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  1. Are we really complaining about having a "Hot Pit" during a 200 lap race? You realize that there is a "Hot Pit" available during all races, at pretty much all tracks right? You can pit anytime you want at Fonda, as long as you use the designated area you can come back into the race. People just don't use it because the race is only 30 laps and unless your name is Stewart Friesen you're unlikely to get yourself back to the front... But it IS available to use...
  2. Not making any excuses because I did think the crowd support would be a little bit better, but one thing to keep in mind is that Fonda seats approximately 5,000 people. Port Royal's capacity is 8,000. So a jam packed, standing room only crowd at Fonda would still leave about 3,000 empty seats at Port Royal...
  3. Any announcing team would struggle to fill the amount of time that those two guys just had to fill. That was a LONG delay.
  4. Ha! I think Dippel has been 14 for the past 7-10 years... lol
  5. Yes, 6 out of each of the Consi's Wouldn't shock me if he ended up taking at least a couple of laps in the B-Main just to shake things down again after the earlier warm up session.
  6. PORT ROYAL, PA – Tonight on DTD Tv we will feature the conclusion of the Speed Showcase Weekend with the 200 lap $53,000 to win finale. Tonight will also feature the Speed Showcase 50 for the Short Track Super Series Sportsman cars. Action gets underway tonight at 6pm EST. To purchase your live video pass, just click on the picture above.
  7. Not me Bob, that was Baumes... But in his defense i've never heard a hot dog be called a tube steak either.
  8. Won't be REGGIE... They have a big race at Chatham this weekend! Reggie will be back on DTD Tv in a few weeks for the "Cajun Swing"
  9. Not shocking considering it's not a Super DIRTcar Series sanctioned event.
  10. The pressure will be on the Short Track Super Series Modified and Crate 602 Sportsman racers with Bob Hilbert Sportswear Qualifying Night tonight for the Speed Showcase 200 and Speed Showcase 50. The Short Track Super Series Modifieds will take part in 20 laps, $750 to win qualifiers, while the Crate 602 Sportsman will race 15 laps in their Hilbert Sportswear Qualifying Night for the Speed Showcase 200. To purchase your pass for tonight's event, just click on the image above.
  11. I don't think Pauch Jr ever came off bars to be honest. He was one of the few cars on bars at All-Tech back in February as well.
  12. The Speed Showcase 200 gets weekend underway with the ‘Speed Showcase 40’ for the STSS Modified Velocita-USA South Region presented by Design for Vision and Sunglass Central. The big-block/small-block STSS Modifieds race 40 laps for $5,000 to win, $1,000 for 10th and $400 to take the green flag and you can watch the event live on DTD Tv! The top 4 from tonight will lock themselves into starting no worse than 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th for Saturday's 200 lap finale. Tonight's broadcast can be purchased for $24.99 on a single day pass, or you can purchase a weekend pass for $74.99 ($10 discount) via the link below: Watch Speed Showcase 40 Here
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