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  1. You are probably right, but NASCAR more then most racing, is definitely a team sport. If things at the shop are off, or issues with the crew at the track. Or they just have a problem findinng the right setup for the CoT. Lots of variables that the driver no matter how good could keep them out of the winner's circle.
  2. To be fair, OCFS is a dirt track and the surface is always there. Oswego they get what? 2 or 3 weeks to lay down the clay and hope it takes? But the racing was pretty good, probably one of the best ESW 200's ever. I think having no mandatory pit stop helped with that. But I still think the Fonda 200 and Port Royal 200 were both very good races also.
  3. From the 70s to the 90s tracks use to have MUD LAPS. It helped run the track in properly and much faster then 2 or 3 mud vehicles. Plus the kids loved it. They would run to the fence waving at their favorite drivers.
  4. Wolfgang had a shorter career then Kinser and especially Sammy who still likes to jump in a car when ever he can.
  5. I do think they need to add talent to just do the streaming side of the racing. So they are talking about what we see on are computers/tvs. Let pits do his regular announcing to the people at the track. Give us two knowledgible guys who will talk about what we are seeing. Basically a regular broadcast like Rush Hour was.
  6. Wow and I was just going to say the 2nd camera on the front stretch needed to learn how to white balance.
  7. Yeah right, its a conspiracy!!!!! A complete setup!!!! WE MARCH ON MIDDLETOWN AT NOON!!!
  8. Sshhhhh don't jinx it. Track has been really good all week, dust isn't any where near as bad as earlier this season and the surface has been multigroove and pretty smooth. Except for that huge speed bump that Matt Sheppard ran of the other night.
  9. That is why I would love to see him in a Late Model more often. He hasn't even won yet, but he does have a top 10 right? He isn't Larson, I think it would take quite a few more races before he won one. But he would become a top competitor if he concentrated on them more. Unlike our modifieds, there are 10 plus cars that can win on any night in a Super Late Model race.
  10. What truth are you talking about, its more of an unwanted opinion if anything. They just put on a hell of a show!!! GO COONDOG!!! I thought it was a great race. Pro Stocks always put on great racing.
  11. Matt didnt run over his front end.. HE LANDED ON IT!!! Cause he drove over Dipple's whole car.. what were you watching? Sheppard was airborne long before he got anywhere near Dipple's frontend. Maybe Matt should start driving Monster Trucks.
  12. How about that Shaun Walker wth a heck of a run in TT, and finished 2nd in his heat... Starts one spot behind Sheppard. Rumor is Walker is running Sheppard's old 358 car that he won SDW with. Don't think its the same engine though.
  13. Hey if Saturday races don't go past midnight, its not Eastern States Weekend.
  14. You never heard Jordan, Bird, or Magic ever complain about pay or contract disputes. They just wanted to win more then anyone else. I think its the same for a lot of race drivers. Yes the money is good, but winning is everything.
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