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  1. Well I know a few tracks that if they get 20% capacity on a Friday or Saturday night they are happy... lol That last 20 or so years OCFS has been lucky to have 20% capacity in the stands on a regular night.
  2. That may be true, but Pro Stocks still always put on the best shows at OCFS. And most fans will agree, because I've had many many discussions sitting in the half covered grand stands for over 40+ years about the best races. Though back in the day when we had 3 classes of Street Stocks that was a little much..
  3. You seem really excited about sheep and condoms. I don't think that's legal in New York either. But Cuomo will probably let the slide just for you.
  4. I've seen a lot more Sportsman races take forever to get done then any Pro Stock event.
  5. And as for State monitoring of the Tracks. We could end up having NYS Troopers or County Sheriffs at every track checking everyone. Those who think they are more important then the rules well ruin it for everyone including the drivers and track owners.
  6. Another moronic statement, you are so entertaining at times Macho. The reason they said to use the other kind of masks was because of the severe shortage of N95 masks at the time. And they wanted to make sure that the front line workers were able to get them, many were not able. And they didn't say it was AS GOOD, they said it was better then not having anything at all. There was tons of information that came out that was changed from the beginning to now. Because they had never dealt with this issue, that and the actual plans and regulations that were set up for such an crisi
  7. I'm having major issues now with Dirtvision.com on my Amazon Firestick. I've tried 3 different browsers and get the same error. Error Code: MEDIA_ERR-DECODE FAILED TO INITIALIZE MEDIA KEYS FOR EME. They haven't come out with the App yet for Amazon Firestick. I can watch everything fine on my computer, but I like to surf the net while watching races, or sometimes have one race on the TV and one on my laptop.
  8. Before they stopped running them at OCFS they were always the best show of the night. They were just slow enough to make a good race out of every feature. Unlike the mods. Unfortunately a lot of Pro Stock Drivers in New York moved to Crate Sportsman, because they were spending just as much money but getting paid far less and a lot more places to race with Sportsman then Pro Stocks.
  9. Really how is it any different then racing at your own track, or your father or grandfather's track? But yes I think it looks bad all the way around.
  10. The Bristol race was great, Superman looked awesome powering by everyone. Wish they had just canceled Brownstown and everyone race at Bristol. The track was great but the field was pretty weak. Still was a great race watching Davenport come through the field.
  11. But at least they do pass at Grandview, and have some great races. You want to talk about shit show go to Bowman Gray Stadium. If you can get in, place is packed every weekend but the racing absolutely sucks. People are just there to see who is going to be in a fist fight at the end. Every race comes down to the first place car being spun on the last lap and a fight in victory lane.
  12. Yeah, that is what the Bunny Ranch is. They use to have a show about it on HBO. But that is near Carson City.
  13. Just watched the seduced by speed doc on Gary.. what a piece of horseshit that was. LMAO I didn't have very high hopes for it anyways because well it is Motortrend motorsports for yuppies. These people did not do their homework, and their b-roll video made totally no sense. These people didn't have a clue about racing back in the 60s 70s and 80s. And I had no clue that Gary designed and built the Batmobile. I guess Kenny Weld and Ron Hutter had absolutely nothing to do with it. And the 73 car he won Syracuse with was built in a junk yard. They were interviewing people that di
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