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  1. That’s hysterical. You’re a riot dude. i almost peed me jammies with my first laugh.
  2. Wow. Some of you “gentlemen” are unbelievable. There is no end all fix and you want to bicker about preventative measures. To understand any of it you first have to understand or believe that for whatever reason, this thing does not impact all people the same and it is the asymptomatic spread is what they are trying to prevent. This is what Is dragging down the healthcare system and why the powers that wanna be are battling trying to protect people and resources. Don't get me wrong, I wanna take all the politicians on a one way boat ride too. We all want our own “normal” back. We want racing and sore lower backs to return. But, The thought that “people”, want to put other people in harms way and not doing anything and everything to prevent others from being impacted because of your beliefs or OPINIONS is simply mind boggling. People are dying. That is my OPINION.
  3. Wow. That was pathetic. Wtf was he thinking. Turn the friggin car. No way he was making that corner at that angle. And he thought Kenny was where?
  4. Prolly like 11500 w 2nd on Friday..Travel and food and entries,,, 1800 ish...??? Tires and car care on top of that of course...
  5. Who forced them to go? I wanna have a word with that hooligan !
  6. Dude, I used to pay it forward at Cumbys on coffee but cant do that anymore because I don't stop anymore to minimize contact,,, soooo,,, i got a big tv and a recliner you can have !!!
  7. You pay 20 and the rest of us pay the usual 12. Problem solved and you get what you’ve been saying for a couple years to come to fruition.
  8. Good pick. Standing there at that gate and watching the big blocks come right at you at the Valley. Awesome. Fonda standing in the infield in 3 just off the racing surface and having them come right at you will make you run and hide behind the barrier if someone gets squirrelly as well Awesome.
  9. Special 50 lap mod race won by Shep. Great race through the field. Bachetti, Wilder, Brown, Tremont, Marc Johnson etc Also a very good 50 lap Sportsman race with a ton of cars.
  10. Well I’m hoping fans are as bored as me and an enthusiast sees this. Anyone happen to have the video laying around from Glenridge , June 10, 2012 ? Appreciate any responses. I did try Bobco but did not get an answer. I believe he was ill ?
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