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  1. It was the opposite. Dirt on Dirt had the full story on the teams plans. The team brought a 2nd car for Brandon to run at Golden Isle while Mark Richard and a team member left with the primary hauler to head to MN. Well before the races even got under way last night at Golden Isle.
  2. Dirt On Dirt reported that Brandon had to catch a private plane between 10:30pm and 11:30pm last night in order to make it to Minnesota for tonight.
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words. There is A LOT of work that goes into this behind the scenes to bring an event like this into your living rooms. We had a few hiccups early but they got straightened out pretty quick. Remember, we are doing this event with an absolute skeleton crew. There are 4 guys there total covering this whole thing for both DTD and DTD Tv so everyone down there is wearing multiple hats during the night. The guys are working their tails off so i'm sure they'll enjoy reading some "thanks" this morning.
  4. It sounds like maybe the HDMI cord could be bad, or is going bad. As stupid as it sounds, i've had similar issues and have either tried a new cord completely and it worked, or just flipped the cord and took the end I was plugging into my TV and plugged it into my computer, then plugged the end I had on my computer into the TV. One thing i've learned is that the HDMI cords have gotten very finicky. Probably because when they came out they were like $50 a piece and now you can buy one off Amazon for $7.99... Cheaper price = Cheaper parts...
  5. What part was causing you some issues? We're happy to try and talk you through getting it set up.
  6. Hey Allan, Sorry, I'm just seeing this now, its been a crazy hectic day. Let me answer your questions: If you can't watch the race live, you can watch it "On Demand" for I believe 30 days. Typically the video on demand is put up the next day. As for a rain out, if you purchased the 3 day pass you'll get a prorated refund for the event that we lost. BUT, we are planning on losing any events to rain.
  7. It was just posted that there is NO CAPACITY RESTRICTION at Cherokee. Stands will be opened, and no one will be turned away! Another monumental step in the right direction!
  8. I think the track conditions probably played into it quite a bit last night. As others have mentioned the place was hammer down all night long so it was extremely difficult to pass. Hell, McCreadie has been on a bit of a hot streak to start the year himself and I think he finished like 6th in his heat. I'm sure B Shepp and the Rocket boys will be just fine, and by August we'll be talking about how dominant he has been.
  9. Open at 50% capacity yes. It's a giant step in the right direction. 😃
  10. We've isolated the issue to the skin that is being used in the forum. If you change the skin via the paint brush option in the top right corner (just to the left of your name) you should no longer have the issue on your iPhone.
  11. Then it should get mighty quiet in here, because the political nonsense is going to end.
  12. I've had to clean up political nonsense out of three different threads tonight. If we are unable to maintain the request to keep political opinions off of this message board then I'll just start handing out 90 day vacations to people. No more warnings. The next posts I have to "Hide" or "Delete" because of political nonsense are also going to carry a 90 day suspension for the person who posted it. And if you get suspended don't even think of complaining for a reduced sentence. We've asked multiple times and have been ignored. At this point i'm two steps away from taking the forum down completely.
  13. I cleaned the political BS out of this thread. I'll say the same thing I said in the Fonda thread, keep it on the topic of Lebanon Valley practice. If I see the political nonsense again people are getting 90 day vacations. No more warnings.
  14. This one got off the rails and I don't have the time to go back and clean it up, nor do I want to. So, here comes the lock...
  15. I pulled all of the political BS out of this post. The next person who posts anything even the least bit political that I see is getting 90 day vacation. No more warnings. We've asked nicely and have been ignored.
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