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  1. TVD wins the sportsman 50 lapper after LJ Lombardo is DQ'ed in tech. VanDoren Claims 2nd Eastern States Win After Lombardo Disqualified (dirttrackdigest.com)
  2. Williamson drove into the wall between 3 and 4 and rolled it on its roof. Not sure why. They speculate stuck throttle or steering issues. But later said he had the wheels turned. He got right out and walked away.
  3. Sheppard can't blame it on a pot hole in 4. Looks pretty good so far. They are about to run a 24 lap race of champions. 16 cars will see how bad the dust is soon.
  4. IDK. I am sure Sheppard will say he was inside and Tyler came down. My initial thought is Sheppard drove into and over him. Sheppard was completely off the ground. Ended up 3rd I think on the restart and won the heat.
  5. Sheppard drove into and over Dipple in turn 4. Sheppard was airborne. A few other cars almost got collected. When the smoke cleared Dipple was broke.
  6. Thursday at least part of it was lived streamed on Facebook. Friday is a STSS / FloRacing Stream. Saturday and Sunday are $49 through OCFS own streaming. But I agree they could have at least posted the results.
  7. Pretty sure I saw the results somewhere online today. Maybe their FB? Top 12 from Race Monitor might not be 100% official.
  8. And don't they clear the drive in every night anyway? There is no camping in the drive in right?
  9. I think with Brett running a few shows a year makes him look even more passed his prime. IMO you can't get a car setup right and get into a rhythm that way. It was interesting watching the torch passing. Up until last year my dad and I went to ESW Sundays for a bunch of years. Brett was the man to beat at first. Then he and Friesen seemed to trade it back and forth. One might win the small block race on Saturday and the other on Sunday. Then Friesen was dominate.
  10. Is there a typical split between car owner and driver? Or is every arrangement totally different from any other? I am guessing there is no standard type of deal and that each arrangement is unique? I was always curious what percent a driver gets to keep of these purses.
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