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  1. Depends on what new rules NASCAR decides to come up with. And how hard they tech him over other teams.
  2. Although the name of the candy bar sounds like the name of the famous baseball player Babe Ruth, the Curtiss Candy Company traditionally claimed that it was named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter, Ruth Cleveland.[4][5] The candy maker, located on the same street as Wrigley Field, named the bar "Baby Ruth" in 1921, as Babe Ruth's fame was on the rise, 24 years after Cleveland had left the White House, and 17 years after his daughter, Ruth, had died. The company did not negotiate an endorsement deal with Ruth, and many saw the company's story about the origin of the name to be a devious way to avoid having to pay the baseball player any royalties. Curtiss successfully shut down a rival bar that was approved by, and named for, Ruth, on the grounds that the names were too similar. Is there really an argument against Big Money Matt?
  3. Don't worry about DiBlasio he is to busy trying to ruin the NY Mets sale. Because him and a certain State Senator want J HO and Alex's group to buy the Mets even though they don't have even close to enough money to do it. Can not be Batman's fault he is from Australia. Maybe Superman's. But I think we'll have some great racing from Florida next year from both series, because its almost all the same drivers. Freisen will be back on track in NASCAR and be a title contender. Should of won this past weekend or at least finished second by Sauter made an extremely bad move. Sauter was faster but just totally lost it. Tracks in New York will see fans flock to their tracks like never before for the first quarter of the season. Then things will calm down and go back to normal per 2019. No one will give two shits about politics for the next three and a half years no matter who is President. But we'll have to deal with the start of people running for the New York Governorship for 2022. Where history will repeat itself and a Republican will be elected following the end of another Cuomo as Governor of New York. Oh yeah and I will start dominating both the Super DIRTcar Series and the Short Track Super Series in my rookie year. I might even run some World of Outlaw Sprint Car races to grab a few wins and the Lucas Oil Late Model series where I should be able to easily pick up a win or two. So I figure by 2022 I should be replacing Freisen in the 52 NASCAR Truck Series. Where of course I will probably win the Rookie of the Year and Championship. Heck I might even try my hand at the Indy 500, figure I would probably win the race in record time while leading the majority of the race. Some I'm positive will happen, other parts might be a little bit of wishful dreaming.
  4. You are becoming more and more talk with no substance. Throwing multiple accusations without showing a single bit of evidence. If you have evidence put it out there, or admit all you have is accusations. Obviously if you had evidence it would of been out now. DIRTcar or WRG or Boundless or whatever you want to call them have been going the wrong way since they bought DIRT Motorsports from Donnelly. They really weren't interested in the NE Mods as much as they wanted the name and at the time the tracks. Northeast is always a second thought. They make a lot more money off of the other DIRTcar classes they run down south. The money they used for the Oktoberfast was money already penned for SDW. Sponsor money and all. It was a great idea, to bad the tracks couldn't provide quality racing surfaces. DIRTcar/WRG could of easily had races in PA and NJ just like the STSS. And it wouldn't of harmed the DIRTcar sanctioned tracks at all. WRG doesn't put in half the effort to find sponsors like Donnelly and his team use to or like Deyo does now. Why is that? So what is your evidence? Or are you afraid of a defamation law suit for talking crap?
  5. It's very simple, you can't get your permit to driver till you are 16 years old for anything that is the size of a v4 or bigger. But then you get in to mini sprints and other cars that run motorcycle engines that can out run many v4 or even some v6 and v8 cars. I don't think it comes in to ability or maturity. We all know many drivers over 21 some over 40 or more that don't have the ability or maturity to be in a race car, but they are. I'm more worried about the age because of the dangers of racing. A 12 year old has no fear hell neither does a 16 year old. There are some super gifted kids out there who play football or wrestling that end up getting injured and never walk again. Racing with all its safety we have now, is still the most dangerous sport you can get your kid in to. Some types more dangerous then others. Like I would rather have my 12 year old in a modified then on a dirt bike. But should we be allowing kids who we don't give the right to vote till 18 to risk their lives in race cars mainly driven but adults? There are parents out there that don't look at what the kid is now, but who they want them to be or who they could become. You see it in all types of sports. I don't know where you draw the line, or who becomes responsible if the child is seriously injured. Its' just a scary subject.
  6. Super DIRTcar Series would be better if New York tracks new how to make a real race surface instead of ice rinks. Yeah going slower usually makes for better racing. But not when it's so slick you can't make any moves or the bottom takes rubber and its a train race. I don't know where they got the idea for slick racing but I hate it. Though it could be worse, you could have the scary slime track we use to get at OCFS from that nasty pond in the infield. Why is it so hard for New York tracks to have a good racing surface anymore? I saw better racing on the Syndi tracks.
  7. I'm a big Perrego fan, but it's Big Money Mat without a doubt.
  8. Heh, I use to repair VCRs when I was a kid. Funny how Beta was such better quality, but the VCR dominated the market. The issue was that the link to face book wasn't showing up in the code either, or I missed it some where. :P
  9. I don't know whats wrong with this computer. I've gone through every bit of code going through my browsers and I can't seem to find why I have such issues with this site. Images/videos I can't see Having to refresh the page multiple times before it lets me post. And just some other really weird shit. Think my computer is haunted. lol Or Trump is trying to hack me..
  10. Ok so now I'm thinking this is just personal against me not being able to see what the heck it is. I'm going to go pout in the corner.
  11. Oh because I can't see anything.. It either shows up blank or as a broken link. All I see is "Image may contain: text"
  12. Well I didn't watch the 200, decided to save my money. But from reading there were a cautions that were like 13 laps long? Who the hell needs 13 laps under a caution? So they definitely were counting more then 3 laps under yellow.
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