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  1. Even if racing does try to resume, how many teams are going to have money to spend on racing? A lot of the drivers, owners, crew members, sponsors are not bringing in any money or aren't making the money they are use to. Will they be able to afford to go to the races or bring the cars out? Are crew members going to need to work weekends at their regular jobs to make up for time and money lost? Heck a lot of the fans themselves won't have the money to spend on extra activities. Many of the promoters of these tracks are not going to have the money to pay the owners. The owners might not have money for the taxes. How are manufacturers and parts distributors going to make up their loses? If they raise prices it well just double down on the problems. There is a long domino effect that "could" happen depending on how long this all lasts. I'm down right scared of what could happen to short track racing.
  2. Have to love photoshop plugins and filters. You can do so much and pictures like this are easily made from any photograph you want to scan in to your computer or copy from web pages and then turn them in to your very own coloring book.
  3. What I think would add to the iRacing is if they had all the driver's mic's on. So we could listen to them talk trash to each other. Also there are a lot of drivers who have used video games to practice for tracks even before iRacing was a thing. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Martin Truex use to race together online all the time. And even found a strategy they were able to use while racing in Cup at Talledega together. Quite a few use to play NASCAR Heat to prepare for tracks they never been at like Watkins Glenn and Sonoma.
  4. Jumper that is the most entertaining, hysterical things I have ever seen... I would definitely watch every week if he was on.
  5. Yeah that kid who makes 2 dollars an hour.. (actually probably less). Lives in a friggen shack, and if he is injured he has no money for medical bills, and because he cant work they just fire him and get a new person in there. So who really is the bad person here? You sound more jealous of what your friends had then angry. Also look at how much the CEO was making. Who didn't do a 10th of the work I'm sure your friends did. But I bet he made 6 to 7 figures per year, with a big bonus. And probably got an even bigger bonus moving the business to whatever god forsaken country. And boosting their profit margins substantially. While not caring about ANY of it's employees, and only about himself and his STOCK HOLDERS. So I guess you are ok with CEO Salaries SKY ROCKETING since the 80's. While most people's salaries were stagnant. I don't know what company your buddies worked for. But the people from my home town mostly worked construction and they busted their asses 6 days a week, and some times 10 hours a day. And they earned that $35.00 an hour and benefits their Union bargained for. When my family gets a State or Federal contract for a job. We have to pay State or Federal wages. To who ever we hire. The wages are much much hire then most other jobs. But we also make a lot more. No company who can afford to move to China or where-ever. Moves because they can't afford to make it here. They moved to make a bigger profit. And all contracts are agreed through those Governments. Some of our biggest companies that manufacturer in China, have to agree to share their Technology with the Chinese Government. Smart companies like Caterpillar and John Deere saw the writing on the wall years ago. And redesigned their business pay formats with Tiers. So wages never got out of control again. They worked with the Unions. They didn't force any long time employees in to it. It was just for the new employees that were coming in. And with in a decade they no longer had a over blooming issue with salaries. Now Cat and Deere do have manufacturing facilities around the world. But those machines they build are sold in that country. The majority of their manufacturing is still in the United States.
  6. I want to know why motor sports is canceled but some how they are still having Horse Races?
  7. Actually they never closed because they were unprofitable. That is a complete lie. They moved to increase their already large profit margins. Moving to China, no union, no workers rights, no real safety rules. All the reasons we needed unions, is why they moved to China. Keep the steller life style? Get real, they were just trying to maintain what they had earned. But in the early 70s that started to change, and when Ronny came in it spiraled. Wages were not staying equal with the dramatic inflation. But Corporate board salaries SKY ROCKETED. And they still do today. You really need to get a clue. The Trickle Down economics had its faucet shut off. So the Corporate big wigs were holding on to the tax breaks and corporate wellfare the Government was giving them. Buying back their stock and pushing up the price. Because they don't give a damn about their workers, they only care about their STOCK.. Even Trump said he is worried thats all the Big Corporations will do with this stimulus package.
  8. I actually enjoyed watching it. Thought I would just check it out for a sec and found myself getting in to it. Mike and Jeff and Bowyer is what actually made it watchable. I really got in to the race at that point. I could not believe Denny Hamlin's set up..Over $10,000 worth of equipment.
  9. I don't know if they were kidding or not, but they said Waltrip (it might of been Michael, but I thought they were talking about Daryle) posted o twitter he used all his reboots on the parade lap. ;)
  10. It really isn't a race day, but it does have to do with everything about racing. I was like 7 or 8 years old, bored out of my mind. So I decided I was going to do some snooping in my parents closet. I was actually looking for my brothers old drumming pad and drum sticks. What I found was an old racing trophy from the 50s. For the rest of the weekend I was asking my dad about his racing. Question after Question.. My dad hadn't been to a race track since he quit racing, but I begged him and my mom. My mom was all for it, she never got to go to the races back then cause my grand mother said proper ladies don't go to the races. But she always wanted to go. So that spring we drove up to Fonda for their season opener. I have like patches for memory. I remember CD won the show. But it was so awesome, later that year we started going to OCFS every few weeks. Then the next year we would go a little more and a little more. And we would travel to the Valley and up to Rolling Wheels, Syracuse, and then bought a camper in the 80s and started staying at the fair grounds during Super DIRT Week and ESW. I always loved getting to see drivers I usually never got a chance to. That is why I always loved Rolling Wheels. Thats when I would get to see all my favorites, Doug Hoffman, Kenny Brightbill, Joe Plazek, Bob McCreadie, Charlie Rudolph, Mike Romano and Frank Cozze. And a lot of others. So many.. I just love racing. Never had the opportunity do it myself cept on DTR and DTR2.. oh I loved that game. I played for hours and hours in the early 2000's
  11. Yup and Beachy closed the track and ran away with the money. A few of us went up there in the mid 1980s to see a show. It was a awesome track, big and fast back then but with great racing. It's where Hearn originally got the name "The Jet", and accused of using NOS (was never proven, morel like a accusation made in jest that a bunch of people took seriously). Any ways we were on 90 when we hit a short passing rain shower. It was like an hour or two before the gate was even suppose to open. We got to the track and it was beautiful out. We sat there for an hour or so. Race cars and fans waiting to get in to the track. And a guy comes out and says they are canceling the race. That was the last time "New Venture" ran a race. In the mid to late 90s he showed back up with a car and team and franchise sponsorship from Ray Everham and some Jeff Gordon named companies. They were basically getting paid to per their names on the companies. He knew a lot of people in a lot of places with a lot of money. But he was more show then substance. He is lucky he didnt end up in jail when he went to PA to buy generators and hauled them up to Watertown who was hit with a really bad ice storm. And jumped the prices like over 500% or something. I don't remember the facts but I know the State was not happy with him.
  12. Jack Brady

    Mike Mahaney to OCFS Weekly

    Before Roush there was Howie Commander. :P
  13. Before DIRT was sold you use to be able to call up and order VHS tape of any Rush Hour you wanted. That would tell me they must of had some kind of Master. Wonder what happen to them.
  14. Jack Brady

    Mike Mahaney to OCFS Weekly

    It's a long haul for him to OCFS, but the new sponsorship must be the reason. I wonder how the Cat in the Hat feels about another driver racing at Malta Friday night, passing right by Lebanon to go to middletown.
  15. Think about the certain Countries who aren't reporting to the WHO. Like North Korea and some of the Middle East countries.