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  1. Heffner travels some. When Greg was in the car they were always at the DIRTcar Nationals in February, Knoxville Nationals and World Finals. I believe they skipped the Kings Royal because the PA tracks wouldn't take the night off and Greg was always in the hunt for the championship at both Williams Grove and Port Royal.
  2. At last check there wasn't enough internet there to be able to send a broadcast out.
  3. Fonda, NY – On Wednesday, Aug. 5, the “Track of Champions” Fonda Speedway will host the “7-Come-11” special event featuring the Modifieds, Crate 602 Sportsman and Pro Stocks. Moody Mile Motorsports – through Moody Tree Farm and Niederbuhl Bros. LLC – and Dirt Track Digest present this midweek event streamed LIVE exclusively only on DTD Tv! The Modifieds will race 30 laps for a minimum of $3,000 to win. Drivers pre-registering for the event will receive an additional $711 in their pay envelope for a total of $3,711. Pre-Registered drivers include: Stewart Friesen, Mat Williamson, Danny Johnson, Rocky Warner, Bobby and Danny Varin, Matt DeLorenzo, Danny Johnson, Andy Bachetti and more! To purchase your live video pass to this event for $21.99, just click here.
  4. Four different broadcasts are scheduled for tonight on DTD Tv with racing action scheduled at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway, Big Diamond Speedway, Can-Am Speedway and Outlaw Speedway. Racing action will get underway first at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway and Can-Am Speedway at 7pm EST, with the action at Big Diamond and Outlaw Speedway scheduled to get underway at 7:45pm EST. Head to www.dirttrackdigest.tv to purchase your pass to any one of these events.
  5. I don't know... It was close to 45 minutes between the checkered flag of the Speedster feature and the start of the modified feature, with little to no track prep going on. I don't think the feature finished until around 11pm EST.
  6. That's pretty much the jist. Tracks say they can do it safely. The State of New York disagrees.
  7. One of the things that the lawsuit alleges is that the fact that there are no restrictions on outdoor gatherings but restrictions on race tracks is unfair under the law. Excerpt from the article: If they're able to win on that particular argument, then I'd think the Executive Oder specific to race track operation goes out the window. But that is a big "if."
  8. He had a 400 on based on the pictures I've seen. He actually had a lot more tread on his RR than a lot of other guys did who ran the whole 100 laps without a flat.
  9. Wouldn't be shocked at all. Every couple weeks the can just gets kicked a little further down the road. Must be they feel like extending in small increments is an easier pill to swallow for the masses than telling them to bag any kind of social gathering until after Thanksgiving (at the earliest). All you need to do is go back to when this all started... They've consistently extended the deadline by 3 or 4 weeks at a time. I think the first published date was sometime in early June, and it's been 'extended' from there.
  10. Tonight the DTD Tv crew is heading to the Five Mile Point Speedway where they will honor the late Mike Colsten with a 51 lap, $2,151 to win Modified feature. Tonight’s broadcast will mark the first time that DTD Tv has broadcast from the Five Mile Point Speedway. The original start time was 7:15pm EST but the track has announced that they are hoping to get racing at 7pm EST. To purchase your video pass to this event, click here.
  11. A manufacturer switch will typically always cause some growing pains. Now factor in that there is no practice, no chance to make your truck better when you get to the track. When you unload you've basically got what you've got. The team has no notebook and with all the restrictions you're basically on your own. It's literally a worst case scenario playing out for Stew and the Halmar team on the truck side.
  12. We've got action from two tracks scheduled for tonight on DTD Tv as we'll be at both the Lebanon Valley Speedway and Thunder Mountain Speedway. Each broadcast is available for purchase at $19.99 Lebanon Valley will get underway at 6pm. To purchase your video pass, click here. Thunder Mountain will get underway at 7:45pm. To purchase your video pass, click here.
  13. I would think that Northeast Modified racing (under normal circumstances) is still a very profitable business for them. Not as much as the Sprints or Late Models, but I'm sure the northeast still brings in enough revenue for DIRTcar to keep themselves in the game.
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