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  1. Winner winner chicken dinner.... way to go Stu.
  2. In a Dirt mod race.... guy cuts a tire.... slows to bring out yellow. I rather have that driver be able to change tire and get back in the race without a lap lost. I go to the races to be entertained..... I don’t want to see a guy have zero chance over a simple cut tire. Dirt is not nascar. When the races are no longer entertaining..... the bleachers will be empty.
  3. Dirtwatch66


    People, if it bothers you...don’t watch. Mande, don’t change a thing. Most people don’t know the work it takes to do your Vlog. People can find anything to complain about.
  4. Dirtwatch66

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    I don't think the term "cry-baby" should be used here. The Mahaney kid is doing everything he can to be successful at the top level of Mod racing. I have no problem when a driver shows emotion, the guy is giving it his all. The kid can drive, I don't think he has to prove anything. My guess he gets a little more press from the Vlog, but honestly if I was a sponsor and wanted my company name promoted, Right now Mahaney is that guy...... has and entire Forum Topic.
  5. Dirtwatch66

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    I am sure when Mike goes to BRP its business as usual. First Class organization when it comes to the racing business. And like I said before, a little on track rivalry is good for business.
  6. Dirtwatch66

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    Reality is........ Our Mod racing needs both these young guys battling it out ( On track) Both are very talented. Dirt needs more of this....... Rivalry..... Drama.... its sells tickets.
  7. 1977 Pontiac Lemans, the one driven by Sheriff Buford T Justice in Smokey and the Bandit (dog poop brown)
  8. Dirtwatch66

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    Be a shame if mahaney accidentally took M.W. out at Charlotte, isn't M.W. running for points championship. "Just saying" Dirt then can have their Kyle and Aric show. Mahaney keep digging and love the Vlog videos. Shows a different sides of the mod racing, alot most fans don't get to see.
  9. And then you have ESPN who puts Drone racing on TV, YES Drone racing.... when they could be showing the Super Dirt Series..... they instead have people racing Drones. Great Weekend Stu
  10. Dirtwatch66

    It’s 2019

    Its about getting the Product out there, exposure. Would have love to be there last night, but live 5 hours away. Funny thing I am able to watch my Nephews play Pee Wee hockey on the internet...streaming. Not a huge production but a nice clear picture. Its to bad the race last night was not on and available to watch. Huge Applause to the track and it prep team getting that track ready. Seen pictures of the "ponding" and thought no way they getting that in. How was the track all night as far as racing? Was in 1 lane? Tacky all night? From Stu coming from the back, must have been passing going on.
  11. Dirtwatch66

    It’s 2019

    Not sure what happen in 2018. There are no outside company who can do these?
  12. Come on .... it’s 2019 and a premier mod race not on line to watch. GET WITH PROGRAM.
  13. Like it or not...right now it’s the only thing we have. I would think improvements will happen after each year. As far as the track, would track conditions get even be better if they get the dirt down even earlier, then maybe run some event week or two before SDW. Or open testing?
  14. Any report from Middletown as far as race...weather....track conditions....when program may start?
  15. Why are we on soccer...this is a STU thread. Stu...awesome run at martinsville, I think I can speak for most DIRT MOD fans that we are all pulling for you and your success at the higher level. You have handled yourself like a pro when doing the interviews. I think you have shown DIRT MOD drives are real racers too. I would think people who are not fans of yours on DIRT are pulling for you in NASCAR world. Good luck rest of the way.