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  1. I wonder how exactly this will be policed at the local level.
  2. That is probably an extremely conservative PPV number subscription number for Late Model crown jewels.
  3. There is absolutely no way that the Super DIRTcar Series Modifieds won't be on DIRTvision. Whoever told you that the modifieds would be on RaceXR is mistaken.
  4. That is more of a question for TvRacer2. I don't get into the technical side of the video.
  5. It could be that it was trying to stream in 1080p. Try turning down the resolution and see if that helps.
  6. We'll be there weekly in 2021 starting this weekend.
  7. I think there might only be a few conflicts: Sunday, May 30th - Heroes Remembered 100 (SDS) vs Clash At The Can (STSS North) Saturday, September 18th - Gerald Haers Memorial 100 (SDS) vs. Fonda 200 (STSS North) Saturday, October 9th - Super Dirt Week 358 vs. Short Track SuperNationals (STSS North) - This really isn't a conflict though as drivers who want to do both have been able to do both in recent years without much issue. I think the big thing to remember with the STSS is they drop your lowest point race, so they're giving you a mulligan. That being said, if you
  8. The entire reason the schedule was misaligned this year was due to the Super Bowl being in Tampa. Because the Super Bowl was scheduled in Tampa for 2021 on the same weekend that East Bay typically runs their Winter Nationals, both Lucas Oil and East Bay were probably concerned with fans being able to get reasonable hotel rooms and rental cars so they shifted the dates up a week to avoid that problem. So Lucas Oil shifted the schedule around but still didn't want to miss out on having a race that weekend, so they agreed to rent out All-Tech for the weekend that the Short Track Super
  9. It's a razor thin line. Cost him $20,000 at Fonda during their 200 weekend a few years ago when he ran 2nd. What gets me is the social media mob out to crucify the guy for being a "cheater" because he was a couple of pounds light. Matt Sheppard doesn't show up to a speedway with the thought that he's going to cheat his weight and run light. It's the one thing they tech 100% of the time and when Matt shows up at the track, he fully expects to be leaving with the trophy, so he knows he's going over the scales.
  10. That's right, we're back, live from the Big Diamond Speedway every Friday night this season, starting with this Friday's $4,000 to win season opener! With drivers like defending champion Mike Gular, Billy Pauch Jr, Rick Laubach, Ryan Krachun, Jeff Strunk, Craig Von Dohren and newcomer Danny Bouc (in the Norm Hansell 357) all planning to call Big Diamond home on Friday nights you can bet these races will be tough to win. Just click on the promo image to purchase your pass to this event!
  11. I'm not sure that it's "bigger" but it does have a degree or two more banking in it than the Valley does. When the WoO LM's did some testing there a few weeks ago, I think they clocked both Ricky Weiss and Brandon Sheppard in the 15.2 range. Which is flat flying around a 1/2 mile. Quick time on Saturday of the DIRTcar nationals in the WoO Late Models was 16.1 seconds... So Bristol is nearly a full second faster than the track claiming to be "The Worlds Fastest 1/2 Mile" lol
  12. I don't disagree. BUT, what this week has proven is that if you make a mistake, you are going to pay for it in a big way. If the 604 and 602 crate late models are tumbling down the straightaways pretty much any time they get sideways the Supers are going to do the same thing and I wouldn't be shocked if the carnage they've seen so far has some of them second guessing the whole thing.
  13. Per the rules you must either have proof of a negative covid test or proof of vaccination in order to be allowed into any venue. I don't see too many race fans running out and spending $150+ on a rapid covid test so that they can go sit in the stands on Friday or Saturday night every week. But hey, at least they cracked the door open a bit on fans returning.
  14. Weekly racing at Big Diamond, Albany Saratoga and Utica Rome is also scheduled for DTD Tv with the potential for a few more tracks.
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