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  1. So I've been racing a lot on iRacing since the new year. I've bought a steering box, pedals. I have a fold up chassis which works great. I've become pretty darn good in the Street Stocks and 305s with wins here and there but regularly in the hunt. Have had some success in 358 mods, no wins yet but I'm finishing consistently up front. For almost about the last month I've been practicing and racing with the dirt midgets. It is ridiculous how hard these things are to drive. Doesn't matter the size of the track they are a complete handful whether you're on the straight or the corners. It's like tr
  2. I've seen the sticks used at East Bay in the LOLMS a few weeks back. At the time I didn't think much of it. But after reading the article on the front page I think it's the same as using radios. And now I realized that Max changing lanes on the last lap and blocking Decker wasn't just a lucky move. It was a very ugly last second lane change. I thought Max just messed up, but now it makes sense why he changed his lane at that particular point and why it looked so ugly. If I hadn't read that article I would of been none the wiser. I felt really disappointed for Billy Decker, that should of be
  3. As slick as Utica/Rome gets (if they maintain the track like other promoters) what would be the go to set up?
  4. I thought this was in conjunction with the World of Outlaws? But None of the Big Dogs will be there, no Overton, Sheppard, Eckert, and of course none of the big Lucas Oil guys either. They do have Bloomquist, Whitener, Strickler, EPJ, Zeigler, Lannigan, Pierce, Madden, and G.R. Smith. And obviously there are some pretty good drivers from some of the more local series. But I mean THE best in Super Late Model Drivers aren't going to be there. I wasn't surprised the LOLMS guys weren't going to be there. But no Sheppard or Overton?
  5. In todays world: Rough the Quarterback up in any way but allowed a legal sack. A Hefty fine, depending on who the quarterback is possibly even suspension. Anyone who leaves the bench in a baseball game will be fined and/or suspended. In NHL officials intervene as soon as they players go to the ice and players are sent to the penalty box, some kicked out of the game for multiple infractions. NBA anyone who throws a punch (don't even have to land it) automatic fine possible suspension. Leave the bench fine and/or suspension. If you get in a fight at a Humpy Wheeler tr
  6. Congrats to McDowell, good things do happen to good people once in a while. One thing, I thought Front Row closed their doors after they won the Cup Championship. And who is this Rick Ware?
  7. LoL I was raised in a small town bar, my dad never missed a happy hour. I've had many turns with people I've had issues with, won some lost some. I've never HAD to walk away from a fight, but I have because some people definitely aren't worth it. And I've found that those who talk the most shit usually end up eating most of it. Old Racer your living in the past. I remember those days I've seen my share of drivers go after another. Some regretted it some didn.t. Best was Pat Ward jumping in to Danny Johnson car at Brewerton. We cheered like banshees. That was then. But like I said, its a
  8. Well if history has anything to say the last time a Cuomo left office we had a Republican Governor after. Which in New York isn't a bad thing, especially with such a huge influence from NYC. And with the news release from last week. Cuomo and his office is in a lot of trouble. So the reign may be ending sooner then you think. Hoping at the very least this will make him give up his strangle hold on the State. If the State Senate was involved I don't think racing would of got shot down so hard. And if they get their power back it will give the track promoters and owners a much better hand
  9. It really isn't a bad idea.. All you have to say is Derrick Cope.
  10. If you guys don't think Matt has an anger issue you haven't been around racing very long. He has a deep history of flying off the handle and temper tantrums. At the same time he has helped a lot of other drivers. Like I said before. Most drivers seem to have that jeckle and hyde issue, but it comes and goes with putting on the helmet and taking it off. Matt had ample time to cool off and realize it wasn't intentional. And should of stayed out of Max's pit all together that night. In Florida there is a "Stand Your Ground" Law: AS for assault in Florida: In New York:
  11. What dive bombing? There was a clear lane open Matt was half way up the track. Max went for it, not considering the water at the bottom of the turn. As Max said himself "It was a bonehead mistake". He owned up to what happen. You could see his wheels turning left all the way up to contact with Matt. No one went after Britten when he spun out on the first turn and took a couple guys with him. They didn't go after Peter. There were quite a few guys who made mistakes at the Modified races in Florida. There were a lot worse bonehead moves between DIRTcar and the STSS races. But no one else sat aro
  12. Mr. Cole could of easily sold the land for a good profit I'm sure. I have a lot of respect for someone who really doesn't need money to blow off offers to make more but shows he cares more about the track and its existence. That's a man with a true soul.
  13. Max did own up to the move. He said it was a bone head move when he was interviewed at the end of the race. And I'm sorry but there are a lot of top drivers who would of tried that move with that big of an opening staring them in the face. I'm not a fan of Max's but I think this is more about Matt's overreaction then Max's mistake. Max said it bothered him through the whole race, obviously it bothered Matt through the whole race, and after he sat in the pits for 30 minutes waiting for Max to get back from the winner's circle letting it fester up. It's just obvious that Matt has some ser
  14. We'll see if money talks as the payouts at Utica/Rome will be the same as they are at Fonda. Out paying what Brewerton pays to their sportsman and Modifieds. If Deyo can pull just 10-20% of the sportsman from Brewerton plus a number of guys who race Fonda on Saturday nights, he will be doing pretty good. But will the fans come back?
  15. You know what's funny, I've always found those who TALK TOUGH are usually the weakest. We have seen driver's who deserved a punch in the face yes, and no one blinks an eye when they hear about it. But this wasn't justified. Max isn't the first who saw a huge opening and tried to make it work just to realize it wasn't such a bright move for one reason or another. Matt should of been suspended for some period of time, or at least given a bigger fine. DIRTcar basically did nothing to him, meaning now drivers know the standard for throwing a punch at someone. Max could of easily pressed cha
  16. Timmy has always been a class act his whole career. But he also has no problem telling it like it is, but again with class. I noticed the Outlaws didn't do a thing to Brandon Sheppard the other night when he slammed the back of a car and took the guy out. He has been a little more over aggressive since he hasn't won yet. Hell he is struggling to finish in the top 10.
  17. I remember reading an article a few years ago about Danny Creeden saying he was going to call 5 mile his Saturday night track, but later was told by the track that the other drivers didn't want him there on Saturdays. But the track said he could run specials. I'm guessing that was because of all the problems he was causing. He was a BIG whiner at OCFS, he would complain about every other team in the pits especially Tommy Meier. Mean while he would run over half the field. Creeden has changed his attitude some what since then. I think he was banned from Thunder Mountain for a short time also.
  18. Could of been that most drivers and teams had to choose which track to run and decided the earlier date fit them better. I didn't expect most the driver's to run both especially with a week in-between. It costs a ton of money to drive down there, and its the most expensive time of the year for almost anyone in that area. January through March Florida allows businesses to gouge the hell out of everyone.
  19. I won't be surprised if DIRTcar finds some excuse not to sit him down for the season. And I think its been shown for a while there is always rules for different people. Especially when it comes down to "and/or any other action deemed appropriate by World Racing Group Supervisory Officials" NASCAR uses the same line. Not one single rule is actually written in stone. It's like when NASCAR laid down a the fine on Carl Long, penalties are laid out by who you are, not really what you did. The engine builder "Elliots" even said that the size infraction was probably caused by the ex
  20. In the last 20 years a lot of things NASCAR has done under the "Save teams money" moniker is more beneficial to the France family then to the race teams. Though things like trying to cut down on the big teams testing, multiple practices, and so forth were to a good benefit to the 2nd and 3rd tier teams. Actually only a few teams in NASCAR aren't hurting to survive. It's like they say "How do you make a small fortune in racing? Start with a big fortune." The France family and board members who run NASCAR today, don't look at it like Big Bill and Junior did. France Jr. took his f
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