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  1. I believe Jeremie Corcoran is down there helping with the track.
  2. I believe that was Ryan Darcy who went after someone. All I saw was feet hanging out of the side of Henry's car.
  3. Dave Rauscher was added because Olden Dwyer had to go home and Billy Dunn received the past champions provisional.
  4. Mike doesn't work for WRG, he works for DTD, so there is no company line to tow.
  5. The extra 24 hours would not have made a bit of difference. The track crew got dealt a crap hand. All you have to do is watch the Sunday pre-race show that we did on or Facebook page, you can see the pressure that Jeremie put on himself to make that track as good as he could for the racers and fans. That man put in close to 80 hours in less than 7 days on that race track trying to get it as best he could. Unfortunately short of cutting it up and sending jet dryers out there to dry the clay there wasn't anything that was going to dry that clay out in the amount of time that he had
  6. I'll tell you this, the first time I went I said I'd be back, and I haven't missed one since...
  7. For him that makes the most sense financially. He skipped Thunder Mountain so isn't eligible for the 75 points for perfect attendance. Without those points he's pretty much out of the North Region discussion.
  8. Drivers know their worth. This happens all the way down to the local level as well. Can Kyle and Paul afford the pit passes for the weekend, absolutely. But the track is also benefiting in a major way by him announcing he's going to be there. I'm sure there are people who weren't planning on going three days ago who are planning on going now because Larson is going to be there. I know some NASCAR drivers that used to charge tracks thousands for the ability to promote the fact they were going to be there... Larson and Silva are looking for a couple hundred dollars worth of pit p
  9. Fulton will have all the New York "Names" while New Egypt will have all the PA / NJ "Names" (minus Billy Pauch Jr and Ryan Watt who are going to Delaware). Both should be great shows.
  10. I think the only one of those 3 with a DIRT legal 358 is Mahaney. I wouldn't be shocked to see all 3 at Afton though. Sheppard for sure as he used his drop race to skip the Fonda 200. If he skips another one that'll kill any shot of him winning the STSS North Region points.
  11. Yes. The solution is all parties involved sit down in a room and work it out to where Fonda has it's weekend and Land of Legends gets its Gerald Haers Memorial with no conflicts. In my opinion both races deserve full support of fans and drivers. Unfortunately I'd put the percentage of that happening somewhere between 0 and hell freezing over...
  12. That theory works great right up until you need the Sunday rain date for the Fonda 200.
  13. I don't know that either of those two ran the Valley regularly. Great question though... I'm going with "The Cyclone" Maynard Forrette and "RJ" Ronnie Johnson
  14. Yes, with the DTD Tv model the tracks do get a percentage of the profits from events on DTD Tv. If you'd like to inquire more, maybe pose your question again without the "300lb keyboard jockeys" comment and I might be inclined to continue the conversation. If not that's okay the conversation can end here but keep the insults to yourself. I will not allow myself, or the staff of DTD / DTD Tv to be insulted on my website.
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