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  1. Here are Sheppard's 2019 stats: Starts: 67 Wins: 25 (37%) Top 5's: 57 (85%) Top 10's: 62 (92%) He swept every WoO race at the 2019 DIRTcar Nationals, won the Dirt Million, World 100, Dirt Track World Championships and more. I agree he's probably driving the fastest car, but I don't think there are many drivers out there right now that could sit in that seat and put up those kind of numbers.
  2. If that is the case then I can certainly understand Shane's frustration. I wasn't there when technical inspection was taking place, nor would I know what to look for even if I was there.
  3. I just checked the OCFS website and there is no mention at all of ESW being broadcast there. At this point i'd be hesitant to think that they are going to broadcast it, but I have no inside knowledge one way or the other. I just know that in the past, they've heavily promoted their live streaming for ESW last year, and the Centennial race this year. Seems odd that if they were going to have it live streaming this year that its not on their website yet.
  4. How can it be a "pretty lame DQ"? I don't have a dog in this proverbial fight, but if rule book says you can't have the part that Shane had, then you can't have the part that Shane had. Doesn't matter how many times it went through tech before without being caught, it got caught this time (and I can certainly understand Shane's frustration if he had presented his car to DIRTcar for inspection and it passed with the part on it). That being said, if they let him go with it, people would be screaming on this message board at the top of their lungs that DIRTcar was playing favorites and not enforcing their rule book. You can't have it both ways. Either the car is legal, or its not. Unfortunately in the eyes of DIRTcar, Shane's car wasn't legal after his heat race so he was disqualified. The whole 'gray' area of "Well it doesn't really add a competitive advantage, so we'll let it slide" is what gets the sanctioning body into trouble. I feel bad for Shane and his entire team. Clearly they spent a lot of time, money and effort to get their car to Oswego for Super DIRT Week and to see it end like that is not what anyone wants. You hate to see that kind of thing happen, but it does happen on occasion.
  5. DTD Tv will be there for the Hard Clay Finale on Thursday, but at this time that is the only broadcast from the weekend that we have scheduled. The last few big races OCFS has kept the live broadcasts in house. I’d send them a message to see if they are planning on streaming it or not.
  6. So the solution to the Satellite shows is to remove the one show that got the most cars (Utica Rome) and replace it with Brewerton. Wonder how the promoters at Utica would feel about that solution.
  7. Click Here to follow along with our live coverage from "Friday Night Lights" at Super DIRT Week 48!
  8. Unfortunately not. Per a post on the Weedsport Facebook page Mav Tv owns the broadcasting rights to tonight’s event, so we cannot live stream it.
  9. I wouldn't count on the Satellite shows being on Flo Racing. I would expect their coverage to start around the time of Time Trials tomorrow.
  10. Don't think so. We inquired but didn't hear back.
  11. Super DIRT Week officially kicked off this morning with early bird technical inspection at the Oswego Speedway for all divisions, but on track racing action starts tonight, with the Tuesday Night Pre-Game from Utica Rome Speedway! The cars and stars of the DIRTcar 358 Modified Tour will return to the Utica-Rome Speedway for 100 laps of racing action, where the winner will take home a $4,000 top prize! Joining the 358 Modifieds will be the DIRTcar Sportsman tour for a 40 lap main event paying $1,000 to win. Racing action is set to begin at 7pm EST and if you can't be there in person, you can still catch all the on track racing action live on DirtTrackDigest.tv
  12. Based on the Facebook posts i've seen from Ricky Achzet (R3) and Jeff Karabin (JK Motorsports Concepts & Sign Design) those guys are still pretty busy. I actually made a comment to Mike when we were talking the other day that it seems like for the most part, among the top drivers, the shift to Oswego hasn't stopped teams from strapping new bodies and graphics on.
  13. Drivers can typically run both the 358 race at Oswego and the STSS race at Afton without much issue. That being said, I'm not sure if Sheppard is even running the Small Blocks at Oswego. He's already committed to running the STSS race at Afton per his Facebook page.
  14. Utica Rome's DIRTcar 358 Series race will be shown live on DTD TV.