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  1. Added Karsyn Elledge in the final Dave Mac Motorsports 08 seat.
  2. Press release for Paul Nienhiser. He’ll be in a Jim Neuman car as a teammate to Tim McCreadie, Jake Neuman & WoO Sprint Car Series Director Mike Hess. https://speedsport.com/sprints-midgets/other-midgets/nienhiser-lands-chili-bowl-ride-with-neuman/
  3. I saw Fleas tweet pic. I’m taking that as a joke. Will see if it’s true.
  4. Comparison: 12/9/19 Entry List is at 179 12/10/18 Entry List was at 182 12/10/17 Entry List was at 184 12/12/16 Entry List was at 266 (Record Year)
  5. #ChiliBowl2020 So Far: 179 Entries (13 TBA) from 139 Municipalities, 32 States, and 4 Countries (USA, Aust, Mex, and NZ) with 43 A-Feature starters and 34 Rookies. Entries added on 12/09/2019: 0G-Gunner Ramey (Sedalia, MO) P1-Paul White (Waco, TX) 1Z-Chris Roseland (Carter Lake, IA) 2G-J.J. Yeley (Phoenix, AZ) 2R-Matt Rossi (Glendale, AZ) 3B-Jessie Barber (Napa, CA) 3F-TBA 4A-Justin Grant (Ione, CA) 4D-Robert Dalby (Anaheim, CA) 4S-TBA 7RS-Christopher Larson (Leander, TX) 14S-TBA 15D-Andrew Deal (Caney, KS) 17E-Blake Edwards (Coweta, OK) 17R-Alex Schutte (Rohnert Park, CA) 17X-Kurt Stellhorn (Ellis Grove, IL) 27D-Travis Berryhill (Brownsburg, IN) 37M-Matt Mitchell (Costa Mesa, CA) 39-Logan Seavey (Sutter, CA) 44-Ryan Leavitt (Knoxville, IA) 44X-Wesley Smith (Nixa, MO) 45X-TBA 47M-Frankie Guerrini (San Rafael, CA) 56A-Riley Kreisel (Warsaw, MO) 74M-Adam Pierson (East Corinth, VT) 74S-Slater Helt (Pleasant Hill, MO) 75M-Corey Ballard (Orange, CA) 76E-Brady Bacon (Broken Arrow, OK) 76G-David Gravel (Watertown, CT) 76M-Jason McDougal (Broken Arrow, OK) 77W-Joe Wirth (Fults, IL) 98B-Joe Boyles (Greenwood, MO) Check the list at https://www.chilibowl.com/entries/manual.aspx
  6. Added pics of the car that Taylor Courtney is building.
  7. Added 85/Matt Moore with a pic. Here’s the press release for Scott Kreutter.
  8. I'm going to take a shot at the KKM CB LU. We already know the first 3 are in, educated guessing the rest. 2020 KKM CB LU? 1. Rico Abreu 2. Tucker Klaasmeyer 3. Cannon McIntosh 4. Jesse Colwell 5. Buddy Kofoid 6. Holley Hollan 7. Tanner Carrick 8. Blake Carrick? (Drives for KKM occasionally) 9. Daison Pursley? (Not sure of his age, must be 16 to run the CB) 10. Erik Jones (long shot here, but he did test a KKM car in Indy a few months ago) 11. Jesse Love (not sure of his age either) 12. Could he throw in a big name into the relatively young mix he has? Smoke? Yeley?
  9. Dave Mac Motorsports will bring 4 cars to the 2020 Chili Bowl Midget Nationals. http://www.midgetmadness.com/dave-mac-motorsports-to-field-four-car-team-for-chili-bowl/
  10. Added Tucker Klaasmeyer in the KKM 27 https://twitter.com/TKlaasmeyer/status/1204103830536884224?s=20
  11. Added Logan Seavey in the KSwin 39. https://twitter.com/SwindellSpdLab/status/1204089779983388672?s=20
  12. Added /Paul Nienhiser/ with a pic, also added four 08//Dave McIntosh cars for Jace McIntosh, Joe B. Miller, Michael Faccinto & a TBD.