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  1. Per his Facebook, Bobby Hackel is planning on being there with a Big Block.
  2. Nothing changed. Our ad focuses only on the Short Track Super Series portion of the overall event, but i've updated the post to include the URC sprints well. I wouldn't put too much stock into "Crate Modifieds" vs. "Crate Sportsman" as the track may call them one thing, while the STSS calls them something else.
  3. If you can't be there in person, you can join us on DirtTrackDigest.tv to watch all the action from New Egypt Speedway tonight. Modifieds, Sportsman and URC Sprints are on the racing card. Hot laps start at 6pm, with racing scheduled for 7pm EST.
  4. Article is posted on the front page.
  5. No. It was the Behrent owned 3 car, though Mat did say that many of the guys from the Buzz Chew team were helping out.
  6. Agree, but why spend $1,500 to put your motor back together when 2nd pays $800 (again, I have no idea how much it costs to put your motor back together vs. what Malta pays. I simply chose those numbers for dramatic effect)
  7. Anyone else who purchased the live feed have issues last night? I heard they got everything the buffering issues resolved but can’t confirm. I'm considering buying tonight’s broadcast.
  8. This is purely a guess on my part... But my guess is that the cost to put the motor back together after being torn down was going to be more than Rocky earned for finishing second in last nights race. IF that is the case (I honestly don't know what they pay for 2nd at Malta vs. what it costs to put your motor back together) it would make financial sense to refuse the tear down and take the penalty that goes along with it.
  9. Don't know, but he's not listed as DQ'd in the results from Malta. I'd think that if you refuse tech it would result in a disqualification from the night's event.
  10. There is just something about Orange County that makes it difficult to push live video out of there. We struggled earlier this year at the “Hard Clay Open” and I know ESW last year was tough for them. I hope they can get it figured out for the benefit of everyone who purchased it.
  11. Sometimes the track needs to slow down to produce better racing.
  12. Friday and Saturday are available via the OCFS website. Friday: $30.00 Saturday: $50.00 Weekend: $69.99
  13. Audio only will be available on DIRTvision.
  14. Or you could following along with DTD on Twitter via @DTDMike and our Front Page, which for the next 3 days will be dedicated to all things Centennial Weekend at Orange County!