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  1. Erick Rudolph got clearly dumped max must have hit water again because his wheels never turned there either
  2. Well he’s not in the magasaurus monger 93 ride they announced the Demetrius drellos has been named the new driver
  3. The new lineup for the famed 357 was announced I’m sure most seen but mad max McLaughlin on north and south stss tour and new Egypt champ Danny bouc at Diamond and grandview sounds like a lot of traveling for norm and team which they stayed away from last year .... now that this has been announced where does Jeff strunk land ? Silly season continues
  4. Thanks for the responses I was just wondering went to Syracuse all my life and was looking forward to this becoming reality .... guessing the way this sounds is it nothing but a grass covered property that won’t become more then a pipe dream
  5. Has anyone up in New York area heard or read anything about this track recently? It seems like press releases on this have gone silent was a lot of buzz around this track is it almost ready or has Glenn pushed this to the side ?
  6. The chad Sinon thing is Interesting....he returned last year with support at penn can which brought up the question of will he return? Would be great to see him come back a great car owner who spends money and a great ambassador for the sport grandview misses his cash I’m sure.... would be nice if Jeff lured him out and then Duane takes over that ride again
  7. Any word on where he is headed for 2021 ? any opinions/thoughts where he going now that some rides are being filled ? and go!!!!!!!
  8. Lugnut 17 Posted November 13 Hearing rick laubach in dick biever 14 car next year at big diamond on Friday nights I posted this two weeks ago dog
  9. I also miss buddy biever Dave dissinger and Barry bashore they had the place hopping and had the place headed in right direction. I ran there with the current promotional team and they care about no one but them. It’s just close to home only reason I go
  10. Sorry Uncle Tom didn’t mean to bore I just wanted to let others know of ricks off-season plans
  11. Hearing rick laubach in dick biever 14 car next year at big diamond on Friday nights
  12. I’m not sure I seen he’s driving for Carey Terrance at world final
  13. Is Anthony perrego out of this car? I know he had quite a few good runs in it on stss and now I seen Larry wight was driving it and in Aarn the owner said they like to do more together in 2020
  14. I just read in aarn that me Larson said there is no room for his boorish behavior. I agree to a point maybe a little over the top but he was racing for 100k and he and others were told the could restart where they were and everyone heard it... boorish behavior wow did he catch eastern states a few years ago with a driver he currently pays all the bills for sitting on his roof after a bad call?
  15. If I was told the truth on the food policy the reason it is in place is because management had to get outside vendors to do the food I’ll leave the rest to speculation 🤔
  16. I just read on another forum that the dr won 602 race in Florida but was dq but didn’t say what for?
  17. I just checked out some clips on you tube of the track wow that is real dirt not a speck of orange or red in it? Are those cobblestones in turn one when it peels?
  18. Wait? What? Big diamond put down real clay for this year ? What was it in years prior? Asphalt ?
  19. I can’t believe this wasn’t a hot topic this morning but way to go mike. Outsider takes the money and back to PA
  20. Sorry the “ question “ was too difficult for you John or bothered you in some way. None of those guys I mentioned is underfunded and the talent is there it’s tough to beat the big 3 on a regular basis kressley was hot at beginning of the year
  21. Is this kid the real deal or another flash in the pan? The last couple drivers to move up after dominating the sportsman division haven’t really set the world on fire. No disrespect just a question? Matt stangle, Brett Kressley, Jared umbenhauer, now this yankowski kid ? I seen he ran with both divisions at Diamond Sunday 14th in mod feature .... dominated sportsman feature I was told .... this kid have it or will he be just another driver with the small blocks ?
  22. How does the 9s start on the pole for every race is he that lucky in the draw ?
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