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  1. I choose what tires go around this track. I can assure you American Racer has called several times to offer their wares and their tire money as well. I happen to believe Hoosier has a much better tire for the Canandaigua surface regardless of the money. That doesn't mean that AR's are bad or that other tracks shouldn't use them. And newsflash - I choose to be affiliated with DIRTcar because the member tracks work together to offer multiple facilities to race at with a standard rules package. Whether you like or dislike the rules as they stand, the reality is it provides stability for the investment of individuals and teams in their equipment. If every track had different rules all through the northeast, racing would be struggling horribly and tracks would be closing left and right from lack of attendance. Does that mean every track should be DIRTcar affiliated? Nope. Many do just fine in their niche markets and they shouldn't upset what works. Running a racetrack is a business. Running a race team is a business. In order to have success, not everyone can be the same. And as in racing there will be winners and losers. However, those who are doing well should be modeled after and those struggling should look in the mirror to see if they are in the right business. I do that everyday in all of my businesses. I work hard to provide paychecks and opportunities to my employees, our race teams, their sponsors and yes even to my bank account. You won't commonly find the customers of McDonald's getting on a forum and complaining about what Wendy's should do with their burgers. Why does it make it ok with attacking racetracks? I will be the first one, every time, to tell you support racing at any track. DIRTcar or not, Asphalt or Clay, Late Models or Sprints, Adults or kids, any season and temperature. There is plenty of opportunities to find what fits your racing desires. Running down others is just bad business.
  2. Bob is 100% accurate. As started last season, at Land of Legends, the drivers point funds are based on the pit fees paid by the driver on race night. We transfer that straight to the point fund. Additionally, every driver who attends 80% of the points races received point fund money. Last year 18 drivers in both Big Block and the Sportsman class received point money. Over $33,000 was paid out to 66 drivers and that number will grow dramatically in 2019.
  3. SATURDAY JUNE 22nd will be a phenomenal show that race fans will not want to miss at the Land of Legends Raceway! The Patriot Sprint Tour will be in the house and we will have TWO Big Block Modified Feature races! (Make up feature from 5/25) You read that right! We will be starting our show 15 minutes earlier than normal at 6:45. Mother Nature may have won last week and a couple nights, but this week, THE FANS ARE GOING TO WIN! As you can see on the schedule, the 305 Division will not be racing this Saturday BUT, on July 6th we will have double feature races for this class. We will have heats to set the first feature then we will invert the field the way they finished for the second feature. 305 Teams get a huge bonus with two payouts this night with only one pit admission cost! (Kids Power Wheels Racing will be July 6th also) PLUS Legend "Wall of Fame" induction for Gary Montgomery! Make your plans now to see this SPECTACULAR night of racing this coming Saturday! General Admission Gate opens at 5pm - $20 Adults, $18 Seniors, 6-16 $5, 5 and under FREE Pit Gate opens at 4pm- $40
  4. To clarify - this was a typo error put into our online ticketing system. Pricing for this show has always been $20 for adults, $18 for seniors, $5 for 6-16 and 5 and under free. Reserved seats are $2 additional for most shows. This weeks Wall of Fame inductee is longtime announcer Gary Montgomery. We work hard to keep an affordable night out at the races for everyone while putting on a great show. Top level drivers, variety in door to door racing and an entertaining production between races. Our fans continue to fill our stands and racing is thriving in Canandaigua. By the way we have an 11pm cut off so you won’t normally get home before turning in to a pumpkin. If you can’t get out to Land of Legends this week, be sure to support your local track. Stay tuned to more info on next weeks racing schedule as we flex for the rain makeups.
  5. To make things abundantly clear and eliminate all the rumor mongering: I requested and received a SDS race sanctioned for September 28th at Land of Legends. There was no DIRTcar event scheduled for that weekend and is a great opportunity for the track and our fans. Since there is no other Hoosier/VP Modified racing going on in a 250 mile radius and operating a DIRT race track means having such races, this became an easy decision. We have organized a fantastic event that will be lucrative for dozens of race teams and offering fans a great show for their money. High drama heat races, sensational last chance qualifiers and a high speed 50 lap finale where every driver in the top 20 goes home with $1000 or more. I also made the decision to change it to a non-points race as a courtesy to the few SDS Platinum drivers who have other cars in their stable. Whether they race sprint cars, NASCAR Trucks, or Late Models, they can choose where their best opportunity to make a living exists for them lies each week. I respect those businessmen making an investment into racing, no less than they should respect me for giving them opportunities to profit from that investment. There are over 180 DIRT legal Big Block and 358 Modifieds eligible for this race, and probably another 200+ Sportsman modifieds that might be found in Canandaigua on September 28th. We will have a great show and hope that if you can't make it to Land of Legends that night, you get out to some dirt track near you and support the sport as a whole. The season will open next week on April 20th with the Cabin Fever 40 Sportsman, Big Blocks, 305 Sprints and Street Stocks. Have a great season. Paul Cole Promoter and President Land of Legends Raceway