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  1. Go watch drag racing if you want to watch people go fast in a line
  2. Devin Willis

    SDS engine rule

    Yeah he is in 8th. I doubt anyone on the team is surprised they aren't mixing it up with Sheppard. If you go look at the results he has struggled at the tracks people not from our area struggle at. You dont just show up to weedsport and merritville and unload fast the first time. They were really fast at Oswego last year but you get a few practices. When you show up to the sds races you get 2 laps where you go wide open
  3. Devin Willis

    SDS engine rule

    Probably pretty good. I dont think they expected to show up and race on Hoosiers at tracks they had never been to before against guys with years of expirience there and win right off.
  4. Devin Willis

    SDS engine rule

    That's not totally true. Sure most of the big teams could afford or already have a smallblock but that's up to them. If they were allowed to run them for points you need 3 to 4 cars ready to go at all times and you would be bringing 2+ to the track depending on what tracks you're going to. This rule is mostly for the "smaller" teams following the series. No point on even showing up to some of the races with a big block if Sheppard rudolph and Williamson have a smallblock at them.
  5. Devin Willis

    SDS engine rule

    Maybe but there are a lot of tracks in ny that don't have much between wide open everyone in a line heavy and skating rinks.
  6. Devin Willis

    SDS engine rule

    Seems like the rule functions as intended. They want big blocks on the big block tour. Having less power is an advantage when the track is a skating rink. Weighing less is an advantage. They dont want guys bring multiple motor combinations and choosing what one to run
  7. I think a draw and invert is a pretty good compromise. I get where the fans are coming from with not wanting the fast guy on the pole every week. I also think you shouldnt actively punish people for going to a new track or doing well.
  8. It would be good honestly. Like sometimes the stuff this board comes up with is so out of touch with what racers are actually thinking and going through. Not knocking them but it's hard to understand or know everything if your just up in the stands watching
  9. Probably is negligible over time but the startup cost is very different. They might be more expensive to maintain these days as well but You would need someone like rob hile to comment on that
  10. Yeah if you go to aluminum blocks your literally asking every person that races to run out and spend 40k per motor to switch. You're going to want 2 if you race more than 1 day a week. I think that's a sure bet to kill whatever we have going right now. I just dont see the point of switching to fuel injecting right now. If you have a counter arguement to either of those then I'm willing to hear it
  11. We just had a big thread on aluminum blocks. Bad idea every person would have to buy a new motor. Fuel injection maybe but it is also expensive so why change everyone already has a carb
  12. I dont think he cares what motor they run. I think the issue is that we have this conversation what seems like once a month
  13. With work and the cars you go 14-16 hours a day from April to September. Home track points took it from hard to impossible. Then if you wreck you're really in trouble.
  14. You have to be able to miss a bunch of work and have atleast 1 other guy miss work to come help. Ideally you arent running the series with just a driver and 1 crew guy. This week you would need 3 people to take off 3 days of work then you need to get the stuff ready to do your weekly racing this weekend. After that you have weedsport on Sunday. You need Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday off for eldora. Then if you race weekly you have 1 day to be ready for Friday. Following week you need Monday Tuesday and possibly Wednesday off depending on the distance to randsomville. The time commitment is just not possible for 99% of the people
  15. You guys really take this stuff too seriously