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  1. Ok you win its absolutely ok. No sense beating a dead horse here. Have fun in your world. I'll stay in mine and we'll all get along. I'm out
  2. He called his spotter a "n" how is that not calling a person that? It doesn't matter that his spotter was white to a lot of people myself included. So when someone bumps you and and makes you lose a spot you say "he n'd" me but that not offensive to another person of colour? Really? meaning this other racer did something out of line/against the rules and that is referred to as "n'd" but that's not offensive ? Really? I've been around dirt/pavement/auto/bike racing for 35 years had never heard that term until people tried to justify it at the chili bowl incident. You guys are revising history to support your case.
  3. So when was this year wise? When using racial slurs wasn't based on racism just being ignorant? And didmt cause any issues whatsoever? Just curious?
  4. Because fans of his can't handle the fact that he has to pay a price for things he says. I love the way he races. Doesn't make him a good person though. Doesn't mean he can say racist things in a public setting on air and not have to pay a price for it. Maybe its a big price maybe its a slap on the wrist. Everyone wants people to be accountable until it's someone they like. Then it's like "oh he didn't mean it" or "they say it all the time" bs. You can say anything you like. But you are taking a risk when you are saying it whether you are black, white or yellow. It doesn't matter.
  5. Treat others as you would like to be treated is my theory. I don't like to be called derogatory names, screwed over etc so I go out of my way not to do it to others. Seems pretty simple and an easy rule to live by imo.
  6. The difference to me is that you said it in the heat of anger/pain. Although obviously you use it a lot if that's the first word that comes to mind when you crack a knuckle. He called his white spotter a "n" because he never answered him as fast as he wanted while he was iracing and I believe as do a lot of others that anyone who uses it so casually would be using it a lot in any event. Same as cursing/swearing if you swear/curse continually sooner or later it will slip out in a place where it's not appropriate. Depending on the place there may or may not be a price to pay. His price is losing sponsors/rides/fans Doesn't mean he won't get over it. Probably will anyways. All those athletes others mentioned paid a price too.
  7. Just wondered if anyone knew what the general consensus was? Did everyone go coil springs? I only watched the highlights so l didn't really hear much about it either way.
  8. Good to see some positive thoughts on big blocks. To me that's what makes them what they are. Its like drag racing and Hemi's. I'm sure they could go faster with more modern engines but that big lump of an blown engine just does something to a lot of fans. People pay money just to go to cacklefest! I can't get over some guys complaining about a fast multigroove track!? As a fan that's what draws people in imo. My dad isn't a modified fan. He watches and enjoys the winter series with me because of that fact and he can see the driver's flexing their muscles so to speak instead of tip toeing around a dry slick skating rink.
  9. Here l thought that was a modified thingπŸ˜‰ jk does any of these track actually have a limit on how many times somebody can do that in a race before they get blackflagged? Just curious?
  10. Ya its too bad the ship has sailed on mini mods. The mod lites do nothing for me and I'm a bike guy! I'm sure a mod lite would spank an old style mini mod speed wise though.
  11. I would be curious what it costs them to run one night barring any catastrophic failures/crashes etc. Just fuel money,entry fee, tire wear and some light maintenance. etc.
  12. Late model's make modern dirt mods look good! That's not a complement!πŸ˜‰
  13. In a lot of forms of racing that's exactly what would happen. Might make some guys think twice about the old saying "rubbin's racin"πŸ˜‰
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