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  1. If you find yourself near Canandaigua on Race Day: Sweet Sue's (Routes 5&20) for breakfast - you'll get a pancake the size of a Left Front Hoosier Charlie's for lunch for the Charlie Burger On The Rocks (next to Finger Lakes Livestock Exchange) after the races - guy that used to race sprint cars now owns it. Pizza, Wings & beer!
  2. It appears no changes for 2022. 2022 link takes you to payout from 2021. I assume that means no changes as they made purse increases two or three seasons ago to bring it up to what it's at currently.
  3. I would think just the opposite. I would want to be on the back end of that deal, right before fans start flocking in to Watkins Glen.
  4. Suppose it could have been one of many different people, who knows. Probably nothing was handed to the announcers would be my guess? Those guys don't want to speculate or make an assumption.
  5. It's also not just a 2B vs 7x issue either. It's a 2B versus 7x's kid issue as well. No love loss whatsoever in 2021, much less years past. I understand tossing the 7x, but thought that action was a little aggressive. 2B went on to not only continue in that heat, he qualified into the show. If he couldn't continue, fine. Your track champion and two-time winner of that event should not be loaded in the trailer for that big an event. Give your fans a show they came to see.
  6. Paine, Varin, Doctor, Kyle Coffey, Siri, Brady Fultz, Podsiadlo, Eldon Payne, Jim LaRock, Phil Vigneri. Not every single driver listed is a household name but don't kid yourself into the thought process that Outlaw is a cakewalk. Those household names work for everything they get there.
  7. But if you've seen him race at Outlaw Speedway at all this season you will quickly realize that he is far from past his prime. All of his wins this season, he made the field look silly. Not saying anything against Outlaw's field but he schooled them and earned each of those wins. Even had a shot at the championship on the final night, only coming up a few points short.
  8. Gary Tomkins for another serious push at the full Super DIRTcar Series, Fridays at Brewerton and Saturdays at LOLR. He showed in that Wade 82 he was in that he can still very much get it done.
  9. Correct. Hoosier weekly points set the heat race you will be in. Those without were placed evenly throughout the 3 planned Heats. Then a pill draw for heat starting position. Top 6 qualify, Top 4 to Redraw, Top 2 to the Dash for Cash. Guys were racing harder than any heat we’ve seen this season. The fist pump from Daniel Johnson all the way down the backstretch after finishing 6th showed just how big a deal making this race was.
  10. LOLR 50/50 was $1,900+. Fell just shy of $2,000. 2nd prize was $400 cash. LOLR doesn’t take a cut toward their point fund. Other 50% last night went to Canandaigua, NY Chapter 4 of the Disabled American Veterans organization.
  11. Track Talk by Dylan Friebel just started a month ago or so, which is pretty good. He's had some good guests- Mandee Pauch, Jack Lehner from Jack's shop. Dirt Track Discussions on Spotify is done by Street Stock racer Brad Steinruck, interviewing fellow drivers. Just came out about a month ago has done 5 episodes. Patriot Sprint Tour announcer Paul Harkenrider is now doing one called PST Weekly- think today's episode is Alysha Bay. Has had some great interviews with 360 sprint drivers. If you're a 410 Sprint Car fan, Open Red (world of outlaws), Winged Nation (with MRN's Steve Po
  12. UPDATE ON RACING ACTIVITY AT LAND OF LEGENDS RACEWAY Since June 26th, we have and still contend that racing with fans and other outdoor activities where CDC guidelines have been implemented is protected by the Constitution and Federal Law. In all reality, the data supports that there have been virtually no cases of COVID reported as a result of 60 days of racetrack operation in NYS and only isolated reports at other outdoor events where CDC guidelines are adhered. As of today, we have worked diligently with the Town of Canandaigua to get a clear explanation from the State of New York
  13. They've posted today they are opening to fans this week as well with $10 General Admission Thursday night for Big Blocks and Sportsman. PPV $9.99 if you can't get to the track. Should be a great show and damn nice to see butts in those seats!
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