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  1. infield old weedsport on the stage! Loved watching the races there, Also world of outlaw sprints the infeild of L.O.L speedway 5-6 years ago that was really cool. I was dizzy by the ennd of the show from spinning in circles cause I didn't want to miss anything.
  2. L.O.L raceway is doing a sim race saturday night to be shown on their facebook page. From what I seen they have 10-15 drivers that are going to race . It's not real but I'm watching, gotta get my dirt fix some how.
  3. i've enjoyed it as well.someone should try and set it up for a dirt race! you could stream it on twitch
  4. my race was one that my boy's asked to go to when they were 20 and 19. we use to go all the time when they where younger, but they stopprd going when they became teens. they wanted to hang with friends. A few years ago the asked if we could go again as a group now they go racing with me about 7 times a year. which I love just wish I could get them to go more cause I hit around 20-25 shows a year. But I'll take what they can give me .
  5. I'm so sick of the non medical people say the regular flu is worse than the corona virus, This virus is new and the MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL'S say this is serious so just stop spouting the BS. A very close friend caught the vius and passed from it and she was in her early 30's and healthy. So don't say just old people are at risk. That's the problem in the US right now it's all about me and f everyone else. We as a country need to work together for the better of the US cause I'll be dam if we can get the government to work together. That's all I have to say be safe everyone and please take care of yourself so we all can get back to racing.
  6. Drove by the track today seen they were putting down new clay. I didn't hear anything all year about new clay being put down. But way to go paul cole on continuing to improve the track. To me he's been the best thing for caanandugia in a while truly cares about the drivers and the fans. Wants the best experience for the fans and drivers. Paul thank you for all you do at the land of legends keep up the good work.
  7. I didn't get to see some of the races you guys are talking about. I love when people on hear talk about the old races . I didn't start going racing until the mid to late 90's. So please keep bringing up the old days, Just breadind about them I try to picture the race in my head as if I was there. I just love hearing about old race's.
  8. I hate to burst your bubble but I've seen steve paine and alan johnson both go off like matt did on an official. Every time does something you run him into the ground. I'm not saying what he did was right, but come on man it's how he makes a living. I've come to the conclusion you just have a hard on for matt. What happend he didn't buy you dinner before he took you home.
  9. That's what I was thinking as well. No body would know who I was if I quit smoking weed. My wife would throw me out if didn't smoke, She say's i'm like a stripper in a dollar machine that only throws $100. Off the wall crazy
  10. I am a regular pot smoker so please don't judge me. 1) I only smoke when I get home from work and not going any where later or don't have to drive if we do go some where. So with that being said there is no way in hell should somebody thats smokeing should be driving a race car. I'm not saying he was high at this time. So being a smoker I know whats going to happen to me if I test positive. Rules are rules and laws are laws. I just have to say little suprised Coffey tested hot and the Dr. passed. Just saying we have all heard the stories about the Dr.
  11. I wasn't a race car driver but the company I worked for back in the day put a roof on the Haers family home years ago, when we showed up to work in the morning Jerry wouldn't let us on the roof until we ate breakfast, He had doughnuts, bagels and fruit, and juice for us the whole time we worked for them. Also at lunch he would send us to the blue ribbon for lunch and paid for it. The best part was it was really hot like it's going to be this weekend he told us to get down and cool off in their pool. I've never had a home owner evre don any of that in all the years i've work construction. That's the type of man he was and he would even say hi and talk to me years after I worked on the roof and would still call me by name. He is truely going to be missed at the tracks. R.I.P Mr.Haers you will be missed
  12. Is it the same Don Slover that use to run the old Steve Paine yellow 7 at lol in the late 90's. If so ya I would say thats a highlight for him. Was slow as hell in a mod but he was happy.
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