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  1. When does the sds tour schedule come out.... Pretty soon?
  2. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Come On Flo Racing

    Not a fan of streaming. And I like to think I'm somewhat tech savvy.... Dirt vision tech support was quick to reply... which was awesome!!! Unfortunately, the advice given didn't help with the problems... MavTv would be awesome....
  3. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Come On Flo Racing

    Possible... I tried my air play on my t.v 1st. That was a disaster... Then did my iPad and it was a Little better, but still was buffering, lagging and kicking me off every 5mins. Then went to my phone and that seemed the best.... Oh well, I'll just have to invite myself over to your house for tomorrow night... 😆
  4. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Come On Flo Racing

    Well my feed is frozen right now... And all during the big blocks it was non stop buffering... maybe I should call spectrum and complain... haha
  5. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Sheppard STSS Grand Champion

    I'm probably gonna get in trouble for this, and I don't want to start a political debate, but i wonder how much Uncle Sam made?
  6. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Come On Flo Racing

    I hope so... I bought this weekend to try and get it on my big screen, which i did. Wanted to give it a trial run. Pretty sure the $39.00 covers the rest of the month....
  7. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Come On Flo Racing

    Got it working on big screen Via Air Play.... Little buffering, but not complaining, look forward to next weekend...
  8. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Come On Flo Racing

    I'll give it a try again... Did that once or twice before, but each time i did that it would lag, re-buff or just stop all together, so i gave up.... Was hoping to just go striaght through my tv.... And I spoke with Flo and they did say, on some t.v.s there service isn't available yet. That they are working on making it available to all tvs someday...
  9. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Come On Flo Racing

    I spent an hour on the phone with Samsung trying to login into dirt vision via my iweb and it wouldn't let me.... If anyone has answers for me, i open ears, rather watch it on my 70inch, than my phone...
  10. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Come On Flo Racing

    Speaking of... I see dirt vision has next weekend... Is there a way to get it on a smart tv yet? Or is any bars in cny gonna have it?
  11. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Super Dirt Week ideas

    Sunday, Bigs Only....
  12. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    The Year of Mat Williamson continues!

    Listening to driver introduction, everyone almost had a nickname... Announcer said, "Matt Williamson." Matt "Money" Williamson sounds fitting... Although i think I've heard him called Mighty Matt. Could be wrong.... Nice win today!
  13. Just wrote on another post that turn 4 going into turn 3 at Fonda is probably my favorite turns to watch big blocks. What's some of your favorite turns in dirt racing....
  14. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Beer at Fonda ?

    I'm at 60 dirt tracks I've seen big blocks race at and turn 3 going into 4 at Fonda is probably one of my favorite to watch.
  15. What's the science behind a race surface? Is there an ideal depth of clay? Certain type of clay? Amount of water in the clay? Moisture in the air? Warm or cold temps? Wind? Sun, clouds? Etc etc.