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  1. $5.50 for a draft beer last year; can’t wait to see what the 2020 will be
  2. 20/20 vision


    What’s friesens winning percentage in a bicknell since the switch?
  3. I’ve known “the Allentown pimp “ for 21 years! The guy was a “super fan” turned promoter. His enthusiastic attitude and smile how could you not wanna interact with this man. He always shared some great stories, and enjoyed a cold beer! He loved the history of the sport and was a great friend. R.i.p danny
  4. “If” this is true; what a show seeing him there running every week.
  5. However, larry and pat both didn’t change their Big Block cars over to coils last season; when they made the switch in the parking lots of Charlotte.
  6. I’m shocked billy Dunn went teo !
  7. For years on dougsdirtdiary he gave insightful information and spot on accuracy of what’s going on in the life of dirt modified racing
  8. All his interviews are stand up and straight forward. He never hides anything. Really nice guy!
  9. Ahhh the news is finally Officially public!!!! The dude can wheel a car for sure. His addition to the modified ranks will certainly strengthen the field even more.
  10. A long time ago he stated on dougsdirtdiary he needed the time to do a few things away from the track.
  11. 20/20 vision

    Mike Gular 2020

    Mike gular is a great runner! But 4 plus chsssis and motors isn’t a underdog! That trailer has fresh rubber and good stock of inventory. Don’t be fooled. With that saying I hope he sweeps his home tracks of 2020
  12. Has TEO Actaully retained any of their customers? Because they seem to be losing many!
  13. Are they switching chassis manufacturers ? I heard they were ?
  14. The atlas car has preformed well! It won track titles, 3 esw titles. Usually ran well during Dirt week.
  15. Agree with iceman44 get the sportsman’s done and over with. The LCQ races are like the last 5 laps of Daytona (Caution fest ) and the top 10 finishers need to be teched. Ocfs regulars having been found to be the biggest offenders !