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  1. Sorry, just saw this. Hot laps @ 5:00East Mon-Fri. You can find LU’s/Results in the CB FB Page, Twitter account or via My RacePass App.
  2. Expected teams/drivers or teams/drivers who were there in 2019 still missing from the Entry List: Travis Rilat Luke Icke Geoff Ensign Mike Sala Racing Bobby Martin Motorsports Frank Flud Korey Weyant Davey Ray/RayPro Tyler Seavey Joey Moughan Stephenson Motorsports Andy Malpocker Seth Bergman Billy Wease Bennett Racing Jimmy Light Tim Crawley Chet Gherke VanderWeerd Racing Dennis Gile Stevie Sussex Brent Beauchamp Broc Hunnell Nick Knepper Terry Babb Critter Malone Dex Eaton Billy Lawhead Taylor Forbes David Budres Danny Smith (IL) Cole Macedo *Deleted Ray Allen Kulhanek & Wayne Simmons Racing, Kulhanek is in Simmons F5 and has been added to the official Entry List. Also Karter Sarff is in a second AJ Felker Midget.