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  1. Not a fan of the buy ins. You didn't qualify along with a bunch of others. That's part of racing. Load up and have a good night. Do better next time.
  2. Kind of like formerly Decker, Wight, and Ward at Brewerton and Fulton.
  3. 2 divisions of more than full fields and both divisions look exactly alike, i would never visit that track. No thanks. why buy a prostock instead of a sportsman, newsflash, not everyone like NE style dirt mods. As for the late model ladder to move up, not everyone gets into racing to move up and climb the ladder. Some people race for the love of it and get settled into a division. More times than not, thats 60-75% of the drivers in any division stay put. A very small percentage climb the ladder. While the 602 has worked wonders for sportsman, i feel its hurt and helped kill other divisions.
  4. I can see this going both ways. Helped - my god would you look at the NE Dirt Mod sportsman car counts across the state? Through the roof with some tracks running 2 or 3 features. Hurt - my god would you look at the sportsman car counts across the state? Meanwhile, IMCA mods are about dead. Street Stocks are about dead. Pro Stocks are on life support. Crate Late Model car counts are down. Seems to have cannibalized allot of other divisions.
  5. (Insert name here) Nationals used to be cool but it seems like every track across the US has one race or another thats deemed "Nationals". Kind of lost its luster.
  6. Alan Johnson Bicknell Chassis LJL Kevlar Engines Weekly at Brewerton and Fulton plus follow the tours. All of them. Everywhere.
  7. What are some of everyone's favorite names for races/events over the years? The quality, format or racing does not matter. Talking just the names of the race/event. Ive always liked the following: Battle at the Border at Can Am. Showdown at Sundown at Fulton. I dont recall where as i think there are several but Halloween Havoc was always a good one too. Ones i dont particularly care for are the "Ice" or "Frost" ones. Ice Jam, Frost Buster ect ect. What are other peoples favorites and such?
  8. 2 sportsman features. Pretty cool to have that many cars. I see fulton is up to 3 sportsman features. Its a good problem to have.
  9. I do recall all of that. I also recall doing the "kiddie rides" at brewerton. Used to love riding around in the Green 00 driven by Leroy Hurlbut. He was my favorite driver. Him and the Blue Camaro 711 of Russ Marsden at Fulton. Throw in some OV1 Glenn Derby late model at skyline, What a time those days where.
  10. The aluminum bleachers are going to take that track to the next level. Cannot wait for the much needed leg room. What a facility that place is turning out to be. Capital improvements go along ways.
  11. I grew up going to Brewerton Speedway and could always here the races on a friday night all the way in North Constantia 11 miles away. Thankfully where i live now in Baldwinsville, I can hear Fulton Speedway on a Saturday night just 10 miles away. Hoping to make it out tonight.
  12. Cant wait for Bob Miller to start a thread about it.
  13. Dumpster panels. How to make a car ugly? Dumpster panels. On a side note, did anyone see the sprint car with the MD3 late model nose on it? 😝
  14. Kids into souped up VW's, Hondas and Toyotas is not the biggest problem. Outdated way of thinking thats behind the times. Thats the entry way into racing. Take a look at some of the 4cyl racing being done nationwide. These cars are full blown racecars. Brewerton and Skyline run full blown racecars. The class is growing and more and more adults and kids are getting involved. 4cyls are the gateway. Not this twisted northeast racing model where everyone now starts in a 602 sportsman.
  15. I'll tune back in when these changes happen. Thankfully this will never come to pass. Friday - Practice Saturday - Practice and Qualifying Sunday - 25 lap heat races, 30 lap LCQ and 100 lap feature. (laps to be determined by track size). Get rid of half of the 1.5 mile tracks. Move to allot of tracks a mile and under. Open up to some new venues. If your fanbase is shrinking, time to scale back, regroup and rebuild. No reason Iowa shouldn't have a race. Irwindale, I forget the popular short track up in Mass. South Boston Speedway or something. But there are a ton of asphalt tracks that are borderline legendary that could suck in an event. Especially with lower crowd counts. You move into one of these small legendary tracks and you sell out within a few days. Creates hype again for the sport. If they ran a race at Oswego, id go in an instant. New tracks, neutral grounds, no setup basis. Would be allot of fun.
  16. Didn't Matt Shepherd miss 30% of his races last year and still ended up as champion?
  17. Nah, it was all part of the plan. The ending that we saw, was the ending that Thanos wanted. Their plan worked and they have him trapped inside of the reality stone. Everyone is still alive.
  18. I live 15-20 minutes from the track. No rain here as of yet. Even being so close, with dicey weather, im electing to stay home both nights. I stuck it out for Outlaw Weekend nasty weather last fall and dont care to do it again.
  19. Vs Matt Kenseth going from champion to championship contender to out of a ride all within 3 years? I really cant stomach nascar anymore. too much parity in the cars and its allot of drivers with money buying rides vs talent earning rides. Plus who has 3-5 hours on a sunday to sit around on a beautiful sunny day to watch some lame race on yet another 1.5 mile tri oval.
  20. Thanks for posting the artist name. Seen the picture and the name but never caught who made it. Ever "Knight, Death and the Devil" by Albrecht Dürer? Another really good one. Was actually an engraving to start but has made its way to print. Screw Rolling Wheels, mid evil artwork it is.
  21. Couple thoughts on this whole thing. First Ward got out of his car and approached Tony's on a live track and appeared to grab or jump on it. Broke the rules. I've never sat in a sprint car but been around them allot. That wing on the right side, would or could that block any view of Ward when Tony was coming around the corner? If so, someone could get rich making clear lexan wing panels., at least for that side. Next the whole pot thing. Yes he should not of been high racing but come on, its weed. I feel it has little effect on his decision making for what he did. If he was high on cocaine, meth or even alcohol, absolutely 100% it would effect his actions. Weed, probably not so much. But, it was in his system as early as that evening so i get that its a "red flag" In the end i feel this is 100% Wards fault. Save it for the pits. Last question(s) for Mr Miller regarding your video. I have gained some respect for you by electing to not "sell out" the video and I understand why you have kept it private. Would releasing your video clear up any questions around the incident vs the video that we all saw? Secondly, and please educate me on this, is the video considered your property because you did the work or is it in any way considered track property as your filming for them? Guessing im working under the assumption that track photographers and videographers are contracted out? But I could be wrong and your all there as freelance to benefit yourself first and then the track.
  22. Still beating on the dead horse that is rolling wheels. Ive already accepted the fact that there wont be any legit auto racing there ever again. Awesome pic though Mr. Miller.
  23. Bayko and I hate to admit it, Miller, both hit on excellent points. 4cyls are the new street stock. With varying rules between tracks you can build a relatively stock one or like brewerton/skyline you can build a 4cyl super stock. Im up in the air on AWD's. But why not allow turbos? I think its evans mills has a class that now allows turbos. I think in the last 10 years the 4cyl class has changed for the better. Cars are now pushing 200-230hp+ vs the 110-140 of yester year. and allot more makes and models that what used to be out there. Drivers are taking more pride in their cars and the class as well as putting in the time and research for better handling cars. There was just a 10 or 12K win to race down in Georgia at Scevern and woodhull is bringing the same sanction in this year for a well paying mini series. Hate to say it but 4cyls have a large part to play in the future of racing. Miller said the RWD cars are dead/too expensive. Hes kind of right but there is a really simple solution that everyone ignores. DIRT V8 Trucks. why this is not a thriving class is beyond my comprehension. Ive even went as far to draw up a set of rules for what this class could be. Boredom gets to me. RWD v8 trucks are everywhere, dime a dozen, on clist and bone yards. Parts are cheap. with the Nascar trucks at Eldora being hugely popular, why is there not a Dirt truck class? Utilize the newer tech of fuel injection. So many engine choices between the big 3. Like the 4cyls, if the truck rules where logically written, it would give back what the crate sportsman has taken away. Owner/driver enginuity. Creativity. what make do you want? what body style, engine size ect ect. Where are the brains in a 602 sportsman? yay I have the same car and engine as everyone else. scale it and off you go. Very little thought. just a few factors. although everyone else has hit on good things too. society has changed, more options, failure of promoting, rising costs on all fronts, changing car culture. There is no one answer. A real track owner has to look at all of these aspects and tackle each one to be successful.
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