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  1. I saw Rudolph said he was underpowered in a DIRTcar 358. Are the Georgetown 358 rules that much more open than the DIRT 358 rules?
  2. I’m not paying anything lol, just my uneducated opinion. Didn’t realize there was that much of a pay difference either
  3. Seems like an overreaction since he still came back to finish 4th? I could understand the reaction more if Sheppard was done for the night?
  4. For sprints, midgets, and silver crown listen to Rip The Fence. That podcast is over and has been replaced with the Loudpedal Podcast. Has Dillon Welch and Tyler Burnett from Floracing. They cover pretty much anything floracing covers anymore.
  5. I haven’t been to Susky yet, I need to get there! Looks like they just released their schedule and they have a few modified events.
  6. Very interesting, I didn’t realize there were that many nuances between the different series! Is it safe to say that, in general, the SDS cars are as fast as the STSS cars?
  7. PremiumDiesel and KB19 thank you for the information! So when a driver like Mike Mahaney or Stewart Friesen runs both STSS and SDS, he has 2 separate cars?
  8. Beginner question here... So the “open” small blocks are not legal for the big block super DIRTCar series? Or did you mean that they aren’t legal for the DIRTCar 358 series? Regarding the tires, do teams go through enough sets on a 4-5 day race weekend that they couldn’t bring both Hoosier and American Racer?
  9. Well sounds like it will be worth getting there sometime! Cool that there is a bar on-site! As far as Port Royal goes, should I hit the Tusky 50 first or just do the Speed Showcase?
  10. B-Train, there was a lot of good info in that post thank you! I’m in southeastern PA so grandview and Bridgeport are my home tracks. Bridgeport this year is what got me interested in Modifieds more, that track is awesome and the fans really turn out for the mods. I went on the Danny Serrano weekend mainly to watch the USAC East Coast cars but the big blocks there were awesome! I’ve seen Mods at Grandview but only as supporting class to USAC Sprints or Midgets and they didn’t do it for me like the Big Blocks at Bridgeport did. Are the “NASCAR” 358s as Grandview calls them less powerful tha
  11. I just started following big block modified racing after following mainly sprints and midgets for the last few years. What are the bucket list tracks and races to attend? Coolest atmospheres? Fastest tracks?
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