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  1. You want to plan a vacation, plan to leave NYS!!! This state is joke.
  2. The entry lists for IMW are being released. Looking fantastic so far! http://usacracing.com/news/midget/item/9299-stacked-paragon-entry-list-set-for-june-16-indiana-midget-week-opener https://www.facebook.com/317726848944720/posts/566826410701428/?d=n https://www.facebook.com/147089738693230/posts/2895124933889683/?d=n
  3. Just as everything else in today’s world is ever changing, so are my racing plans on this trip lol. POWRi finally updated their schedule. They canceled ILMW, but they did replace a couple dates next Friday & Saturday. Instead of 5 nights in IL, now they’re running 2 nights @ Lake Ozark Speedway MO. So it appears the final draft is leaving next Thursday for MO. 2 nights @ Lake Ozark. Then Sunday it’s USAC Sprints @ Haubstadt. Monday is an off day. Then Tuesday begins 6 straight nights of USAC IMW. 1 change in IMW is Bloomington had to bow out due to County restrictions, so Putnamville will now have 2 consecutive nights, taking the Bloomington date. Can’t wait to get to some racing, January & the CB were ages ago.
  4. I’m not sure yet. Tri-City Speedway, near St. Louis, is opening on 5/29 with a limit on fans, so that’s a positive sign.
  5. Absolutely! I prefer IMW over ISW because you get both divisions each night. The ILMW has Micros as the other class each night. Should be 2 fantastic weeks.
  6. There were 3 Hawaiians racing at the CB this year.
  7. Change of plans now. I’m not going to OK for the Turnpike Challenge. A much needed race trip has now morphed into a 2 week vacation! I’m now planning to go to POWRi’s annual IL Midget Week from 6/10-13. And that blends right into USAC’s Indiana Midget Week from 6/14-21. I’m looking forward to not only checking off a bunch of new tracks, but also checking off a new state in IL. I have a lofty goal of getting to all 50 states to watch a race before my time here has expired.
  8. Yes, Texan & National Sprint Car Hall Of Famer Gary Wright, ran SDW for a few years in the early to mid ‘80s. Car #85. In 1988, D.I.R.T. Motorsports had the Texas Tour. Devils Bowl was one of the tracks they ran at.
  9. There are quite a few drive-ins around yet. There’s one outside of Auburn. One in the Fulton area. There’s still one in my hometown area (Nelliston/Palatine Bridge) in operation. It’s been there my whole life. There’s another in Vail Mills (outside Amsterdam) with 2 screens. There’s also a drive-in on Route 9 Malta, not far from the track. Here’s a website for drive-in searches. https://www.driveinmovie.com/mainmenu.htm
  10. ???? This show is all by the track. It has no sanction from anyone or any series.
  11. When it comes to substitutes: 1. In many cases the customer will have an option or 2 listed for the substitute when the Shopper clicks on the item isn’t available tab in the App we use. 2. A good Shopper, in the event a customer doesn’t have another option listed, will immediately contact the customer through the App, asking if they would prefer another choice, or simply refund the item. 3. There are times when the customer doesn’t have a substitution listed already, and they don’t respond to the Shopper with another option. In that event, the Shopper should make sure if there is an obvious substitution they can make on their own. If there isn’t, then a refund on the original item ordered is warranted. Having said all that, please keep in mind, in most cases, a Shoppers tip is effected when items are refunded. That’s a big factor in why many Shoppers refuse to refund items, they’ll simply select whatever they choose. On the flip side, some customers will add things to their order while a Shopper is shopping for them. Now the tip is going up. I hope this helps.
  12. Prior to the Virus stuff, the ratings did matter. Over the last couple of months, due to the high demand, lack of items on the shelves & delays, they don’t strike a bad rating against the delivery people.
  13. Isn’t the NC Modified race closed to the fans?
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