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  1. Claim rule aside, its a matter of the right rules and educated tech inspectors with the proper tools to do their jobs properly. It can be done. People are just lazy and resistant to change. Until then, we'll keep living 50 years in the past.
  2. I mean it is 2022 but dirt racing still stuck in the 70s. Aluminum blocks, fuel injection, LS engines, lets get with the times already. All can be allowed as an option with common sense rules.
  3. Nothin strokes the ego like a good ole power trip banning someone. I wield authority. Im important.
  4. Its started. I see two 42's, a 91 and piles of shocks for sale on the facespace.
  5. Is Morrison out of phoenix? I know Mosier was/is but not sure of hes still there or in biz.
  6. Which one? Enders, ljl kevlar or Mosier? All 3 are in phoenix.
  7. Not sure if it was Mark specifically but a dirt tech inspector sealed my buddys illegal 602. Even pointed out it was illegal and sealed it anyways. Corruption abound on all levels.
  8. Whelp, when cheated up 602s where coming out of the Donath shop ruining the integrity of the class, ya cant blame john for being mad. That directly effects the playing field at his tracks and will turn drivers away knowing theres cheated up cars out there. Heres what i was told, in the past under dirtcar any engine shop could cheat up an engine with no recourse. They just did what the drivers ask. Now under RUSH, these shops are bonded for xx amount of money. I dont recall the exact figure. If an illegal rush engine came out of yoir bonded shop, that shop is in the hook for a big fine an
  9. Great pics. Was kind of sad to see the big wall on the hill was replaced. Its too bad that area couldnt be utilized as a drive in area like ocfs and skyline. Would be neat.
  10. I could see a third location with the Brewerton hub serving points north. Who knows though. I dont have Bezos money nore run a multi billion dollar online store. I just read the interwebs and pretend to know things i have no expertise on. (Not a snarky comment, just taking humility at myself)
  11. Brand new Amazon hub building on kirkville rd, 15 minutes away, slowly raises its hand.
  12. Heard its going to be an Amazon warehouse like Rolling Wheels. Cnyrp will never see the light of day. Rolling Wheels will never see the light of day again. Not really needed anyways, just let it go.
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