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  1. Anyone can win in a JGR XFinity car & a KBM truck. The talent shows up when they win without the best vehicle on the track. Those 2 particular teams in their respective series are far superior than the others. Put them in mid-pack rides, they’re back markers. They’ve already proven that.
  2. Duhhhh........ If you think it’s because of money, you don’t have any idea of what’s going on with that event. 75% of the entries for the CB are high dollar cars. There isn’t much garbage in that building. The talent always rises to the front. Those 2 in particular, are simply put, special talents.
  3. Because I don’t give a crap. Today’s racing world, especially NASCAR, is more about who has the most money to buy a ride. Majority of the kids in the major team rides don’t have any former credentials that got them to that point. This is why nobody relates to these kids, we didn’t watch them come up through the ranks, they just appear there with a suitcase full of cash.
  4. Suarez benefited from the ridiculous chase format, he’s really not that great. Tifft, who???? Brandon Jones wrecks every other week. Grag Son drives like a retard. Burton & Eckes, who???
  5. If Bubble was their best option available based solely on talent, then the talent pool is is waaaaaay worse than I thought. He’s in that ride because of who he is, not because he is far more talented in a race car than others out there.
  6. Suarez winning the XFinity Championship in a JGR XFinity car really isn’t that difficult, shit, I could win in one of those cars. And Bubble winning in a KBM Truck, refer to my last sentence. Rides like those amongst the other teams in those series, those drivers better win!
  7. If you have a pit pass, yes you can walk around the pit area. This year was much better, but normally on Saturday, I stay away from the pits because it’s a mob scene. You can’t move!
  8. We questioned the 25% all week. I do know that there were several people who only had pit passes, just as there are every year I've ever been there, getting into the stands. This has been an issue since I've been attending (2004). One issue with the tv broadcast is that they don't show the fans at home what is actually going on during the downtime/break between the B's & A. Is it too long? Absolutely! Has it been this way since I've been going? Yes! During the break, they do award presentations at the stage in the infield, they do driver intro's (obviously this can't be done prior to
  9. Made it home yesterday afternoon, had another fantastic CB Nats. Was a little different of course, due to the restrictions, but overall a great week of racing. We did get spoiled with the ample room around our seating area all week, which was sweet! Now I’m looking forward to Yung Money’s debut in the HMS 5. I believe he’s finally ready & in a position to take that series over.
  10. All of these “celebrity” buy ins, Michael Jordan, PitFall & the boxing fella. I give them 2-3 years and they’ll be gone. It’s good publicity right now, but when they realize that they need to put up their own money after sponsorship dollars dry up, they’re gone! We’ll find out how great their “love” for the sport is real quick. It’s great for NASCAR with the attention it’s bringing, but longevity isn’t on their side.
  11. I know who Justin Marks is, which is why I didn’t ask about him. Never heard of the Pits fella, or the boxing dude. Don’t really care about their net worth either. I simply asked who they were. It’s apparent to me that they don’t play pits music on Octane, so I’ll assume it sucks. And I don’t watch boxing. Grown men rolling around, hugging & hanging all over each other, in their underwear, in a ring, isn’t my bag.
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