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  1. With fans in the stands at the NY Rangers game, and fan allowed at the Bills playoff game, when will racing be given the green light on fans? What ridiculous % capacity will they say for an outdoor facility. Rangers game was 10%. Florida panthers 25%, which is interesting being that Florida dirt tracks packed. SC dirt tracks packed. Lincoln P A looked pretty packed too. With Many tracks set to open in mud April, and many others early may, I would hope The state makes a decision.
  2. Nothing but respect . Saw him involved in a wreck Fulton ESS during summer speed week. Next day pull early into Utica Rome. Only person in parking lot? DV working on the tore up sprint car. Not a big list of drivers who can wield a modified and a sprint car at such a high level.
  3. Congratulations to JaMike Sowle on getting the Palmer ride. Some will think I'm crazy but one of the greatest performances I saw one night at Malta was when JaMike hit all the marks perfectly and held off the GOAT Mr. Hearn, to get the win.
  4. I will probably get a lot of shit for this, but could Bremerton be turned into a bigger track size wise and capacity, and all the CNYRP land been used for camping and other stuff? I love Bremerton but could it be the home of SDW, with expansion? I'm not a logistics guy. Thanks for not ripping on me too hard. Lol
  5. Thinking about heading to DB Saturday. First time this year. Wondering what the restrictions are and suggestions on getting a ticket, how they seat you, etc... Thanks.
  6. So I was able to check out the Airborne race last Saturday. My counts might be off a bit; 40 sportsman mods, 9 pro stocks, 17 Renegades(Tigers), 11 4 cy. The racing was excellent. Excellent Top 3 battle in sportsman minds with Jack Speshock taking checkers followed by Travis Bruno, and Nick Haywood. Started at 7. Done by 945. Track was in great shape. They spread people out from pit stands, and all along the fence that goes from turn 2 to turn 1. No spectators in grandstands. Decent view, but obviously not as good as grandstands. Robbie Knowles, Mike Mike perrote, and all involved did a great
  7. Malta, no spectators next week. Must be listed as a crew member. I had a feeling it it would be my swan song with what happened with Fonda. Consider myself fortunate to have seen any racing this season. Thank you Lyle and all the Malta staff!
  8. Hendry County Motorsports Park in Florida has ran the last 2 Saturday nights. Not sure about crowd size.
  9. You hit the nail on the head. The cost of bringing the SDS series to a track makes it more difficult on the return. I would say that's the case with Airborne and Mohawk. The $ saved by not having them can be used to hold special $ nights where you might attract invaders from other tracks bc of rainouts that day or from previous nights. Airborne got a lot of sportsman and more 358s when Mohawk had a terrible run of rainouts. Question. Is there a track sharing concept out there? Could for instance Mohawk and Airborne share a schedule? Don't run both nights Friday and Saturday. Stagger schedul
  10. "Bruno was released but under several strict conditions, including that he not possess any firearms, that he have no communication with the teens who trespassed on his property and that he observe a 24-hour curfew with few exceptions." 🤔
  11. Gary is easily one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I had the privilege back about 5 years ago at the world finals NC. To carry the NY flag with Gary. I chatted with him The whole time. I called him a legend. He just chuckled. Great guy.
  12. Anyone but Grafton. What a dork. He quietly in interview talks about racing his teammates 99 and 98 how he didn't want to wreck them all. At that point in race he had secured homestead, and teammates were running hard. I guess it didnt bother me that he wanted a pass by, it bothered me when he said he had something for the 52. You didn't have anything for the 52, you couldn't even get by your own teammates!! Even if I wasn't a 52 fan, Crafton would still rub me the wrong way.
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