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  1. Thank you Paul for clarifying the pricing situation.
  2. You'd probably be shocked by how much water the tracks actually are putting down on these tracks. There are a ton of factors that go into prepping the racing surface. Water is just one component. I don't care how much water you put on the track, if its 80 degrees with no humidity with sun and a moderate breeze, you're going to have a slick surface, unless you start racing after the sun goes down. But do that and you enter the realm of running past 10pm, which seems to be the line in the sand for most fans. I feel like part of the reason you get the surfaces you do in the midwest and south is the humidity in the air. That has got to help keep moisture in the racing surface, and in upstate New York, humidity is rarely a factor. Ask folks who have been to Knoxville for the Nationals. The humidity out there is on par with Florida. You can't tell me that doesn't help the racing surface.
  3. That’s bologna right there. To the naked eye walking in the pit area sure, there is no visible difference between a big block modified and a 602 sportsman. Put them on the track though and you can instantly tell the difference. The sound of the engine alone would be enough to set them apart, let alone the speed differential.
  4. $4,100 in cash and prizes for 10 laps, plus another $700 added to the purse for the evening. Thank you to EVERYONE who donated to this event. Bill would be proud!
  5. It's RACEDAY! Tonight (Tuesday, June 4th) the Short Track Super Series will return to action in their annual 'Civil War' where the North and South Regions will compete together at the Big Diamond Speedway. Racing action is set to begin at 7pm EST. If you are unable to make it to the track tonight, you can head on over to www.DirtTrackDigest.tv to purchase your video pass!
  6. I'm not a driver, but I'll be there... all the way from Florida!
  7. The great debate continues. Most drivers and owners prefer a dry/slick race track as it's much easier on equipment and typical produces good side by side racing. Most fans prefer a heavy, tacky surface that allows drivers to put their foot to the floor and showcase the power of their machines. This is why being a promoter is a no-win situation... Folks in this thread are saying how Brett shouldn't change a thing, yet my guess is that most drivers are telling him the complete opposite...
  8. That video was posted on March 29th... But I agree with Bob, Jeremie will work his magic at OCFS and have that track in a much better state than it’s been, but it won’t happen overnight.
  9. It's going to be a busy night on DTD TV as we have two broadcasts scheduled. The Short Track Super Series North Region will head to the Thunder Mountain Speedway for "Lightning On The Mountain" where the Modifieds will race 50 laps for $5,000 along with the Short Track Super Series Sportsman cars running 20 laps for $1,500 to win! In addition to the Short Track Super Series, the Utica Rome Speedway will look to finally get their regular season underway after Mother Nature has resulted in the cancellation of the five previously scheduled events. The Empire Super Sprints will join a packed racing card including DIRTcar 358 Modifieds, Sportsman and Pro-Stocks tonight at Utica Rome for their annual Memorial Day Spectacular! We'd prefer you attend one of these tracks in person, but if you can't, you can head on over to www.dirttrackdigest.tv to purchase your video pass to either, or both of these great events!
  10. FondaFan16


    Unfortunately not on DTD TV. We do not own the broadcasting rights for the Super DIRTcar Series.
  11. I think nowadays the two big builders in Late Models are Pro-Power and Cornett
  12. I'd bet Matt has won races in at least 2 cars with two different engine combinations. He said in victory lane on Friday night that his car had a Pro-Power motor in it. I believe he's run that engine on the Short Track Super Series as well. I think his big-blocks that he runs on the DIRTcar circuit are still C.C. Performance motors.
  13. FondaFan16


    Never said there was anything wrong with staying home and winning, and I'm aware that he's been out on the road and won, but the thread was regarding is recent results, and the fact that he's 5 for 7 this year. He's racking up wins left and right at 3 tracks, but when he's traveled (recently) the results don't nearly match the success that he's had in Central PA. Never said the team HAD to travel anywhere. That team has carved out a very good living hitting home runs at Port Royal, Williams Grove and Lincoln. There certainly isn't anything wrong with that at all.
  14. Same schedule... We're happy to partner with our friends at Club Wago on the Super Schedule!