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  1. When it happens up here, it's usually not for a good reason. At OCFS it use to be common for a few Sportsman guys to swing by their pit before going to the scale.
  2. He confused Super Matt with Superman. Simple mistake. One runs modifieds through out the Northeast, the other runs a late model across the country in a national series.
  3. Jack Brady

    Ryan Newman

    And now Brian France is loving every time Ryan's crash is shown on social media, ESPN and Fox 1, and local and national news feeds. And for the next 20 years they'll be play that wreck in every advertisement for the Daytona 500. Its so sad what he has done to what people think is racing.
  4. Another advantage of running a Bicknell chassis.
  5. Jack Brady

    Big Block Pride

    Yes. I think you need to re-read my post.
  6. Jack Brady

    Big Block Pride

    Will I guess 4 out of 5 wasn't to bad. Tonight was the Volusia I remember. On the bottom one lane, just like home use to be. Looked a lot like a regular saturday night at OCFS. Maybe its a surface second to none, as was said. But tonight it was crap just like any other track could be on any given night.
  7. Isn't tomorrow Sunday? they don't race.
  8. Who will win more races then Matt? Who could win more races then Matt? Who races just as much as Matt?
  9. Will Matt said last night they are trying a lot of new things this week. I would think if he was going to put his best foot forward down there it will be tonight.
  10. I can't figure out why someone in the media didn't walk over and ask Erb what happen.
  11. It worked for me last night, but quality wasn't very good again. I'm still thinking they have a streaming issue at the track or somewhere in between.
  12. Wasn't Bobby Varin running the Heinke car when he won Eastern States?
  13. I don't think Eshelman was there the first night. It wasn't a WoO Late Model event. It was DIRTcar Late Models. By the way someone let Shane know that Jack Johnson was one of the first drivers to run a Hutter in modifieds. Merv I think also ran them. Just the way they worded the question it sounded like only McCreadie ran Hutters. But he wasn't even the first.
  14. So I've watched them all this last few weeks. And of course the biggest budget probably had the best production that was Lucas Oil. But DTDtv might not of had the budget but I really think they put on a really good production. I would love to see what they could do with a budget like Lucas Oil has. Dirtvision on the other hand I not really that hyped about. First I'm going to say, I'm pretty sure they didn't have a great internet feed or something last night. But, I don't know it just the quality and production really weren't that good in my opinion. I mean the racing was good and everything. But the just one announcer for each class. Not a huge fan of Shane Andrews, I mean he has a lot of knowledge and history of the sport. But I don't know, he seems better when he has someone to go back and forth with. In the late 90's early 2000s I think it was. He was a breath of fresh air. But now he just seems kind of stale. But I will say he was a hell of a lot better then whoever the WoO Late Model announcer is. That guy just plain sucks. My biggest gripe was it took them all most half the show to fix the audio when they guys were talking. It sounded horrible. Maybe I'm not being fair, could of just been a bad night for the production team. I guess we'll find out tonight. I really miss Rush Hour on DIRT, those guys put NASCAR to shame on how to produce a racing show.
  15. Bob Bruneau Engines have been around DIRT racing since the early 80s. Yes he is best known for asphalt modified racing engines. But there have been quite a few teams to have really good success with them on dirt. Bobby Varin had a Bruneau motor when he won Eastern States. I'm pretty sure Randy Kisacky had a Bruneau in his cars in the early 80's. The motors were always known to very powerful, but extremely smooth. I'm not a mechanic or engineer, I don't claim to know a lot about motors. I'm just going by what I was told by guys who have run them. Including Frank Cozze ran one once. He told the car owner the car junk but that motor is amazing.