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  1. 1. Stewart Friesen 2. Matt Sheppard 3. Danny Johnson 4. Erick Rudolph 5. Anthony Perrego 6. Ryan Godown 7. Mat Williamson 8. Billy Decker 9. Alan Johnson 10. Mike Gular DH - Ryan Watt
  2. I would suppose race fuel. Of course there’s racing gasoline, but there’s other types of racing fuels.
  3. Race cars have engines, your hairdryer has a motor.
  4. I’ve seen way too many fantastic races in my 49 years of attending them. One that always sticks out for me was my first Chili Bowl in 2004. JJ Yeley had just come off his record breaking USAC Triple Crown season. He had a poor Qualifying Night which put him in the F Main on Saturday. He came from the F Main and made it to the A. Started the A in the back & got to 3rd at the Checkers. Had an incredible slidefest with Smoke along the way. He passed a total of 69 cars that night. It was amazing to watch. Made me forever love that event.
  5. My guess is he didn’t have a ride. He got a deal to run Matt Estep’s EnviroFab 7x Midget during the POWRi Illinois Midget Week. Race 1 of 6 was supposed to be tonight @ Belle-Clair, but is already RO’d.
  6. I plan to be at Weedsport.
  7. I can only go by what I was told from someone within the Danny Johnson camp on that day. Perhaps their phrase, “it’s a new car”, was a simple imply to being new to Danny. I have no idea what’s correct, I only know what was spoken to me.
  8. If anyone wants to know what a track surface should react like, go watch the first 4 nights of IMW on FloRacing from this week.
  9. Danny was in a brand new Graham owned car at Can Am. It hadn’t been wrapped yet.
  10. I’m sorry to disappoint you, cannibalism really isn’t my thing. Especially to oneself.
  11. That makes 2 of us. I couldn’t care less for yourself either.
  12. Which nine cars would you prefer? I’m partial to the orange 12a, so that should be first.
  13. So you are basing your opinions on how things were 20 years ago? Do you use this model with everything in your life? If you answer yes, you are severely outdated.