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  1. The sportsman feature also took some time to complete
  2. Different clay between here and there. Last year they had a hard time keeping the track smooth with how wet it was. It's fun when its tacky but at airborne the top was so dominant last year i think it took away from the racing
  3. Not sure what day that was but this weekend sportsman feature was 25 minutes. I don't really know what you mean about the 358s. They dont really wait more than a lap or 2 for cars to come back out
  4. There was plenty of grip in the heats. Hotlaps this week was so tacky I thought I was going to flip going into 3. Overall I think slick for the features is the best case for everyone involved. Heavy tracks lead to everyone running wide open and making it hard to actually pass anyone. Generally it's easier on equipment as well.
  5. Devin Willis

    Pereggo dq?

    They had 1 race so far and he is racing oc for points since it pays 40k for the championship
  6. I think the best thing to do is keep novice but run them last with no heat races. Just add whatever laps they do for heats to their feature if they are currently doing heats. That way the fans arent stuck watching it but you get guys some low pressure track time. Biggest problem with crate late models at Fulton is where else are you going to race? Why buy a 20k crate late model that's mediocre and race Fulton when you can buy a 20k sportsman and have a really good car and race at any track in ny, eastern Ohio, pa, vt and Quebec and Ontario.
  7. I dont think they struggle to get shows in a reasonable time. I'm usually home by 12 and I live over and hour away and have to go through the border. I dont want to day race every Sunday at 730 while the sun is out every week.
  8. Can't complain though. They get the shows done in reasonable time there and get us out of there.
  9. Brewerton dirt week 2018. Lap 1 of hot laps
  10. Even then the time is just not appealing to most people. A lot of what goes into racing is a ton of work. Typical days look like spending 4 hours a night working on stuff with the car. Then you get to the weekend and a Saturday for me starts at 8 or 9 am and ends at 1 am when I get home from the track. Then Sunday starts again at 8 or 9 and it's over at 12 or 1 am. If you dont have a few people that know what they are doing to help it quickly turns into another 40 hours of commitment a week. Most people that have the money to do this dont have the time
  11. Devin Willis

    Track raindates

    Unless it's a huge race it isnt practical for most racers. You're asking them to now take 2 days off work along with anyone that needs to come help. The fan attendance is probably down the second day when they do that.
  12. Every topic turns into a Matt Sheppard topic except the one about Matt sheppard
  13. Devin Willis


    Video on ocfs Facebook at about 27 minutes in. I was expecting something much worse from the comments on here. Doesnt really seem like the thing you would get penalized for. Could he have left more room? Probably but they're racing for 40k for points and like 3k weekly. If you sign up to race ocfs this is what you're getting.
  14. Assuming anyone has time to mow it anyway if it were dry enough to race