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  1. Yeah, the start of the sportsman feature was rough. Five yellows in two laps I think it was.
  2. They have every intention of running it tonight. I was surprised. Glad though.
  3. Modown is being a baby. Nothing wrong with the move Williamson made. Funny how he doesn’t like it when it’s a move he has made on so many other drivers. Ballbag
  4. Howard is finished for the weekend after blowing up last night.
  5. Heat one was stacked, but you could make the case that all five heats were like mini features.
  6. It was great racing tonight at Port Royal. Track was in great shape and a stacked field. I’m looking forward to the 200 lap big payday on Saturday. Deyo is building a helluva product that Dirt should be taking notice of.
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