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  1. Multi Year Deal in the #5 Car https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2020/10/28/kyle-larson-signs-with-hendrick-motorsports-drive-5-in-2021/
  2. Its going to suck CUp Cars do not have the HP to Drive Dirt. It is going to be a total crash fest
  3. Kyle Larson is reinstated to NASCAR starting Jan1 2021 so thats that. YUNG MONEY is again wanted in NASCAR. Makes me laugh considering they are going to put Cup Cars on Dirt at Bristol. How dumb is that?? Cup Cars are either going to be so slow they cant get out of their own way and crash, or they are just not going to be able to turn due to lack of HP and crash. So lets bring the best this Country has to offer in Dirt Racing (LARSON) and that may make a better show. My God NASCAR is really reaching now, how much more desperate can they get. The DIRT RACE is all FOX SPORTS pushing N
  4. I read the same thing. Hendrick and Larson talking though may not be about NASCRAP -- Larson want an Indy Car ride. That may be what the talks are about. Which I though in the first place. Larson belongs in Open Wheel Cars, not fendered train cars playing follow the leader until the last 10 laps of the Stage or finish of the race
  5. Alex Bowman will be in the 48 in 2021, so any rumors of Larson in the 48 car have just been debunked https://www.foxnews.com/auto/alex-bowman-jimmie-johnson-48 Alex Bowman replacing Jimmie Johnson in #48 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet Camaro for 2021
  6. Very Good and Thank You for the info. So I wasnt out in left field with what i had speculated agan Thank You
  7. I dont REGRET anything - Besides if you know something I dont please share it with the group or are you just talking to talk. You seem to imply you know something but I dont think you know jack S**T Maybe you will regret posting just to make yourself relevant because in all reality you have shared NOTHING except to speculate that I may be wrong. Well because you seem to not be able to comprehend basic reading I will explain it to you in a Dumbed down way. I passed on an announcement that may or may not be for SDW. I plainly explained that, to maybe make someone hope that things are
  8. Well believe it or not With the Carolinas in question because of this so called Covid virus, that, in all reality isnt out of the question. In fact that has been brought up a few time is other venues about "RUMORS" being thrown around.
  9. REALLY????? PORT Said "MAJOR EVENT" I dont think that a STSS race is a Major Event in NY NJ Or PA. Hell maybe Im missing something maybe An STSS Race in PA Is like the INDY 500 and is a Major Event. Why is it that someone always has to come out with some SMART A** Comment about an announcement that was made to maybe bring someones hopes up and have something to look forward too. Please anyone with an answer, Please explain it to me Unless Im taking this comment the wrong way, if I am I apologize to you, and its just a misunderstanding
  10. IMO if Cuomo promises something take it and then make the opposite and that is what you will get. Cuomo has ruined a lot of great thing in NYS with his ignorant decision making. The one i will never forget was when he outlawed the trapping of Beavers throughout NYS. Now take it i dont live in NY but I am a sportsman, besides Racing I love to Fly Fish for Trout. I have been Fly Fishing since Im 6 years old, I have also been tying flies since Im 8 years old.Im 57 now. This idiot decides to Screw over a lot of Good People North of Albany. When he outlawed the trapping of Beavers th
  11. You sir are absolutely right. As Dirt Track Fans we are witnessing history in the making. The last time a driver this good did what Larson is doing was probably late 70s early 80s. We all are very lucky to see this and I really hope Larson breaks records. The problem with the records is that, this season isnt a regular season. Usually WOO has 90+ Races a season. They will be lucky to get 60 races in this year. That puts Larson behind the power curve. i know he isnt driving a Full WOO schedule. he is however driving a TRUE OUTLAW Schedule, but even doing that a lot of races are getting
  12. I dont know? It did say "MAJOR EVENT" and the word "SUPER" so I would imagine that it would SDW. In the past Sprint Cars were a major attraction at Syracuse during SDW. Also one of things I really enjoyed was when Sprint Car Drivers were in the final Modified Race and Modified Drivers were in the Sprint Cars. It was really interesting to watch because you never knew how it would turn out. I think Pauch Surprised Everyone when he Broke the Mile Speed Record on Dirt in a Sprint Car then won the race. It was nothing less than spectacular. Im hoping between Port Royal Williams Grove Se
  13. Also at Port last night it was announced that a MAJOR RACING EVENT Will be coming to PORT ROYAL in mid to late October, it was also mentioned that it begins with the word "SUPER". Port Royal was also mentioned as the MAIN TRACK. What else could it be besides Super Dirt Week. The final announcement will be made in the next few days. Let the Speculation Begin ALSO ----- Please dont kill the messenger, Im just telling you what i heard
  14. I hope he wins but that is asking alot. It would be amazing if he was able to get a top 5. Even a top 10 would be something to brag about. Considering he hasnt really driven one fo any length of time. I will say this if he can get a top 5, he should be considered the best Dirt Track Driver in the world. It seems to me that every car he has driven this season he has won in. That in and of itself speaks volumes about his talent. Not only has he won he has beaten the best of USAC, The All Stars, and The World of Outlaws. After the SLM Ride it would be interesting to see him in a BIG BLOCK
  15. Just to those that questioned Larsons LM Ride -- It was Officially announced at Port Royal Last night that Kyle Larson will in fact be driving a SLM At Port Royal when they race there in the coming weeks. That makes it Officially Official
  16. Unbelieveable, Larson really showed his talent in last 2 or 3 laps of that race. For Schuhart to hit Larson and Larson to NOT spin out and with only 2 or 3 laps to regain the lead and win was just unfathomable. How he won that race just shows how talented and how great he really is. That has to be one of the best driving jobs I have ever seen in the 40 some years i have followed dirt racing.
  17. Kyle Larson will not be back in NASCAR unless NASCAR lifts the suspension, which at this time hasn't happened. So there is no guarantee he will be back in 2021. NASCAR is gong to get a feel of Public Opinion before any decision is made. If public opinion in NASCAR is anything like the rest of this country it isnt going to go well. There are people that used the N word 10 years ago and losing their jobs because of it . I dont agree with any of it at all but thats the way it is at this time
  18. I agree wholeheartedly NASCAR is BORING to watch and has ruled the series out of any real good competition
  19. Im not going to disagree with you, but NASCAR could take the S L O W Road with Larson by dragging their feet just to see the Publics reaction to letting him back in. If they do that I can see Larson taking his services else where ie: Indy and or F-1. NASCAR has to give the re-instatement before any team can sign him. I just dont see NASCAR in any hurry to lift Larson's suspension, especially in this politically devisive culture we are in at this point and time. I will tell you this, it didn't hurt WOO or the All Stars, in fact it helped both of those clubs. Then again I dont even think h
  20. Roth Motorsports Driver Daryn Pittman and 2 of his team mates have tested positive for COVID-19 after the Knoxville Race this past week. WOO had stated in the past if this happens they would FREEZE the Points. Its going to be interesting to see what WOO Actually does in this situation. Pittman is one of the Drivers that can has and will again win a WOO Championship, he is a very talented driver and he is also one of the WOO Platinum Drivers. I say (Mod Edit) this Virus et them healthy and keep raing. There shouldnt be any special privelages for any of the teams in any racing venue VIr
  21. After Tony Stewarts comments about Larson, saying NASCAR needs to get off their ass and do the right thing in regards to Kyle Larson. Kyle Larson quietly applied for re-instatement with NASCAR. This is telling because, if NASCAR Teams and Sponsors wont back Larson it seems pretty Apparent that SHR Will. Haas himself backed Kurt Busch with his problems, but Busch's Problems weren't even close to Larsons. This is going to be really interesting. Personally I hope NASCAR declines and Selfishly I want him to stay on DIRT. But I can also see him in an Indy Car which is IMO Better than NASC
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