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  1. I can't get use to Limaland, those damn tires are annoying!!!! I think Oswego would be really cool because I would love to race the asphalt mods on there as well. Plus maybe they would think about adding SUPERMODS!!!!!! But I disagree about The Mile. Because they would have to use video and images, they could add a second groove like it had in 1990 when Toby decimated the Non-Qualifiers race, and would of won the 200 if his engine could of lasted. I hadn't seen a car that dominant on the Mile since the Batmobile.
  2. All kidding aside I think this is a good thing. These are people I would of never associated with NASCAR. Maybe Indy cars or something. Also kind of surprising people still want to spend money on something like NASCAR as spectators and revenue having been dropping consistently for almost 20 years. Almost to the day Bill France Jr. stepped down.
  3. But on topic, depending on where you live. If you get a chance to get to the new designed Bridgeport Speedway in New Jersey. You will not be disappointed. To me it was probably the biggest thing to happen in 2020 in modified racing. Besides the Port Royal 200 that is.
  4. Love them so much, some guys don't come home with their cars or haulers.
  5. I would think the decision on what night would be more where they think the track will be best. I'm sure they redo it every night but there is still going to be a difference in the track as more rubber is mixed in the surface compared to the fresh dirt of Monday to the much more mixed rubber and dirt of Friday. Maybe? Does that make a difference?
  6. Does anyone have the points earned list that set up the A-Main last night? I'm trying to figure out how Bell started 4th after only passing 3 cars. Do you get any bonus points for winning your Heat? And if I understand (maybe I don't) it says combined passing points. So are the heat and the qualifiers pts combined? Thanks.
  7. I haven't done the non-winged sprints yet. Looking forward to testing them out. I do have to say I love racing the winged sprints. It's amazing how quickly I got use to it. I really thought it was going to be much harder to be competitive. But please take in to account I have never actually ever been in any kind of a real race car. My only experience is online. This is what I was talking about, it just seems like our modifieds have such a much thinner line between traction and spinning compared to the other cars I've driven. Today I'm going to spend a few hours just practicing
  8. Everyone's always complaining that most driver's never get a break. And that the best teams well only hire guys who could already have any ride they want. Palmers are taking a chance. I think that's great. Never heard of the kid but obviously they know him and they have faith in him. Look at the drivers they have had through the years, all great. Now they are taking a chance on someone who doesn't have a book worth of experience. I say good for them given someone a chance that might not really of ever got it on his own. We all make stupid mistakes, some worse then others. But if they lear
  9. But they have a couple of Asphalt tracks they just through dirt on to have more dirt tracks. But I'm sure it's not cheap to scan a track. Would be nice if they could get some more local tracks in. But I think they could do a decent job of Syracuse if they wanted to. I've been running a lot, mostly Street Stocks and 305 Sprints. Never been a big fan of sprints especially the 305s. But when you are racing with one it's fun as heck. You can put those cars anywhere you want it with just a little lift of the throttle or tap the break and then BAM you take off. Ironically I actually won my fir
  10. I'm guessing the split was probably friendly and mutual. Danny is spending the majority of this time in the Sprint cars, Drellos spends the majority of his time in the modifieds and is really starting to show some talent. So do you want to have a team that runs once in a while when Danny is available or regularly with a driver who is ready and available now? I wish them both good luck.
  11. You really have to give it up to the Sportsman guys. They are going down there for penny's on the dollar compared to the Mods. But they support so much of what we take for granted. The Sportsman class has carried many of the Northeast tracks, STSS, and DIRTcar for quite a few years now.
  12. Yeah and the Super DIRTcar series had an amazing season last year.
  13. Actually yes he was a very fun loving guy, especially when he was winning a lot. So yeah most the time. But he could get irritated when things weren't going the right way or someone got pushy or tried to prove their man hood on the track. I don't take it as a bad thing.
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