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  1. If someone was willing to put the 100k up to build it i'm sure they would be willing to work with you
  2. It's one of those things like being lite. No one who knows anything about sportsman racing would try to get away with that becuase they check it at the scales at any track I've ever been to. Probably got bumped or hit with something depending on how they mounted it.
  3. Wall is better most of the time. Tires dug I to the ground isn't bad either but just about any option is better than yuke tires
  4. BBC put out data on the death rates from china. It is largely not an issue for most people but the outlook for people over 80 isnt great. However the data is probably largely skewed to already sick people who are catching this in hospitals and other care facilities. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/health-51674743
  5. I understand what you can do with it but it isnt going to help most people. Most of us would be better of spending the 25k as 2 sets of shocks 4 springs and 21k in driving lessons. If you took any random driver out of the field and gave them the new hot setup and you gave Larry the std coil setup out of the book with a 4 year old car he is still going to beat them
  6. Why on earth do you need a pulldown and data? 80% of the people have bicknells and they literally come with a setup book. If you cant run up front with that setup no amount of spending money on stupid springs and shocks is going to take you from 15th to up front. I'm pretty sure if you stuck Larry in a 2012 bicknell with 2 200s and the shocks out of the bicknell website hes still going to be better than 90% of the people out there
  7. I'm willing to bet that a w16 doesnt win in the state of florida this year
  8. Theres no news really. Mohawk took on the airborne street stocks. I doubt theyll be open but I'd like to be wrong.
  9. While you can probably make it happen for not a ton of money the jump is going to cost a lot in the long run. Talking to some late model guys they spend 1000 on birdcages alone. Then you're looking at a complete floor and torque arm change for the car and you're probably looking at big changes to the rest of the frame. Basically I don't know what it would cost but I would guess it may make entire chassis obsolete. Someone also brought up a good point on motors. When we hook the cars up more the motors matter more so that 13.5k w16 now gets smoked by the 25k smallblock.
  10. Cost of a 4 link is going to be a lot more. You could spend probably 1000 on birdcages plus everything you need to go with it is going to be a lot to start out. The frames are probably going to have to change to accommodate the changes and your motor will be more important. If you buy literally everything that comes out that's the new hot thing then that's your own problem. I saw someone win a sds race on what appeared to be 10 year old afco springs judging by the lack of yellow powder coat. The bird cages are 340 from bicknell. The top mounts are 230. Left side is 300. You shoul
  11. The cost of coils and left side really isnt that bad. The left side costs about 300 installed. Switching my car over was about 1000 to left side and coils and you could have done it for less if you wanted. Dialing in coils shouldnt be that hard for most people. I think coils are easier than bars overall and they're cheaper in the long run.
  12. At a few of the races we went to this year we would have had 0 cars left if everyone did that. I got 2 flats in 2 weeks in heat races for no apparent reason.
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