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  1. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Super Dirt Week ideas

    Sunday, Bigs Only....
  2. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    The Year of Mat Williamson continues!

    Listening to driver introduction, everyone almost had a nickname... Announcer said, "Matt Williamson." Matt "Money" Williamson sounds fitting... Although i think I've heard him called Mighty Matt. Could be wrong.... Nice win today!
  3. Just wrote on another post that turn 4 going into turn 3 at Fonda is probably my favorite turns to watch big blocks. What's some of your favorite turns in dirt racing....
  4. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Beer at Fonda ?

    I'm at 60 dirt tracks I've seen big blocks race at and turn 3 going into 4 at Fonda is probably one of my favorite to watch.
  5. What's the science behind a race surface? Is there an ideal depth of clay? Certain type of clay? Amount of water in the clay? Moisture in the air? Warm or cold temps? Wind? Sun, clouds? Etc etc.
  6. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Duel predictions...

    Off by 1 spot. 10 more laps and Hile picks up the win. Solid run tho. Britten ran up the field after starting pretty deep. Good race, nice win by Williamson, he's on a nice big race winning stretch...
  7. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Duel predictions...

    Solid year for Chris this regular season. Your brother ran strong at MiddleTown and Weedsport recently So Im betting on seeing the number 5h in victory lane tomorrow... I have $500 on it with Turning Stone. Jk Sidenote, awesome reading Max is racing tomorrow. Look forward to seeing him drive again...
  8. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Duel predictions...

    With tomorrow being Friday the 13th and a full harvest moon, we gonna have something extra in the air? Or is that just a bunch of hibbie gibbie(m.s.)?👺💀👽👻👾🎅🕵🙉🗿💊💉🔮🎸☘🍄🍭🎭♎🏴🏳🏁
  9. Chris Hile picks up the win for the Duel @ the demon.... Who's your pick?
  10. Awesome car count so far. Last year was great. Praying for a nice stretch of 90s and sun. ☉☉🌞🌞
  11. Can you subscribe through your smart tv or is it just for pc etc?
  12. Sadly one of the reasons why i dont visit dtd as much.
  13. As a Race Fan, i was always under the impression, you wreck and go to pits, you go tail. You dont wreck and go to pits, you go tail. Reguardless of what a official says. Im sure someone will give me plenty of examples in history where this impression i have is wrong....
  14. Joshua Jello Loughnot


    Awesome Hearing Brewerton getting a shout out tonight from Eldora...
  15. Joshua Jello Loughnot

    Who's DJ driving for now?

    Whoops. Wrong thread...