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  1. Anybody know where/if it'd be possible to buy dirt/asphalt photo collections from the '70s, '80s, and/or '90s? Is that even a thing, or are most collections kept as family treasures? I'm just really interested in knowing is all.
  2. You said it best I believe. I normally sit in the background and just read what you guys all type. I'm just a fan, really. But I think given just how wet this year has been (certainly well above average where I live in the northern tier of PA - sometimes getting 2-3" of rain, maybe even more in some storms), no amount of Eric Kingsley could fix this. It just "is what it is."
  3. The most recent issue covers sprint car legend Jac Haudenschild (retiring this year), the Late Model Dream at Eldora, a UMP modified driver from Florida, some Kyle Steffens, some Outlaw Cart action from the Carolinas (the division that some NASCAR stars's kids run in), a tech article on cleaning air filters, and a few other editorials. Some other extras too of course. I imagine northeast modifieds are covered (just not in this particular one) because the guy is from Watertown (just moving to Georgia recently) and does speak of northeast mods if I remember correctly.
  4. Go to your local Tractor Supply and pick up a copy of Dirt Empire Magazine ($8). Similar layout to Speedway Illustrated, though the news is somewhat outdated (newest issue covers the DLM Dream). Really good pictures though! Based out of Watertown, though recently moved its "headquarters" to Georgia. Never heard of it before, and thought maybe some of you haven't either.
  5. I plan on being there for the Saturday portion. Pretty excited! Never been to Fulton.
  6. I don't go to any races without hearing protection now. I paid the ultimate price as a kid at the races who didn't know anything. At 23, I can hear, sure, but my ears ring all the time. SUPER ANNOYING! And no, this is not a boohoo story. I just cringe when I see young kids and infants without PPE for their ears. They may very well end up like me someday!
  7. Oh, good! Passing! It'll make up for the disappointment that was had at the Cavalcade Cup.
  8. LOVE Azteca Mexican Grill! Are there concessions on the backstretch?
  9. My girlfriend and I plan on being in town Thursday the 7th through the finale on the 10th. I even was able to find a hotel room in Oswego today - surprised me figuring they'd all be sold out by now. Just curious whether you prefer the backstretch seating at Oswego to the front stretch? I've been to Oswego before, but I've never seen the backstretch seating used. Oh, and one other thing. Is parking free? As you can tell, all that's left is for me to buy the tickets! Pretty excited otherwise! We know it's not the MOODY MILE, but beyond excited to be a part of this event!
  10. A really good write up in AARN this week regarding this matter. I was not aware that Pauch was also contested at Georgetown following his win last week. Godown's team protested the rear end (thought it was a "lock rear end"). It wasn't illegal. The tech inspector there also protested the engine and wanted to check on the bore size I believe. But wanted to wait until it had cooled down or something before testing it. I guess that'll be done at the shop. Everybody is sounding salty to me! 🙄
  11. I went through all that work to convert to text, and Uncle tom posted the screenshot of the same. If only I would've waited a few minutes. 🥲
  12. From Brodix: As per your request, we inspected 2 pair of SPEC Chevy cylinder heads. On one pair there was a very slight, machined cut above a portion of the seat ring, that lightly touched the chamber on one side. We also noticed that while blending the bottom of the valve job, the cutter had touched the aluminum in a few places just below the base of the seat ring. On the other pair of heads we inspected, the valve job was confined to the seat ring only. Both pair of heads met factory specifications in all other areas. If we can be of any further assistance please don't hesitate to
  13. From Pauch Jr: As most of you were aware we were protested Saturday Night to pull our heads which we gladly did. This motor was a sealed motor by New Egypt's tech inspector. He specifically sealed it himself and no issues were had. When the heads came out they were sent out with no worries. We were notified late last night that there might be an issue. We contacted the individual who we had purchased the heads from and spoke to Brodix. Brodix informed us there was no mechanical advantage and that there was nothing done to the heads. The person who we bought the heads from told us that th
  14. I'm surprised no one has commented on this matter here? What are your thoughts? 🤔
  15. I had a good time for my first trip. Heat races sucked I thought, though there were a few good passes in some. The big race was great though! The food was awesome, really liked the "world famous" baked beans. 😂 Sitting back in the hotel in Binghamton as I type this. I-88 from Cobleskill to Cooperstown is really rough. Good thing my girlfriend wasn't sitting on my lap; otherwise, I probably would've got her pregnant. 🥴 On to Big D tomorrow! Big Diamond that is. 😉
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