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  1. Hey, at least he has some ambition. Mahaney dances on roofs, your guy just sits on them.
  2. Okay thanks. I'll look for it tomorrow
  3. Can you please elaborate a little for those of us not there?
  4. It's not official until Chris tells Matt how super he really is during makeup sex.
  5. Doug W

    Dippel suspended

    They found out he has Carl Long doing his engine work.
  6. Other than this is how short track racing does things, why did they start almost an hour and a half late?
  7. 15 minutes definitely can be a big deal. Keep in mind that we are talkin about short track racing here. It's the only sport that has an advertised starting time that frequently turns into will start whenever we feel like getting around to it. Or a printed ad will give one starting time, the tracks web page or Facebook page will give a second starting time and a sign at the track will give a third starting time. it's just another example of how short track racing can be its own worst enemy at times.
  8. The way I recall the details was that John was letting Billy go because he was cutting back from three cars to two then shortly after that all of a sudden was back to three cars. That sounds like being thrown in nder the bus to me. And if I have the details wrong or there's more to the story then I humbly stand corrected.
  9. If John is so happy to have him back, why did he throw him under the bus in the first place?
  10. Add late starts, confusion because so many divisions with similar looking cars, shows that drag out for four or five hours. You won't get many new fans that way.
  11. AARN sez too many breakdown.
  12. Every job I ever had, we we're tested preemployment, post accident, probable cause, random and part of DOT physical. The ancient Chinese philosopher Confusion said " He who protests to much has something to hide.
  13. Don't worry, the second other divers start whining, degrees will be outlawed.