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  1. Golly, 1974 and the Corvair seems like a long time ago. Good for him. I actually have a picture of Alan posed by a COUPE at Five Mile Point from somewhere back in time. Three of the top four at Outlaw probably with AARP cards while Billy Decker and Pat Ward with good runs in a 100 lapper at Can-Am. You just gotta love it.
  2. Back in the bad old days of Dirt Modified racing there was a young driver from the eastern part of New York State who was just starting to get his feet wet in the racing game. He paid his dues and got better at his craft until his status became one of the very best to ever sit behind the wheel of a race car. As dirt track track racing became the top notch sport that it has become, this man was there to help steer it. All the while he never lost the smile, the genuine niceness and all the attributes that he brought with him. From a personal standpoint, he always took the time to answer question
  3. I signed up for this prior to the World Series at New Smyrna. Watched all the shows from there which were for the most part very entertaining and competitive and you can't beat the price if you're a fan of asphalt Modified Racing plus they also have numerous other stuff to watch.
  4. Right of the top of my head, three names come to mind. Reason being for the diversity of their respective careers and they were all very successful and have been for a long period of time. They are Jimmy Horton, Billy Pauch Sr. and unlike some others I think a biographical read of Brett Hearn's career would be interesting. There are lots of others as the landscape is loaded with a great group of dirt track racers. Two drivers careers and lives that would very interesting to read abut would be Jack Johnson and Lou Lazzaro. Great way to start a topic. Thanks!
  5. Another great name to add to this very sad list. SCCA Hall of Famer and Auto World founder Oscar Koveleski passed away on Monday December 28, 2020. He was 88 years old. A very likable person with a lot of racing credentials. He raced against some very important people like Mark Donahue, Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme. He also promoted SCCA races at Pocono for almost 20 years starting in 1980. He also did business through Auto World which dealt in scale model and slot car. If you ever met Oscar your forgot him. He lived in Clarks Summit, Pa. I sincerely hope this is the last entry in this horrib
  6. Condolences to the Thomas family. Quality people to the max. It's always worse when it happens around this time of the year. Thoughts and prayers are with them.
  7. To me there is no right answer. The neat part of this whole debate is the sheer numbers of statistics accumulated by all the players involved. This is a lot like the "Hot Stove" league winter Baseball talks. Having been around for 10,000 or so races in my lifetime and most likely 2/3 of them being dirt if I had to absolutely pick a Mt. Rushmore of Dirt Modified racing I would go with Frankie Schneider. Will Cagle, Brett Hearn and Billy Pauch. Believe me when I say that list I mentioned is taking nothing away from another great group drivers others have mentioned. More on the other side of the
  8. This is getting really tough. I've just been informed of the passing of two drivers from the Stateline/Eriez circuit. Ronnie Blackmer and Dave Turner both last night (12/14) and both due to complications of the Corona Virus. This came from racing historian Thomas Schmeh of Owego, New York. Also on this list was track's (Stateline/Eriez) photographer Olen Seidler three days ago (12/11). This year still isn't over but I wish it would be. It's been very long.
  9. Noted Southern Tier Auto Racing Historian, race car letterer from the seventies and eighties and co-author of an upcoming book about the history of the now defunct Shangri-La Speedway in Owego, New York; Dr. Gary A. J. George passed away last Saturday night at the Robert Packer Hospital from the Covid 19 Virus. His racing career started back in the sixties as a crew man for a number of Five Mile Point and Shangri-La race teams. He evolved to lettering many race cars in the Southern Tier Area with a distinctive Signs by A.J. logo and a hometown somewhere a Sprint Car lover would know. In the pa
  10. Not trying to rain on anyone's parade here but I had this thought. Four of the most successful tracks in the Northeast survived for a long period of time with a single class. They are Williams Grove (with Stock Cars, 30X90 Bugs and finally Sprint Cars), Oswego (with the Super Modifieds), Danbury Racearena (with Flathead coupes and later Small Block Modifieds) and finally the legendary Reading Fairgrounds. They all prided themselves with running a no-nonsense first class quality show and it showed in the attendance figures. In today's world, running one class or even two for that matter is tota
  11. A couple of things to go along with this. Afton ran a couple of shows under the sanction of Mohawk on the 1/2 mile on Sunday afternoons in 1950 and advertised drivers who were supposed to be competing at Shangri-La on those same days. The people who were running those races at Shangri-La hired a Binghamton Law Firm (Murray Dan Inc.) to tell Mohawk to cease and desist advertising those drivers. If my memory serves me correct this was in August of 1950 I think Jim Luke and the above mentioned Ingersoll won the two shows mentioned in the Binghamton paper from Afton. Also Dan Avery mentioned in th
  12. To the uninitiated "the garble" that was referred to in my previous post was NASCAR's posting of it's early schedule for the NASCAR Modified division (which is it's oldest division). Asphalt Modifieds, which were once revered in New York State, were called "ground pounders' and and now have been relegated to second class citizens in some people's eyes. There are those of us who still enjoy a good Asphalt Modified race now and again. NASCAR schedules races in conflict with other Asphalt Modified series and one of it's Tour races against the long running Race of Champions. There was a lot to lik
  13. Once again "Big Brother" in Fla. seems to only care about their "oldest" division when they can screw someone else in the process. Their 2021 schedule appeared in print today while once again the whole deal is a glaring testimony as to why a number of the devout faithful of the "ground pounders" walk around shaking their collective heads muttering a now ancient comment "why can't we all just get along". Yea, to all the streaming racing that took place this past summer, It gave a lot of us a great excuse not to watch the circus that played out this past summer under the guise of "big time racin
  14. To be perfectly honest a couple of things stood out. First off out the 24 Modified cars that started the feature at Chatham, there were more local cars than invaders and it seemed like progress is being made in car quality and quantity which is a huge plus. Both tracks on this swing were great and super racy. Sorry we don't need to watch eight or nine (I lost count, really) classes with way too few cars. Ark-La-Tex did it right. Quality classes with quality fields of cars in them on a midweek show was a huge plus. I got to watch my local news both nights without having to set my DVR. After so
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