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  1. Mike also did an interview earlier this year with Mat Williamson.
  2. I believe the only car on bars was the 7 of Laubach. Everyone else was on coils.
  3. Yes And it was the late models turn to help pack the track in on Friday night when it rained. I'm thinking that had A LOT to do with guys deciding not to run. They didn't want to mud up their race cars, and its a shame because my personal opinion is that both races on Friday were the best races of the entire week.
  4. On Friday, the Super DIRTcar Series ran last. On Saturday, the WoO Late Models ran last.
  5. There are absolutely copyright issues involved. It's tough because all of us are here at the track so we can't really monitor the social media all that much throughout the night. One thing we'd ask folks is that if you do see that stuff happening, send us a private message on Facebook. We do have ways to handle it if we know about it, but we don't have someone dedicated to just looking at that while we are down here. Anything you guys could do to help us out on that front would be greatly appreciated because it is a hot button topic among our various partners on DTD Tv.
  6. So here is the promotion I mentioned earlier: All you need to do is go to the DTD Facebook page and find this post. Like, Comment and Share it and you're entered. Over 361 entries so far!
  7. Wanted to make everyone aware that if you start seeing these kinds of links on Facebook and other Social Media outlets that they are in no way shape or form connected with Dirt Track Digest or Dirt Track Digest Tv. I've seen them now a few times in various places. Click on these links at your own risk!!! These kinds of links WILL NOT be broadcasting the Short Track Super Series Sunshine Swing. They were rampant a few weeks ago with the Chili Bowl, and it appears they are now targeting our broadcasts as well (I guess I should be flattered that they have us on par with an event like the Chili Bowl). I will do my best to ensure that the posts on DTD's facebook page a free of these links, but I wouldn't be shocked if they start to target our posts as well, especially during the race times because they know we might not be checking as diligently during those times. I just wanted to let everyone know. We have big plans for these broadcasts. I hope everyone appreciates the hard work we've put into bringing this event into your living room if you can't be there in person.
  8. The Short Track Super Series kicks off its 2020 season tomorrow night (2/6) at the All-Tech raceway and the DTD TV cameras will be there to cover all the action live! As part of a promotion I wanted to let everyone know that we will be offering a FREE weekend pass to anyone who "Likes" ; "Comments" ; and "Shares" a post that will be put on Facebook later this morning (link below). DTD Facebook Page To purchase your video pass, just click here! We are offering both single day, and weekend passes!
  9. No offense taken. Try visiting the front page instead of the forum. A lot of times things that are being covered here in the forum already have articles written about them on the front page. Then you don't have to sift through a bunch of posts.
  10. We're accepting applications for moderators to help control the topics. The hours are long and the pay is terrible. Inquire within...
  11. DIRTvision and DTD Tv cover what I need. My comment was less about what they offer and more about the inconvenience of having two constantly switch providers throughout a single event. If you have a 3 division show you might need three separate accounts to be able to watch them. As for the "low monthly price," that's debatable. The three platforms carrying the major dirt racing brands are Flo Racing, Speed Shift TV and DIRTvision. Flo Racing offers packages starting at $12.50 a month. Speed Shift Tv and DIRTvision are both $40 each per month for access to just about everything they have to offer. So to have access to virtually all the major dirt track racing events, you're looking at a monthly cost of $92.50 before taxes. It's still a bargain if you're going to use the service because you could probably watch racing just about every night of the week all summer long, but I wouldn't exactly call the monthly subscription price "low" when you factor in the cost for all of them.
  12. What a nightmare that becomes for the fan.if that is the case. Now I need multiple subscriptions to to watch a single program.
  13. Yeah I typically watch Dirtvision through the Silk app as well. Same with Dirt on Dirt. I don't think either have separate apps, but I do think that I heard somewhere that DIRTvision was working on one.
  14. If you have an amazon fire stick there is a DTD Tv app available for download in the amazon app store. All you need to do is download it and sign in using your existing DTD TV account information and you'll be good to go. I have not had any issues streaming directly onto my television from it and I used it since we released it late last year.