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  1. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Can Am Speedway

    I don't have facebook and the can am site doesn't have any info on tomorrow's times for the event besides heats at 6. Anyone have a link to tomorrow's schedule?
  2. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    How's the super....

    Thank you... Much appreciated... Hope everyone has a safe year traveling...
  3. How is the super schedule coming along? Really appreciate that, allows for planning for road trips.....
  4. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    DIRTcar Nationals Updates

    Any point standings for the 2 shows so far, if that's how they determine the champ?
  5. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Online coverage

    Can you stream only threw tablets and computers? Not available on smart vrs?
  6. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Bus trip to World Finals

    Last time I went I was staying at a hotel and my friends had went back home because they had to catch thier flight back. I was staying in the area after the races for a while so I had to catch a ride to the track. So I jumped on a bus from Knoxville. They said they have been doing a bus trip ever since the world finals started... So I guess my motivation is to copy the fun I had with them heading to the track...
  7. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Bus trip to World Finals

    Yes sir...
  8. Wondering if people from CNY or greater New York area would be interested in taking a bus trip including tix/hotel/travel to world finals.... Bus would leave from Syracuse area and possible make a stop in Binghamton and central PA?
  9. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Mad Max

    Congrats Max... You will be missed at Brewerton. Enjoyed watching you race these past few years.... Best of luck...
  10. What are some of your greatest, rememorable or remarkable racing stories? Love to read some stories..... Happy New Years....
  11. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Less Tracks and Less Racing

    Right.... just throwing it out there as a fan... Mostly in hopes to see 10 or more heat races... I enjoy heat races almost more than features.... Also enjoy seeing haulers and teams at work in the pits...
  12. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Less Tracks and Less Racing

    Yes. Sds is special.... Wish Sds and Stss had one combo event... Unity 200 in July. Mid season "Outlaw". Maybe rotate the track each year, one year at Brewerton, next year at The Valley....
  13. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Wish List

    Yea, like to hit the Granby, Drummond and Leprme, if that's spelt right... Tracks near Montreal... Been to Cornwall a couple of times, easily one of my favorite tracks... Great atompshpere in Canada.
  14. Have a wish list for 2019, would enjoy reading some lists. I'd like to go out to Vegas for the Woo and NASCAR show in March. (Bucket list) Volusia would be nice. Would like to go to Canada for some Sds races. With car counts down last year, like to see a solid 24 cars for a weekly program in the big block ranks. A 100% safe season for drivers. Last few years seems like have taken a lot of lives... And last wish is for Utica Rome to have better weather... Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone, including those on the Naughty List....
  15. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    some upgrades

    Thanks for including the default... The classic is much easier for me to read.... Keep up the good work...