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  1. So when im watching a dyd live event, how does advertising cone into play? Thats more income coming in that id bet defers some of the production expense.
  2. Ever wonder why tracks are packed on $10 carful nights? Hmmmm same concept applies.
  3. Yup you cant take the equiptment cost into account for every race. Odds are very good dtd's equiptment was paid for by end of year last year via subscriptions. Even if not, depreciation value, you cant count a 2700 camera at full value being a year old if we want to play those games. Again. Massive ego's. Nobody is accusing anyone of getting rich. We are simply stating its too expensive of a product. Drop the price. Increase viewership, gross more money. But eh dont let your ego get in the way of simple economic principles. Whats the old saying? Customer is always right? Its clear outlaw isnt listening to the customer and just replying with condescending answers. Excellent for business and bound to win me over and get my money.
  4. This right here i agree 100%. Racers and racing related businesses cannot handle feedback or criticism and get all sorts of defensive. All boils down to the massive ego needed to be involved with anything racing related. Ive seen time and time again a biz will come out with a very high price point, last maybe a year and wonder why they going out of business. With 10 customers paying $50 each. Congrats you grossed $500. Now drop your price point to $20 and get a 100 customers. Your now grossing $2k and have 90 people that will probably come back. Vs the 90 who did not pay cause 50 is too much, wont ever come back.
  5. Smoke bones, clay ny. Cannot do curbside delivery because they dont have the staff. People will not go back to work there because they are making more money on unemployment. Fact citing, the manager that gave us our food and told us such when we had to go inside to pick it up.
  6. Omg!!!! How dare you call it a video game. Its a simulation, its different. Lmao, yes douchebags on facebook tore me apart when i called it a video game. Yes, its still a video game no matter how ya slice it. And wow is that waaaay over priced to watch one nights worth of racing. $12-15 you had me. $25 & $30 no thank you.
  7. Yup, bout as exciting as watching racecar drivers play video games. I just fail to get the hype around putting iracing on tv. In the end, your still watching adults play video games.
  8. Allegedly........ this was the reason no sds at bton/fulton.
  9. They cant get shows in at brewerton in may/april. Ever been that far north in may? (Plattsburg) not happening.
  10. I guess i see it as if your the caliber of him, wouldnt you want to challenge yourself against the best in other forms? Matt does run a ton of races but also see too that if your a driver and get your income from driving, why not diversify and attempt some of the bigger shows in other classes. Id bet hes been offered more than one ride elsewhere at some point. It does seem now a days on the national level you see guys running all sorts of cars. Granted in the end it all boils down to his aspirations and if hes happy and successful with the status quo.
  11. Im in no way trying to talk bad about matt. Hes a great accomplished driver and on top of his game nightly. I know he dabbled in late models a bit but has he ever really raced anything else? Also i believe he tested a spri ter at weedsport in the hbr days but never raced.
  12. Friend of mine is a huge super matt fan. Loves to slander larry wight and made some comments on his chilli bowl run. To which i replied "how many chilli bowls has super matt attempted?" His reply "none cause matt would whipe the field and lap them." My thoughts, matt isnt a very diverse driver. Yes hands down hes awesome in a mod, but hes really a one trick pony.
  13. Only need to classes of mods. The 602 sportsman and then the modifieds. Thats it. The division that goes on in this regional class is borderline window licking insanity. 602 sportsman for beginners and mods for everyone else. Run a bb, 358, 427, 305, 318, 383 who gives a shit. Its sad you have a small following that think bbs sound better so that makes better racing. Not true. Bb costs are prohibitive and nobody runs them nationwide for the most part. Time to move the dinosaurs from the past and allow aluminum blocks, fuel injection and other options. Allow 4 links in the mods only. Go ahead and cry cost of racing all you want but look outsode your region beyond mud turtles. Imca mods survive just fine woth essentially open rules. Late models the same. Wake up.
  14. Fultons a 358 track and nearly half the field at brewerton are already 358s. Im guessing youll see bton a 358 track before long.
  15. Should be 3link sportsman only and mods whatever you want to follow the A-B mod model of most classes.
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