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  1. Case of water costs 4 bucks. $40 back gate and $20 profit per case of water. Nice scam.
  2. When I was growing up there was no "wind chill" or "heat index". TV invented that crap to be more dramatic. Bunch of pansies. Sincerely, Get Off My Lawn
  3. No impact on me. Yours, Coleman Gulick (9 year old 410 Sprint Driver)
  4. NASCAR is a bunch of a-holes! The always screw Northeasterners. Sincerely, Logano
  5. Came pretty close during my racing days. It can totally take over your life. Every minute I was thinking about working on the car or going faster. I have great and patient wife. Firmly retired now. As far as the nonsense on DTD.... Both you and Mallett do an EXCELLENT job despite disagreements. I’m thankful you guys are so dedicated and very professional. This is a great site.
  6. What a pathetic move. Guy should go back to Carolina. His dad should be ashamed.
  7. Miller's the best poster/moderator on this forum even if he's wrong/misinformed 79.8% of the time.
  8. You probably believe the 50-50 is actually 50-50! PT Barnum would have loved you.
  9. Tremendous grasp of the obvious. Do you work for LOL with Miller?
  10. I forgot you had your CPA and audited the their books. What's the point fund payout for the crew guy who shows up with his shop rag and left-handed monkey wrench every week? Zilch.
  11. Canandaigua is not that dusty. Worse track I ever raced at was Afton and it's not even close. Full throttle down the back straight and could not see beyond the front bumper. Frankly, dust doesn't bother me. I only care about a solid re-entry policy. P.S. The promoter at Canandaigua should be arrested for robbery. $40 to get in the pits. Ridiculous. Give the drivers a break.
  12. Sawyer obviously has a calcium deposit on his Medulla Oblongata.
  13. Best Television Shows of All Time Georgia Championship Wrestling I Love Lucy M*A*S*H Seinfeld 60 Minutes and Sopranos (tie)
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