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  1. At a few of the races we went to this year we would have had 0 cars left if everyone did that. I got 2 flats in 2 weeks in heat races for no apparent reason.
  2. So I drive 3 hours to a race and pack it up in the feature becuase I get a flat? I'd just stay hone the next time
  3. W16 is still going to cost you 16k american to get setup to start. Sure the motor is 13500 but that's still almost 3 602s. You're probably buying more expensive fuel and you'll be harder on tires. Aluminum body shocks are like 150 more expensive. I'm not sure what a refresh is looking like on a w16 or how fast they get them fixed if you have a problem. Even if you have the money to do it theres the question of why move up? How many guys in sportsman could move up and be competitive in a 358?
  4. They had one when it was asphalt and they attempted to make a dirt one but that never worked out. The sportsman class is mostly local guys but there isnt a huge incentive to move up. Spend 20k on a motor to race for something like 1200 to win? And even then if you're just moving up maheny raabe and bernier are going to be impossible to keep up with
  5. More people in the area by Fulton. Theres so many tracks up here and just not enough people to support a full class at every track 3 nights a week
  6. Well it was already a rule for the SDS so the whole conversation hasn't really gotten us anywhere
  7. They basically try not to penalize you. If it looks remotely flat then they'll probably let it go.
  8. If you had 2 lbs in it you would be riding around on the rim and I'm sure they wouldn't say anything about it
  9. Yeah the rule only says you cant bring out the yellow and change a non flat tire
  10. Pre tech is all bodies and saftey anyway so I'm not really sure if it matters. Even if they did more stuff you can just change it after you leave the tent anyway
  11. He means in the same night for the same class. If you inspect 5 cars they should be inspected exactly the same for those 5 cars that day
  12. Devin Willis


    It was an air filter base lol relax
  13. 200 laps is already long enough. The last thing we need to do is drag this thing out more
  14. I just dont get why anyone likes the pit stops. You're just making a bunch of guys buys extra stuff and do stuff that they dont do all year.
  15. So we dont have to day race at Oswego and run a 150 lap and 200 lap freight train. Saturday at night was awesome