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  1. Husets has been SOLD Last week i believe, and is going to Have racing this season both WOO and The All Stars are racing there this season for some really good purses. Im glad Husets is back, would have been a real shame to lose a track with so much history in Modified and Sprint Car racing. Doug Wolfgang himself started his Racing Career at that track. That in and of itself is a Good Reason to Save it
  2. Yes you may be correct, The years at this point just flow together, but YES your correct it was 1989 Thanks for the memory reset
  3. I remember that Year. Steve Kinser and some of the other Regular WOO Drivers left the WOO and made a Separate Club. I think it had to do with WOO Purse Pay outs and Some Rules. Wolfgang drove a "TRUE OUTLAW" Schedule by not really belonging to either Club. I witnessed Doug Wolfgang Shatter the fastest 5/8ths mile track in the country, Flemington Fair Speedway Lap Time Record. It was really a site to see, He stepped on the gas pedal and NEVER LIFTED off it, never braked, and just flat out ran Flemington's Squared Circle 4 turns/4 straights as fast as the car allowed him to go. I had never seen anyone run Flemington Speedway without lifting off the gas going into the turns, and I was at Flemington speedway almost every race for 20 years, that man was incredible that night and It is something I will never forget.
  4. This is a Great find!!!!!!! We can talk about how good Larson is in 2020, but to see it in Black And White just brings it to a Higher Reality Level. Thanks for this and Kudos for taking the time to find it. GREAT POST. We have to also take into account his Chili Bowl WIN/S and Indiana Speed Week WIn's in a Midget. He is also supposedly going to drive a Super late Model in some races this season, so lets see if he kicks ass in that mode of Racing. My Money will be on YUNG MONEY in the SLM when he races it
  5. The one thing you did not mention is the parody of the cars, although Steve Kinser had some of the rules package that they have now back then, the cars today are so much more equal, that to do what Larson is doing is really much harder today then back then. Most outlaw Teams are dead nuts the same cars today, it comes down to the Crew Chief setting up the car and the Drivers Skills. Larson just seems to be Better than the other Drivers and It is obvious when you watch the races he is in. Its almost Like he is on a Different Level than the rest of the field because of how much faster he is. He is driving the car deeper and harder into the turns and isn't scrubbing off the speed that the other cars are in the turns, that is skill and not just a little bit. If you saw the Port Royal Races you would know what Im talking about
  6. Wow That was incredible racing. 3 Top Notch racers battling it out lap in and lap out with as many lead changes as there were laps in the race. All 3 of them and Parker Price Miller put on a race for the history books INCREDIBLE and some of the best racing I have seen in years. Thank You for posting it.
  7. Yes there is and for 1 guy to keep that up is pretty impressive and I appreciate the work he puts into it.
  8. Very Good thank you. It is a confusing Site and I think one fan does all the work. Its pretty good but I would imagine it takes alot of time and research to do it
  9. The site ranks him as #1 This Year 2020 I know its confusing but as of the date it came out last week Larson has 18 wins and Sweet has 9. He is ranked #1 THIS YEAR. Im sorry for the confusion. It also takes into account the number of races which I believe the minimum is 20 races to be nationally ranked. at any rate what kyle is doing is nothing less the Phenominal
  10. http://www.sprintcarratings.com/ What Kyle Larson is doing in the Dirt World is nothing less that Spectacular. According to The rankings he is #1 and has DOUBLE the wins of the #2 Which happens to be his Brother in Law Brad Sweet. Now take into account that the wins don't take into account the The USAC Indiana Speed Week with the Midget that he ran away with last month. Kyle is by far making history and if he keeps doing what he is doing I think he could shatter the records for wins in a season. That is nothing to laugh at either. He is being Compared to some extremely GREAT drivers of the past like Jan Opperman, Doug Wolfgang, Steve and Karl Kinser, A.J. Foyt, and Mario Andretti. That is no list to scoff at. Im very happy to see Larson do what he is doing. We as Race Fans are possibly witnessing first hand history being made. You also have to take into account that in this day and age the Cars themselves are so close to being the same in respect to the rules. Years ago the parody of the cars wasn't even close to what it is today. The differences and the rules back then were pretty open, where as today the rules limit you to what you can and cant do. That in and of itself is one of the biggest things that has changed and that is HUGE for any 1 driver to consistently win Like Larson is doing. He has beaten the best of the Best and has been racing against WOO, The PA Posse, And the All Stars. He is in the 10th spot in the All Stars points and has only raced a half of the races with them and he is I believe 12th in points with WOO. I also think he is leading in wins with the Allstars and is Second in wins with WOO, not to mention he is consistently in the top 5 is almost all races he hasnt won. Kyle Larson without a doubt is the BEST Sprint Car Driver in the Country at this time and I dont see him slowing down, he can only get better. Thats my 2 cents for what its worth
  11. Dude whos talking about USAC in 83-84 Im talking USAC in 77 to maybe 80 so NO they are not irrelevant WOW did you read anything I wrote USAC wasnt in PA in 83-84 the pulled out before then
  12. USAC was not irrelevant then The Local PA Boys were pissed off when they came with 30 cars and were told to stay home by the track owners because USAC couldn't beat them. If they want to run against they had to use a 305 motor no Nitro meth and no drag tires. The Pa boys responded to their rules and still beat their asses. USAC didnt come back for 20 some years after that. WOO then showed up got their asses kicked and Ruled their way to compete with the Posse. My memory might not be that good but I do remember the Rules package that came out in 83 or 84 and it specified NO DRAG RUBBER, hell I know a guy that still has a Firestone 500 From back then for a Sprint Car Never Used
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