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  1. Leroy, fully agree, you have to eat no matter what. I only included it as not knowing how an individual chooses to go about their weekend. Chris did mention they stayed in a camper so your right, groceries for home or a camper is a wash. If folks stayed in a hotel and had to eat out 3 meals a day then the budget would of increased slightly.
  2. Makes ya wonder too if the 44 bringing out the caution with 3 to go was a call from the top. hmmmmm Was he closing the gap on Matt just not fast enough?
  3. FFS, seriously? I didn't ask any personal information. Its an interesting facet that most fans may not know or understand. The plight of a small team and big races. What it really costs these drivers to put on a show.
  4. Put that same 3 day race schedule at Fulton and you'd see a flawless show. Funny thing, when the wife and i go out of state traveling or even within state we try to hit up a new racetrack. Lets just say we've been to some real dumps that leave us wondering how is this place still in operation. It then makes us realize how clean, efficient and professionally run Brewerton and Fulton are. How fortunate we are to have both those tracks 20 minutes in either direction from our home. OCFS, not on their level.
  5. Rob, Not to be nosey and please do not include real numbers if you dont feel comfortable publicly. But being a small family owned team, and based upon your finishes over the 3 nights, how was it financially for you guys? All expenses from lodging, food, tires, fuel, pit passes, hauler fuel ect ect vs what was brought home for 3 top 12 finishes did you come out in the red, black or even?
  6. That is technically not 100% accurate. Per the centennial weekend competitors guide. 18.Centennial points will be given to all drivers based on finish of feature. The point scale will be based on a 100-point system. Drivers who fail to qualify will be given twenty (20) centennial points. The points earned from Thursday and Friday will be totaled and the top twelve (12) drivers in Centennial Points will have guaranteed starting positions fourteen through twenty-five (14-25) in the Centennial 160 on Saturday. You must compete in both Thursday and Friday events to be eligible for this. So with that being said, sure a driver can show up and try to qualify on just Saturday but their chances will be drastically reduced because of rule 18 in the competitor guide. Smart drivers that are trying to make an honest go at it would show up all 3 days to accrue points towards a guaranteed spot. Is there allot of passing at OCFS being such a big track? Is it locked down bottom lane? Do guys starting 26 on back really have a chance to win?
  7. I can see why some would not go. Its a tremendous expense. Lodging for a few days, food. All the costs associated with qualifying and racing. Hauling there between highway tolls and fuel. Then there is the wear and tear on equipment, with tracks still in the hunt for points, hurting your engine, damaging your car as its a big fast track. To some guys that are in the hunt for track championships, that is more valuable than $. Plus some guys may have stout cars at small tracks but nothing for a big track. $1,000 to start is pretty good cash but may not even be enough to cover expenses for the week. And the potential loss of a track championship. Have to remember, there is allot of tracks that did not cancel their weekly events because of this.
  8. My guess, 50 cars tops.
  9. Illegal to drive high yes. But not illegal to drive if you smoked a week ago and its still showing in your system as the effects have worn off a week ago. Nevada was/is the first state with any common sense to pass a law stating you can no long test for weed for the majority of careers. There are some exceptions.
  10. If I was a racecar driver, i would be more scared of drivers on blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, stop smoking meds, depression meds or some of the other various prescriptions that people are on than some dude that smoke some weed potentially weeks ago. No driver should be racing stoned/high. As stated above, the presence of weed in your system does not make you guilty that you are high at that moment. There needs to be better testing around this area.
  11. Thats what someone said about the Grinders at Lebanon Valley and my ass looked like a penny slot machine spitting out winnings the whole way home down the thruway.
  12. Thats purely based upon suspension design correct? In some/most regards the suspension on a dirt mod is really antiquated vs a late model or even ump or usmts mods. Utilizing 4 links and lift bars vs 3 links. I have noticed though over the last few years that the mods are getting more lift and roll steer in the rear end than ever before. I'm wondering does the left side panhard promote this or just a more radical setup than in the past? I often wonder how a mod would handle with independent front suspension vs a solid axle.
  13. I was just thinking about something like this earlier today. The Northeast model of racing has to be one of the most absolute backwards out of any level of racing. Sure sprints and LM's have two premier series but they are nationwide. NE mods, how many series? I guess 2 that only really matter that again should be combined into one. I guess if you want to count BRP and RUSH mods..... We can leave sportsman out as they are a step down like a crate model or B- mod. Sure sprints have 305's, 360's and 410's but from my understanding they can Legally all run together up the ladder. (not down) Late models, pretty sure its just a crate model or a full blown late model nation wide. IMCA style mods, theres allot. IMCA, UMP, EMOD and more. But they are the largest class of car nationwide. Seeing recently how tracks worked together during ohio sprint week and had backup plans to move it if one track was cancelled was awesome. If track A rained out, the races where moved to track B on monday. If track B rained out Tuesday they where moved to track C. and on down the line. No way on earth you would see that in NY. Never ever never. IMO in a perfect world you should be able to get in your Modified or Sportsman and go race it anywhere at anytime at any track any series. The whole opps wrong tires, wrong engine rules, wrong MSD (complete joke) DIRT shock stickers (borderline criminal activity/money laundering) is a joke and detrimental to racing. It hurts car counts, it hurts tracks and hurts the fans.
  14. One modified series only is needed. Combine the two and be done with it already. Modifieds and sportsman is all thats needed. Pick your weapon of choice and run it.
  15. And this is exactly another reason why there should be one and only one MODIFIED series. No separation of big and small blocks. Bring a modified, your best weapon and race.