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  1. Pre tech is all bodies and saftey anyway so I'm not really sure if it matters. Even if they did more stuff you can just change it after you leave the tent anyway
  2. He means in the same night for the same class. If you inspect 5 cars they should be inspected exactly the same for those 5 cars that day
  3. Devin Willis


    It was an air filter base lol relax
  4. 200 laps is already long enough. The last thing we need to do is drag this thing out more
  5. I just dont get why anyone likes the pit stops. You're just making a bunch of guys buys extra stuff and do stuff that they dont do all year.
  6. So we dont have to day race at Oswego and run a 150 lap and 200 lap freight train. Saturday at night was awesome
  7. Either cut the satellite shows or run them monday tuesday wednesday. Then run Oswego thursday Friday saturday night
  8. They didnt want us funneling fuel in a live pit stop so we dont catch on fire
  9. Illegal air filter base. It has to be round his wasnt I guess. Has a post on his facebook if you're interested
  10. Devin Willis


    Surface was awesome. I thought the race was great. Larry was unreal fast and williamson passed most of the field in a couple of laps.
  11. I was pretty sure we could loose laps under yellow last year but if you cant you're still coming out of the pits last cor sure. Can you do it without one, sure but it's not going to do you any favors
  12. Ever seen a nascar pit stop? Then imagine jumping on the back opening the cell the funneling in the fuel out of a 5 gallon can. You could go a lap down of you arent careful
  13. Pretty sure you need a quick fill but you would never make it without taking fuel anyway
  14. Devin Willis

    Outlaw 200

    Not very outlaw on Hoosiers and windows
  15. Devin Willis

    Fonda 200

    Probably lost it on tire wear. Something also could have broken and fallen off. Hard to say but tire wear is a big thing that gets forgotten sometimes