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  1. Seriously, if his sponsors cared where he raced that much to tell him where he has to race. I doubt they would of wanted him down at Orange County or at Fonda instead of Canandaigua this season. They know he races for a living and needs to follow the money.
  2. It's how Coon Dog was able to get 2nd at the end. Stone took out two other top 5 cars with himself.
  3. Matt's sponsors don't dictate to him where to run.
  4. Matt should have someone to draw for him at Fonda just in case, but doubt he'll need it. WRG got rid of his only real competition for the SDS title.
  5. By the look of Weather Channel neither track is really under much of a threat to be rained out, actually looks like Fonda has a little bit higher percentage of rain over all. And might be clear skies in Canandaigua by 7pm
  6. Can you believe Stone lost it like that? I mean everyone makes mistakes, but he just wiped out totally on his own. Maybe to much wind caught that left rear that was higher then his roof. lmao
  7. So who will win? Canandaigua SDS, Fonda STSS, or Mother Nature.
  8. I WRG might butter his bread, but Deyo toasts it and gives him the jelly. But I think they said $40K to win the SDS Championship. But he leads the STSS North Points also and is only 24 points out of 1st place in the STSS South. Thats two more championships he could win. He currently has made over $48,698.00 from the STSS alone. And has won $46,000.00 from the SDS. The North championship will pay $12,500.00 & the South pays $10,000.00 plus a 10,000 bonus if you win both I think.. They use to, plus there use to be a big American Racer bonus.. Not sure if they still have that.
  9. Its not about not getting points, I think there is a rule about just skipping a SDS race for a race some where else. It's part of Sheppard's contract with WRG to be at every SDS race. If it was just about not getting points tomorrow night, Sheppard could still come back and win. But I'm pretty sure breaking the contract rules means he loses Platinum status, so he would lose the platinum bonus points at the very least. If WRG sticks to their own rules.
  10. Yes I did.. I missed the first 19 laps. I was not happy. And its been freezing or losing connection on me all night.
  11. I'm wondering the same thing. From last to first, even Stew didn't do that in his heat. Matt races for a living, I don't think it's a stretch for him to by pass a DIRTcar race. Brett Deyo has been very good Matt Sheppard over the last few years and gave him chances to win a lot more money then what he makes off the SDS. I don't know if he gets the same benefits from Deyo as the SDS and how much that would influence his decision. But why race Friday night for a heat race and then not race the next night? Other wise he came to Fonda to just run some laps for nothing. If Matt doesn't rac
  12. What's it say about a Track owner who is selling the motors to the teams? Heck I think it's wrong when the owner or owners family races at their own track.
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