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  1. You really are a sanctimonious doooch bag. Are you related to Kristen Gillibrand ? 🦌🦌🦌 Three wide !
  2. The last time I went to Thunder Mountain (prolly 2017) It looked like a volcano erupted over the place. 1/4 inch or gray dirt covered everything and everyone. Never seen nothing like it. Too bad cause it’s a cool track.
  3. I’m just messing with you. Not a fan of Fonda racing but certainly want to see the track have success and carry on.
  4. Sorry. Restarts don’t count as 3 wide racing.
  5. Spoke with Brett and here are some options he is pondering. 1. Tear it down and start from scratch. 2. Put a short track inside the old track. 3. Burn it and file an insurance claim . 4. Put jumps in and run dune buggies. 5. Call Lucia to come back in to empty the place and berate some drivers. 999,999. Let a Kardashian turn the dirt / clay into makeup. 1,000,000. Let Trump use it as a migrant detention facility.
  6. And Commander hasn’t listened to YOU ? Simply unacceptable!
  7. Great interview on both sides of the mic.
  8. They opened it up for consi's to allow anyone coming in early for Saturday's show to try and get in the show Thursday. It is based on who / how many extras shows up.
  9. Danny

    Duel predictions...

    Then you should have gone to Malta and watched him lose there.
  10. Before Sunday it was years since my last time through but I don’t feel they have the same quality of racing with the banking so high. Someone ruined the place in the last 8 seasons with the sharp angles. There’s no sliding around. Just single lane burying the right rear Into the hill. Looked nearly impossible to run high through 4 without getting run into the wall. Where the hell are all the sportsman cars up there? And what happened to Wild Child ? Did he pout and leave after getting spun. No way the car could have been hurt that badly. This is how it the place got its rep and the racing it was known for. The announcer is great too. I believe it’s Jim King. Where’s he at? He’s entertaining.
  11. Danny


    "Bueller" . "Bueller ?"
  12. If I complain about the complaining does that said complaint count as complaining again ? If it is my own complaining that I complain about in response to when I complain, does that qualify as conjecture ? I am really befuddled by this one.
  13. Danny

    Dippel suspended

    How the hell did you know I was a carpenter?