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  1. Pete and Repeat are walking down the road. Pete is in first who is in second? I posted the link above. The dirt legal W16 is 10K and winning races in the 358 class. So, why do you need a $30K small block 358?????
  2. $10,500 for a W16 complete from Bicknell. That includes most all accessories. All you need is your power steering pump, your carb and your headers. Very affordable when you have sportsman guys spending 7K on a 602. https://us.bicknellracingproducts.com/COMPLETE-NEW-W16-327-CI-LS1-ENGINE/item/WEGW16
  3. I have been saying for years that big blocks either need to go away and make everything small blocks or have just one modified class that allows both SB and BB's. there is absolutely no need for 5+ classes that all look alike. Its getting really old. 5 classes being Bigs, Smalls, sportsman, novice sportsman, open sportsman. Heck if you want to throw in Deyo rules, woodhull rules, southern tier/pa rules there is just way too many fractured classes.
  4. Does the size of the crowd they race in front of dictate the quality of racing as your post implies?
  5. Reads like your bitching about peoples opinions. Who was bitching?
  6. Made my first ever trip to OCFS for the big race on thursday. Thoughts on the area and track. Newburg, wow, what a ghetto garbage hole. George Washington HQ was a let down in the middle of the ghetto. The people running the place where fairly rude as well. Middletown, again, wow, not that far behind newburg. What a depressed poor area, both towns. Garbage and filth everywhere. OCFS Speedway was a pretty cool facility. Bathrooms cleanest and newest ive seen. The seating was nice, clean, covered and had seat backs. so nice. Hopefully Halmars next expense is replacing that catch fence which looks straight out of 1848. Tack itself held up good. Racing was decent. The drive in section was awesome. Track itself reminded me like a cross between oswego, utica rome and syracuse. Big, fast and flat. Having the fair going on was fun. Beer was a bit too pricey for draft in comparison to other race tracks. ($5.50 bud lite) Most tracks are $2-3 a can. Food was pretty good. $11 fair Gyro was great. Overall was a fun time. Left home around 9am and pulled back in the driveway at exactly 3am.
  7. Way ahead of ya bud, GW house is 30 mins from the track. OCC choppers is 23 mins from the track. both are close enough for a quick visit.
  8. See your part of the problem with people these days. I wasnt whining. Mr Miller started a topic on a forum asking for opinions. I gave mine, I think they are stupid and serve no purpose. Opinion. different than whining. So if i was whining, every single person on this forum that is against the 4 wide salute is whining too. But eh, you chose to single out one person. Congratulations. As for fireworks, I personally love fireworks but you obviously missed my point about the fireworks. Reading comprehension will get you far in life. but im sure all you saw was that i was whining about fireworks. Which I was not. I was more or less pointing out what amounts to false advertising by a track.
  9. WTF are you even talking about? Thats about the dumbest thing i have ever read. My suggestion, you have serious issues if your concerned when i take a shit. Want to know the corn content next time I go?
  10. 4 wide is kinda lame. Does nothing for me. They say its a "salute" a salute to what? The fans? Cause you drove around under caution 4 wide? Doesn't make any sense. Congratulations you look like a new car dealership going around a circle. meh
  11. Ahhh poop. Made the mistake of googling "The Mansion Newburgh NY" at work.
  12. Are the chopper shops worth visiting? Also anyone know what classes are running that day?
  13. I'd have to say RD3 is putting up similar numbers in just 2 tracks alone for being a rookie. Impressive as well. Berwerton 5 starts, 3 top 5's and 4 top 10's 14th in points. Fulton 8 starts 1 win 4 top 5's and 8 top 10's . 3rd in points
  14. I'm not a fan of Rocky or Jake but currently 5th place in points at UR is nothing to frown upon for a rookie.
  15. Common sense dictates, they are making money or else they wouldn't be in business. Granted not millions but i think you'd be surprised. OOPS quoted the wrong person. Should of been for Fonda Fan.
  16. Tried looking on the site but didnt find the info. Anyone know what support classes are running with the sds race on 7/19? Will be first trip to OCFS for a race and the area in general. Any must see things? History, food, brewery's, must see sights? Got the whole day.
  17. who watches gauges anymore? that's what dummy lights are for.
  18. Some of the copyright/licensing nonsense ive seen over the years, I could very easily see and believe DC going after him. What it boils down to is that he is using someone else work, someone else's copyright to profit himself. They have every legal right to go after him. And lets face it, its not like me or the wee one, small time wanna be races using the logo and such. Matts a big name fella with some clout. I'm not a fan of his so I would just love to see DC tell him to knock it off.
  19. I really dont care for either of them drivers but dont ever want to see anyone hurt or ruined racecars. Could there be any animosity there as Westmorleand Golf club backed Willy for years and they are now on Shepards car? More importantly, anyone see Matts new shirt just released this week? Is he going to run into licensing problems or does anyone think he paid DC for the licensing rights to Superman and the Superman logo. Is a cease and decist order in the works? God i hope so.
  20. Its not that impressive. Especially when you raise the price of admission by $6 thus in turn the fans are helping pay for the fireworks. For what is just another normal night of racing with the regular classes. Now if the price of admission was not raised and you boasted a 12K fireworks show, thats impressive.
  21. OMG Winery Woo Girls are the absolute worst. But you reinforced my opinion. YOU played DD for them. LOL
  22. I'm not advocating or claiming anything but the winery/micro brewery crowd tend to be a bit more older and responsible than your standard bar crowd. I would bet you will find less people drinking and driving at wineries/micros than you do at normal bars. Seems like people go to bars to get s-faced. vs people go to wineries/micros to try new things and educate themselves.
  23. Slippery slope here. I would much rather be on the track with a guy that smoked a joint 20 days ago but would still fail a drug test than the 5 overweight drivers that are all on HBP medication whos heart could explode at any moment. I would much rather be on the track with a guy that smoked a joint 20 days ago but would still fail a drug test than the 5 people that are battling depression and trying to quit smoking who are on prozac, welbutrin, chantix and xanax whos side effects are suicidal thoughts, shitting your pants, vomiting, losing your digits and whatever else that leads to dangerous actions. One suicidal thought to die racing can hurt the whole field. Nobody should ever be in a racecar while they are drunk, stoned or just ripped a few lines. Nobody, ever. But the current system for drug testing is archaic. I could be a totlal coke addict blow 3 lines of cocaine on a Wednesday night and pass a drug test on friday. Good to go. but heck if you smoke a joint 20-25 days ago and nothing since, you'll fail a drug test. Complete nonsense and out of touch with the current times.
  24. 11T in the sportsman class needs to sit out for a few nights before he puts someone in the hospital. Destroyed a chassis in that heat race.
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