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  1. Bode Miller about got fired from his job during the Olympics for saying something that's pretty close to this topic. He said something to the effect that a female skier got married and her career suffered. I agree and racing is a prime example. Guys get married and all of the sudden they slowly start disappearing from racing. Be it his or her choice, marriage changes things. Is shouldn't, but it does.
  2. To play devils advocate, what if the cost of insurance went up this year? What if national grid prices are up? What if Sysco raised the cost of food? What if diesel for the generators went up? What if taxes went up? how do you make up any increased expense or potential lost income? Raise the price at the gate and alienate your fans? making them pay more for the same show. That's bound to drive them away. Make the cost of racing cheaper by changing to 358's and keep the purse the same? In hopes of drawing more cars to cover your increased expenses? Make the cost of racing cheaper by changing to 358's a cheaper class would logically mean cheaper pay? Business 101 Not saying any of this was the route cause of 358s being back. The log jam at the sportsman level was the problem. But just a few thoughts on maybe why a purse change or purse remaining the same.
  3. Im assuming the payouts mean little to nothing in all reality to the majority of the posters on this thread. Id be willing to bet the payouts at these two tracks mean nothing to as much as 95% of the posters on this thread. So in all reality, this is just a ridicules thread. Because it seems like the fans are more concerned about payouts than drivers. oh I got an idea, since your all concerned, open your wallets, checkbooks or what not, or in Bob Millers case, open your purse, but how about sponsoring a class? How about putting up some cash for one night? But hey heres a novel idea. We all have these things call cell phones. Now believe it or not they have what is called a phone. What you do is you dial the 10 digits and call the track YOURSELF to get the payouts. OMG I know this is shocking and all that you can make calls with your cell and its not just for porn, twitter, facebook and complaining on DTD forums. I have contacted brewerton/fulton several times for payouts in certain classes and Cory is always very responsive and forthcoming with the information.
  4. Its sad to say but he wasn't a NE DIRT BIG BLOCK MODIFIED driver so there was/is really little interest in this story. Back in 2002 when it happened it was actually a big deal and a very sad story. I forget what track but there used to be a Harry Uhl Memorial race each year. Not sure if its still held or not.
  5. After visiting many tracks around the country the level of professionalism at Brewerton is second to none. Clean well run facility. Only two things I would love to see improved with my favorite track. 1. Need some sort of grandstands or viewing platform down in turn 1 for the pit folks. 2. The main grandstands need some updating. Granted only so much can be done but some new boards are needed. Wish there was a way to get more leg/knee room like at Fulton but with the design, it is what it is. Great to see HBR coming back. 2 more stout cars in the field.
  6. Whats the "blue goo" or place that everyone is having their engine, tranny and rear end internals sent out to and having them coated and polished every 6-10 races?
  7. Be sure to stop in and buy 1911 products any chance you get. They sponsor Kaitlyn Hile big block modified. Its great to see a local alcohol company get involved with local dirt track racing. The ciders they sell are awesome. They also sell wine, gin and vodka. A little something for every race fan to relax or maybe get a lil saucy. Don't forget if you stop in to check out the tavern for a great meal. Been there several times and its a wonderful place for the whole family.
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