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  1. To bad tech and crate engine builder George Johnson doesnt dive deeper into these engines he would not have passed the top 20,but then again some are his engines,how fair is tech really for all.
  2. lol clueless lib,no sense on arguing with an old pig we will just get dirty.
  3. Your a clueless fellow arnt you? Please take your Prius and show us how we should putter around out there.
  4. Smart little guy right there.He understands whats going on.
  5. The race hasnt even happened yet,you guys already shitting on it.The fuc is wrong with this group,would you all be happy if they just canceled it?
  6. Mike did it without an engineer,it can be done and Mike proved it,he beat alot of smart people in the 44 and 9 pits.Plus two of the best drivers on the tour
  7. Am so happy for Mike,What a humble and nice guy.He took down the biggest name in dirt.
  8. Doesnt matter how many tracks he has or how big the fields are,letting your tech guy sell engines hes tech-ing is a problem.
  9. Please re read your post and explain what the heck your saying?
  10. Funny how all you arm chair nothings talk crap about Pauch,but crap like this ,that everyone can see is nothing but crickets.
  11. How is it that a tech inspector at LV can build crate engines and sell them to drivers.Weren't these engines suppose to come from a certified GM dealer and drop directly in the car. Also OCFS tech inspector does the same thing.This is a huge conflict of interest.
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