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  1. Really, more paying customers equals more money? Let's do the math... 100 subscriptions at $9.99 = $999.00 in Gross Revenue 40 subscriptions at $24.99 = $999.60 in Gross Revenue Sure when the price is equal, more customers equals more money, but the math tells me that if I charge $9.99 for a show I need to sell 60% more subscriptions than if I sold that same show for $24.99 just to break even on the revenue side. But yeah, you know my business better than I do...
  2. The number of subscribers for that show was excellent. I don't recall mentioning anything about the profits from that show being excellent. I'm not going to get into the math of it, i've done it about 10 times on here already, but selling a show for $9.99 is not profitable. And if I recall, that was the show at Utica Rome, where the Sportsman were the headline division, no fans were allowed in the stands and it was the very first race in upstate NY after all the covid stuff started. Not exactly an apples to apples comparison.
  3. The weather theory absolutely works. You cannot tell me that there is no difference between the front gate attendance on a show where the weather is beautiful versus the a show where the weather is sketchy. This whole idea of "race fans will go if they can" is a myth. They won't go. Everyone has a weather app these days and if the rain chances are greater than 60% people stay home. Why do you think so many tracks cancel when the forecast calls for rain these days? That never used to happen.
  4. I agree. But when I watch some broadcasts and look at the grandstands, I've got to wonder if we're in the minority. Especially with money being tight for a lot of folks.
  5. So what happens when the weather is sketchy and I've got a $30 ticket show on my schedule? You're 2 hours away from the track and pay $29.99 a month for a subscription for DTD Tv. Are you getting in the car and driving to the track to support the show? No... You're not... You're going to watch from home... I get that I (DTD Tv) might get more customers (there is no proof that this statement is accurate by the way) but how does that service the track? Now, the track ends up running the show because the weather holds out. The grandstand attendance is atrocious because everyone staye
  6. Call it a "convenience tax." The honest answer is that with any show you see on DTD Tv, we are always above and beyond the gate price. We've done this on every single show we've ever done to protect the track. I also have overhead to put the show on (a producer, 2 camera men, bandwidth, etc...). It will always be cheaper to go sit in the stands than it will be to watch it on DTD Tv. If DTD Tv is the same price as the front gate, what is the incentive for the fan to go to the track when they can stay home and watch? Especially if that fan has to travel anything over an hour.
  7. It's $40 to watch it in person. Why should it be any cheaper to watch it online (and "Because Flo Racing is $150 for the year" is not a valid answer)?
  8. There's a pretty good story on the front page about this topic. Ya'll should maybe head there and check it out.
  9. So far, I know Billy Pauch Jr, Bobby Varin and Michael Maresca will be at Grandview.
  10. What was supposed to be an "off" day for us at DTD Tv turned into a massive Tripleheader with racing action scheduled from Big Diamond, Thunder Mountain and Utica Rome! Click on the image to head to the DirtTrackDigest.Tv page to purchase your live video pass to any of these events Please note the race times are a little earlier than what was originally scheduled.
  11. I think they do actually use the WoO Sprint rulebook on the SDS for those kinds of procedural things. Though it's much more rare that you see a guy get put back for jumping in the Modifieds.
  12. That would make sense considering we (DTD Tv) are producing the shows at Fonda and the STSS...
  13. 12 shows scheduled in just 3 days... This will be a new record for the DTD Tv team!
  14. That's why you won't see a split broadcast on DTD Tv. For us, we stream every division, or we don't stream at all.
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