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  1. There was a rumor in AARN this week that he was moving to Bicknell. It also stated that Eric Mack is no longer his CC.
  2. 3 wins at the Valley this year and leading points. Seems like a good year to me.
  3. AARN says Hearn will get $9200 + $800 from Howie at the banquet
  4. In 1998 Mr dirt payed 17.5 to win, 5k for 2nd, 1k for 10th and 250 to start with 38 cars starting. 51 cars attempted to qualify. http://web.archive.org/web/19990501070840/http://www.dirtmotorsports.com:80/98/98SkoalBanditRacing/SkoalModRace14.html#Top of Page
  5. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nascar/2018/04/14/mother-killed-driver-kevin-ward-family-forced-into-settlement-tony-stewart/517706002/
  6. Typically the valley runs another feature in between the 358s and big blocks
  7. According to AARN Larry will be racing within100 mile radius of his home. Brewerton Friday nights, part time Fulton, some Sprint cars,about 50 races. He has started his own hauling company and needs to spend time with that and his family. Also said that pat ward won't be following the series
  8. Just read on Ronnie Johnson Facebook page that he will be running Lebanon Valley Saturday nights and Malta on Fridays
  9. Page 10, the new York modified article by the Davies
  10. Just read in AARN that the Buzz chew team is switching manufactures and that Tim Fuller is no longer associated with Graham racing and is now teamed up with Merasca team.
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