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  1. Wow. That’s insanity. Talk about digging your own grave.
  2. Used to enjoy this day but quality of the mods showing up has gone down hill. And scheduled on opening day of the southern big game season this year won’t help their fan base.
  3. So Malta wouldn’t pay 500 to have Marc or Ken in the race? That’s soooooooo WEAK if in fact true.
  4. Accurate on the lip shooting him up Jack. On the same issue , the video will show Freez Pop passed Shep with the same move in the same spot , the difference being Shep gave him room. Freez Pop , not so much. You get what you play for.
  5. Bought a trailer from Jeff around 10 years back. Super nice guy who just loves to drive a modified. About as small an operation you will see in the modified class . Jeff goes a long way to race at TM every week too. Great to see him still at it and having success ! Congrats Jeff !
  6. It’s like being in volcanic ash....Went once...Won’t go there again...
  7. Man, how about that Johnnie The Jet. What a wheel man.!
  8. Ugghh. Have any of you anti-vaxers gotten C19 or been around someone who has, or had someone close pass from it ? I mean CMON MAN ! I know you have seen what happens to people, to societies, to the health care system. “F” your opinion and just look around. You wanna get this or give it to someone else? I’ll answer for you. YOU DON’T ! No it’s not perfect and I hate the politicians and especially the greed of the pharmaceutical empires who are no better than thief lawyers. “ NO” I’m not sold on the whole deal and yeah I get it’s not perfect. But did what I could t
  9. Wow. Had no idea Jack Lehner was driving what I assume is still Bill and Erik Nelson’s car. Congrats to them on the win Saturday ! Great to see the smaller teams and someone different winning !
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