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  1. Who preps the OC track this weekend? Does Brett run any heavy equipment?
  2. Wights - When you remove the clay from Oswego the next few days, take it back where you found it in 2016 and bury it deep, really deep, as we don't ever want to see it again. Dirtcar - If you plan to race Oswego in 2022, use the existing asphalt surface, period. The program presented to race fans, racers, car owners and sponsors yesterday was not racing, it was utter destruction and devastation. If you wish to keep 2022 on a dirt surface find a new home out of respect for all involved. The racing world awaits your decision.
  3. Matt Williamson said it best last night..it was like a motocross track. With the same epic track conditions expected today, will Dirtcar allow a rule change adding 4 additional shocks at all 4 corners of the cars today?
  4. Best appearing car at SDW? What a hot rod with flames. Can he be sensational on Sunday like everybody's old friend Jack Burgess used to say?
  5. SDW is here and with it comes the usual uptick in controversy so not surprised of Brew. vs UR same night debacle. Next the wet grounds blame game will take off, followed by tech insp. follies and then track condition wars. Take a look at the weekend forecast? Its changing...!
  6. Maybe Kingsley will be reactivated to pull campers and trailers out of the muck and mire with his new Dozer?
  7. Rumors swirling Hearn to break out a potent new TEO this week....will be great to see the master back at it again.
  8. Wight to meet Matt and Spot at the NBT bank tomorrow in Syracuse!
  9. Lets see who takes JW to the bank on Monday morning?
  10. Just can't see mighty John Wight taking the wrap if the track goes belly up next week at any point. A scapegoat is needed pronto !
  11. With Kingsley off the books, you have to wonder if John Wight will call in 2 of the finest track prep men in the East? From Utica Rome to Penn Cann they can manicure a dirt track to perfection with 2 and 3 wide racing galore. Just leave the keys in the grader, roller and dozer and consider it done!
  12. Its go time to lay down the clay! Lets go Larry Wight!
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