in danger? Is there some shady business dealings going on that could cause the track long term damage? Seems to be an ongoing problem and if i was a fan there, i'd be worried/concerned.
  17. This is how i feel after reading this thread: "At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."
  18. In all fairness, dust vs rain or snow is hardly a fair comparison. Dust will mess up your eyes, your nose, your food, your throat, your ears. Back when tracks would use calcium (looking at you can am) it would lead me to major headaches then migraines. Without fail every day after i went to can am, I could basically count on being bed ridden all of Sunday. Once i caught on to what was happening, never went back since. But to coincide with this, I know allot of people that like racing but wont go because of the dust. Its just not worth it to them. Any good promoter would know this is a problem and keeps fans away. A good promotor would add more and more enclosed club boxes at AFFORDABLE (not jacked up) rates. Example, my wife and i attended a race at brewerton last year in an air conditioned box. She loved it and said she would go almost every week if it was like this. She'll deal with sitting in the stands if i really want to go but other than that, she wont go to a track cause of the dust. I absolutely hate being cold and wet and would much rather sit through a dirt race than a wet football game any day. Kinda dislike football actually. Sociopath fans.
  19. Im confused on this one. Bicknell is a Canadian company. Where do they get their steel from? I thought the tariff was on china not canada. Even if they get their steel from china, shipped to canada, how would the price go up? Unless when the car comes over the border but its still coming from canada, not china. Can someone smarter than me please elaborate?
  20. People are just petty assholes is what it boils down to. A simple spelling error. Get over it. I mean really, are there not bigger problems in the world to be solved? Just because someone had a type-o does not mean they are disrespecting a city or its history. And if I recall correctly isnt Mallet a history teacher? So i would think he would be the last person to disrespect any cities history.
  21. Bayko bring up a great point with the Late Model engine program. How many late models run under basically open engine rules across the country like he described, basically all of them. And they are one of the biggest classes in the country. Here another idea and im sure this will get pooped on with just the mention of IMCA. Look at the IMCA modified engine package. Pretty much wide open as well, just no rollers, no aluminum heads and a few other minor things here or there. But, and this is a HUGE BUT, you can run any engine combo you want. Put in a big block if you think that'll win. 383, 410, 406, 360, 358, 355 and on and on. And puhlease dont tell me those engines dont make power. My buddies 383 on alcohol on the dyno put out just over 700HP. in an imca modified. Thats on par with most any 358s out there and not too far behind BB power. IMCA mods also allow the 604 as an option with a spoiler and i believe a weight break. Open motors no spoiler. So upon considering Baykos late model comment and reflecting on the IMCA mod rules, both classes being the two biggest in the county, DIRT mod rules are some of the most asinine ive seen. Follow the imca model for engines and allow the W16 as an option with weight break and maybe a spoiler rule. Maybe even a harder tire rule to help equalize out the power and put more back in the drivers hands. I feel too this would put some more creativity back in the drivers hands. Back to what modifieds really are. Just some thoughts.
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