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  1. I guess the bright side this weekend is that there’s big money out there to be won all over! im hoping to make it to at least one night of the speed showcase at port, sounds like it’s gonna be awesome.
  2. Grandview here! Too far to drive to NY with a big race right in my backyard
  3. I didn’t even realize that super dirtcar will be at land of legends Saturday as well!
  4. Is that a good thing? Lol I’ve been to Grandview many times just not for the 76
  5. Planning to attend this Saturday, will be my first. I’m wondering if any invaders will make it even though the Fonda 200 is happening?
  6. True. We got lucky on weather for sure! And weeknights can be rough especially for a 100 lapper!
  7. Okay gotcha! Figured he would get Buffalino-level cheers, being from Jersey. On another note, crowd seemed kind of thin? Was my first time sitting on the far side of the grandstands but I thought it would be more crowded than that? Biggest BP crowd I remember was the outlaws 2019 and that was a Tuesday or Wednesday I think?
  8. Was at Bridgeport last night for the SuperDIRTCar race (which was awesome by the way) and noticed that Godown got a lot of boos at driver intros... were the only boos that I noticed. I was surprised since he is a Jersey guy, right? What were the boos about? Not trying to stir the pot or anything, just legitimately curious. Thanks!
  9. I saw Rudolph said he was underpowered in a DIRTcar 358. Are the Georgetown 358 rules that much more open than the DIRT 358 rules?
  10. I’m not paying anything lol, just my uneducated opinion. Didn’t realize there was that much of a pay difference either
  11. Seems like an overreaction since he still came back to finish 4th? I could understand the reaction more if Sheppard was done for the night?
  12. For sprints, midgets, and silver crown listen to Rip The Fence. That podcast is over and has been replaced with the Loudpedal Podcast. Has Dillon Welch and Tyler Burnett from Floracing. They cover pretty much anything floracing covers anymore.
  13. I haven’t been to Susky yet, I need to get there! Looks like they just released their schedule and they have a few modified events.
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