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  1. Well I don't know about the Casino has, and it's owner did it 3 more times. great business man. You know in the 70's Glenn Donnelly petitioned the state to allow betting on the modified races at Syracuse.
  2. I didn't read the email all the way this morning I guess. That changes some things. :) thank you
  3. Also the Casinos are all following very strict rules on masks and gloves and other checks on all staff and have extreme air filtration systems. They have people constantly cleaning the machines and protective barriers between the dealers and the players.
  4. Yes I know, but the pits are very restricted to crew and personnel even to the media. It's expensive for one person to take a car to the drive-in. Embarrassingly I don't have any local friends, especially any that would want to go to the races. Since my wife passed away last year its been a very lonely time. It's kind of why I started posting on this site.
  5. Jessica and Stew's cars were running the exact same lines on the bottom. While other cars couldn't hold it down coming off turn 4, both Jess and Stew could hold it and run right inside of them down the front stretch. Stew moved around some but Jess held it to the bottom and never swayed from her line. At OCFS she started on the front row, but she held her line all race. Matt had a heck of a time getting around her. Sheppard even acknowledge her experience as a driver in the winner's circle. Was a good sign of respect. I think it was really impressive for her especially since she doesn't race as constantly as everyone else.
  6. I'm sick of Leroy and Kevin. You guys hate it so much here friggen leave. Good riddens. Go to Florida and Louisiana the two leading states in the Country with Covid cases right now and climbing. But you'll have your red state rule. And you can go to Volusia or whatever and watch races down there with no masks and no one looking to see if you have a gun or whatever. Enjoy, cause isn't that what people say all the time now, if you don't like it leave it? I'm sick of coming on here and watching you two complain about NYS and how absolutely horrible it is and how everyone is making your life miserable. I miss racing as much as anyone. I watch online as much as I can to support the tracks. I don't like everything Cuomo has done, but our state is doing better then 45 other states now. I want to be sitting in the stands at OCFS especially with the new track and awesome talent racing there every week. But I don't take it out on everyone else. Especially those who don't agree with my opinions. But I'm sick of your whining and blaming one side of a two sided coin that has not helped our problem. I remember when shit like this brought us together, now it's tearing us apart. Lets stop bickering about this and that and who did what wrong. Lets talk argue about whether Rocky really was trying to wipe out Mahaney after Mahaney squeezed him out going in to turn 3. Let's talk about something anything, but lets stop hating on each other and everyone. Please. I'm so sick of this crap.
  7. Come on you two, ENOUGH ALL READY!!!! Can't you two take this political crap back to facebook or something? Please? I'm begging you, every time someone makes the slightest comment that might hint to Covid/Political, you two set it on a Red vs Blue fire. I know when this all started I was a big offender but you two just can't let it go. It's amazing how we can all love racing and agree and disagree about anything racing without getting heated, but man you two are killing me and a lot of others with turning almost every topic on here to a political debate. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP
  8. I totally agree, I saw a few guys get pushed up out of the groove in the Mods and Sportsman and that was just good hard racing, not slamming and banging. Rocky just kept making it look so damn obvious cause he tried multiple times off of two to spin him. Wasn't like he was just trying to give him a bump to get him to slip up out of the groove, he was trying to spin him.
  9. Some great racing so far. And very good call on Warner he was doing everything he could to spin Mahaney. Suck that Mahaney didn't qualify in the heat because of it. But you can't penalize Varin for what Warner did. But I mean they raced hard and bumped a few times, then Rocky tried to literally spin him, not just try to get him loose. I mean it was so obvious. Never seen him drive like that in a BB. Saw him "bump" a lot of cars in Sportsman to get them out of the way. But never saw him deliberately try to spin someone.
  10. I was watching racing from Action Track USA this week and it was an ok crowd and a mix of people wearing masks and others not. The disappointing part was that none of the track workers were wearing any. I think if these tracks want to be taken seriously they should lead by example. Show they themselves are taking it seriously and the county and states will take them more seriously. Also man do those 600 sprints put on a awesome show. Multiple 4 wide moves, and the STRs also put on an excellent show. Watching last night's race at OCFS they kept repeating that Accord was Canceled. But I think it was again like with Afton where instead of the State stepping in, they force the County who forces the town/village. And it's a fight no one wants. Especially when it doesn't really affect them.
  11. Sorry I'm confused with all the different directions this topic is going.
  12. But what I want to know if the political climate is effecting or not afflicting the stock car market. Why does a person social distancing put less air in the left rear of their car then the right rear, and is that stagger or can that just be adjusted by a j-bar to help eliminate the corona virus, or do you have to make sure you put a mask on your air cleaner so that the virus doesn't infect your intake or will that cause political policy to over turn the bias on New York racing?
  13. Looks like I'll have to spilt between the TV and the Laptop so I can watch Fonda and Bridgeport.. After last Sunday there is no way I'm going to miss the action at Bridgeport. The racing was friggen amazing. So looks like a double header.
  14. I just want to see the races, I could care less about fire works. Unless they are on the race track between drivers.
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