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  1. I like Sds and Stss.... Wish them both the best of luck in 2021... Here’s to No More Lockdowns and a Booming Oil and Gas industry for the foreseeable future!!!!
  2. “Mighty Money Mat” Williamson or is that to many M’s... lol
  3. I’m going golfing with someone here on dtd Friday morning at port royal.... If you golf or even if you don’t golf and want to ride around with us, your more than welcomed to join... I’m not a good golfer, but I love the beauty of a golf course... Golf courses give me peace and thankfulness of this planet... And some of the conversations I’ve had on a golf course have lingered into my life, in a good way... so if you want to get away from things while your down in pa, let me know... Your not alone... And I’ll keep you in my prayers....
  4. Keep it at Ozwego... Since the 1st year, racing at Ozwego has been great....
  5. Just burn the places down after the races are over. Seems to be the rational thing to do in 2020....
  6. 2021? Whats the Over(Will)/Under(will not) on racing with fans in 2021?
  7. Are any Casino’s taking bets on cancellations of events? Because I would like to place a Trillion dollar bet on Super Dirt Week being cancelled. If they can’t cover a Trillion dollars, I settle on 10 billion dollar bet...
  8. Barado's On The Water in Brewerton... Best food in town... It’s just off swamp rd or what most call rt 37... It sets back off the road towards the lake. When you drive back, you feel like your in the bayou. It’s not on the water, but it is a marina.... Menu is always changing, but the chef is a master... 5 mins from Brewerton speedway...
  9. I don’t know how you would do it. But after reading things over these past 2 months on here. It’s really no different than the previous years. Maybe I’m old fashion, I just like standing behind what I say and not hiding behind a fake screen name...
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