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  1. 1. Stewart Friesen 2. Brett Hearn 3. Erick Rudolph 4. Matt Sheppard 5. Ryan Godown 6. Mat Williamson 7. Anthony Perrego 8. Tommy Meier 9. Jimmy Phelps 10. Danny Johnson DH - Billy Decker
  2. I’m already beyond mid-life, no crisis here. You won’t find any hardley’s in my driveway either.
  3. Thanks for the offer, but, if I have zero interest at 49, I promise I will have zero interest going forward.
  4. I guess I’m in the 20% then......
  5. Even where it’s legal to smoke/take marijuana, it’s still illegal & unsafe to operate a motorized vehicle.
  6. 1. Matt Sheppard 2. Mat Williamson 3. Erick Rudolph 4. Billy VanPelt 5. Billy Decker 6. Mike Gular 7. Anthony Perrego 8. Mike Mahaney 9. Andy Bachetti 10. Jeremy Smith DH - Stewart Friesen
  7. Gravel has been good, but I don’t see him as the clear cut favorite at all. Doesn’t matter where Schatz is beginning the evening, he’s always the overall favorite and the guy everyone must beat. Sweet will be just fine tonight from the 3rd row. Reutzel has been extremely fast, but I’m not convinced he can be that fast for 50 laps @ Knoxville just yet. I think Schuchart has the speed, if he weren’t so far back. My top 5: 1. Brad Sweet 2. David Gravel 3. Brent Marks 4. Donny Schatz 5. Logan Schuchart
  8. I’m pretty sure the tow money that Platinum Drivers receive, per their contract, isn’t included in that.
  9. 1. Erick Rudolph 2. Stewart Friesen 3. Mat Williamson 4. Matt Sheppard 5. Larry Wight 6. Chad Brachmann 7. Ryan Susice 8. Billy Decker 9. Jimmy Phelps 10. Peter Britten DH - Danny Johnson
  10. 1. Erick Rudolph 2. Mat Williamson 3. Matt Sheppard 4. Mike Bowman (CA) 5. Chad Brachmann 6. Billy Decker 7. Larry Wight 8. Peter Britten 9. Mike Mahaney 10. Jimmy Phelps DH - Danny Johnson
  11. Obviously that wasn’t possible. Perhaps it changes constantly with the weather. You wouldn’t know these things until you are right on top of the event. I’m sure there are legitimate reasons.
  12. If they don’t advertise their schedule of broadcasts, what’s the point of even having any? Nobody would be aware of any events, which means nobody is viewing. I’m sure your local track advertises its race schedule. Weather & other things happen during the course of a season, forcing cancellations, is that false advertisement?
  13. I’m not positive about tangling, but it most certainly takes two to tango.