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  1. Fred burrows trucking was part owner of new venture speedway and had Tommy willams driveing his car for him the b113.....I remember them they resurfacing the track early on and the cars at Fred's shop cause my father drove truck for him.....Bobby Allison made an appearance at the track and ran a Miller sponsored car....I still I have an autographed poster from him...... Jim beachy was taken to court or his generator fraud scheme and had to pay back all the money from itI still know a few people that never got the money back from the last show at New venture speedway
  2. Noticed I didn't see Anthony perrgos name in the dirt car series finish and they were going to follow it??
  3. What is the best dirt race any one has ever seen and why? I would say mine was the showdow at sundown at Fulton...aj leading the race broke....danny leading the race broke Pete bicknell leading the race and broke....finally Dale planck takes the lead and at least the last ten laps he and Frank cozze battled door to door....planck on the bottom cozze on the top.....finally cozze got to the bottom and took dales line away to win the race.....was a real nail bitter of a fiinsh
  4. I am not defending the Dr....but for the short period of time Ray Graham has been a car owner he seems to have gone thru a lot of drivers?? And I also thought these guys were suppose to be mentors for his sons entry into the world of dirt raceing but I have never heard of him raceing??
  5. Love brewerton....bring back tim fuller in the m1, Chuck bower the mcredies, Allen Johnson in the 1 Pillsbury car through in Gary Tompkins, Scott prentice and that's a feild that I remenber
  6. Land of legends on a Saturday night....had a pretty stacked field and so doesn't O/C....what about the tracks North of the border we don't here much from them
  7. I think A/S gives them a petty good run for Friday night's.....they have a hand full of mod. drivers that can put up the win
  8. I have been here since the fire on dirt days....should fire up the chat room again
  9. Sounds like troyer race cars needs better customer service if they want guys to by their cars....will Larry Wight switch back to them since Matt sheppard is back in a bicknell? That was the reason he quite running them because the started to build a Matt Sheppard type of car.....it would be nice to see pmc get a larger team to run there cars
  10. Try to excuse some of the typos...I hate spell check!!!
  11. Not sure of exact numbers at Oswego...but mainly bicknells and teos...more bicknell cars then teos more the teos....pretty much the same thing in pa and nj.....go down runs troyer and has them going pretty good....hig can seems to be picking up some more speed....plc use to have a lot of guys run the at Orange county and the valley but now it seems to be sportsman drivers running them
  12. Graham racing has been consicent lately...I think the troyer race cars as good as the bicknell and teos.....right now it a shear numbers game....and troyer is being out number on the track
  13. Couldn'tfind pics...just YouTube vid of the ecker 200 race with him in the car....eastern States 200 was a televised event in 2001 when he made his second start with the team but I haven't found the video yet
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