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  1. Bills always been first class....always look forward to talking with him
  2. its deans club, he pretty much spends the money and schedules the shows how he wants to
  3. well its deans club so he does what he wants with it
  4. Whats the over under on hair flips and finger waggles LOL
  5. I heard John threw a fit because Flo racing can broadcast the SDS big block races and poor millionaire John doesn't get a piece of the pie. They don't broadcast 358 shows
  6. agreed no bashing here. Just sucks for the hard work they put in
  7. Half these teams don't know where th money comes from anyways. Kinda hard to have them put it in upfront
  8. It's called $$$$$, WRG makes money they are all for it. look at the fire bottle. Every manufacturer has said a 5lb bottle would be more than enough. WRG says nope put a 10lb on at almost double the cost. = $$$$$$$
  9. After what he pulled with his nephews who would want to go there??
  10. That's why the outlaw circuit back in the day was so much fun to watch
  11. what a dumb statement....prob the first one to cry if a track went away too
  12. Heard Murtaugh bought it for his kid again. $68,000 in new cars the last 2 years
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