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  1. There was a discussion in the DTD Tv chat regarding the confirmed drivers, so I figured I'd break it out into it's own thread so people can easily search. Here are the list of confirmed drivers by the STSS as of this morning: Modifieds: Mike Mahaney Nick Petrilak Max McLaughlin Peter Britten Scott Ferrier Mike Gular Kyle Weiss Kenny Hammond Tyler Dippel Danny Creeden Matt Sheppard Danny Hieber Andy Bachetti JR Hurlburt Billy Pauch Jr Rob Pitcher Tim Buckwalter Rusty Smith Chris Ostrowsky Jeremy Smith HJ Bunting Billy Decker Ron Cartwri
  2. Those comparisons have been made from day 1, and although i've spent countless hours drafting well thought out responses to those comparisons continue to happen. It is what it is, I've had to learn to not let the negative comments bother me as much as they used to because no matter what I say, unless we say we're basically going to give our product away for $12.95 a month there will be people who way we're way too expensive... Or that we're "gouging" people by charging the admission gate price to an event for the right to watch it at home...
  3. Our pricing remains in line with the admission price of the event. Whether or not our price is "Very High" as you say is a matter of opinion. As for explaining myself, just because an event is successful, doesn't mean a change needs to be made. Thank you,
  4. The STSS has been posting CONFIRMED drivers to their Social Media sites the last few weeks, but I realize not everyone has access to those, so here is the list that the STSS has confirmed so far: Modified: Rob Pitcher Tim Buckwalter Rusty Smith Chris Ostrowsky Jeremy Smith HJ Bunting Billy Decker Ron Cartwright Jr David Schilling Jacob Dgien Joseph Watson Cale Ross Brandon Hightower Eric Rudolph Stewart Friesen Michael Maresca James Hill Brett Haas Crate Sportsman: Scott Hitchens Maverick Eldridge Kyle Smith Josh Allen Michael Duboi
  5. Ducharme made $200 on Wednesday night in the DTD league alone. There is some serious money out there in Sim racing. I think we pay out close to $300 a race (thanks to our sponsors), plus a point fund that pays the top 10 at the end of the season.
  6. It would be cool, but I don't think it could ever happen given the scanning technology they use to get the tracks into the sim. Unfortunately there is nothing left to scan for those tracks.
  7. The event details for the Short Track Super Series are now available on DTD Tv. We are offering both single day, and week long packages for this event. Just click on the image below to be brought to the DTD Tv page:
  8. I've seen some fantastic races at Glen Ridge. Sounds a little like some folks just have some sour grapes about the place for whatever reason.
  9. According to the Lucas Oil site, his winnings were $296,200. He also won these races: DIRTcar Nationals UMP - $7,000 Dirt Late Model Stream - $50,000 Clash at the Mag - $12,000 WoO Last Call - $12,000 I'd say T Mac did pretty well for himself. I like Stew, but to think that he'd have a better year than McCreadie in a Late Model is insane, especially right of the bat.
  10. I could be wrong, but I think with the welcomed addition of Parker, the risk/reward of getting into a Sprint Car just wasn't worth it for the Friesen's anymore.
  11. Given that DIRTcar/DIRTvision owns the broadcasting rights i'm not sure Ohsweken will be allowed to stream it for free like they do all their other events, but time will tell. I know they did it the last time, but that was a few years ago. Times have changed and streaming rights are of serious importance for both tracks and sanctioning bodies.
  12. DIRTcar has released the 2021 Super DIRTcar Series schedule. See the schedule here: https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/super-dirtcar-series/2020/12/29/historic-2021-schedule-takes-super-dirtcar-series-big-block-modifieds-to-new-heights/
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