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  1. It wasn’t an air cleaner.
  2. Maybe, maybe not. On a side note, am I the only one who finds your name ironic?
  3. During pre-tech, they will place a couple seals in specific areas also. Your list is exactly what should be happening, thanks for sharing. If anyone believes that the same couple things should be checked, in a routine fashion, you are doing it wrong.
  4. If you always check the same thing every time, don’t you think the teams would figure it out? You have to change it up, this way nobody knows what could be checked at any moment. You can’t be complacent or predictable.
  5. When cars go through the tech line @ SDW, it’s the same format each year. The teams know what’s going on. You aren’t allowed on track until you have gone through tech. Tech procedures following competition are different than rolling through the tech tent prior to on track activity. Mark Hitchcock & his team will look for different things each day. It’s impossible to check every single little thing on every single car each & every time it goes through tech. There isn’t enough time or manpower to do so. In the Pecore case, his argument was that Mark ok’d his illegal part months before, which was 100% false. If you are running something illegal, it will be found at some point. End of story.
  6. Exactly Cheryl. Brian Carter, Tom Deery, Jeff Hachmann, etc... are often hands on. They have no problem doing what needs to be done. Things are improved each year, not just with SDW, but all across the entire company. It’s just unfortunate that many people refuse to see, or give credit for such things.
  7. Thank you Harry. Everyone at World Racing Group/DIRTcar works countless hours to provide the best event possible for the racers & fans. As you stated, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. It’s not from the lack of effort, I assure you. Areas are constantly being improved each year, 2019 was no different.
  8. Scotty, you’ve never worked with racecar drivers.
  9. 1. Erick Rudolph 2. Mat Williamson 3. Larry Wight 4. Tim Sears Jr 5. Pat Ward 6. Ronnie Davis III 7. Mike Mahaney 8. Dave Marcuccilli 9. Danny Johnson 10. Brett Hearn DH - Jordan McCreadie
  10. USAC ISW is great, but USAC IMW is better in my opinion. The Midgets put on an incredible show, plus the Sprint Cars are the co-division every night. You get both!
  11. I went both years they ran @ Thompson. Geoff Bodine won the first year, Reggie Reggiero won the next.
  12. I have yet to get to that track, on my bucket list.
  13. Ronnie Johnson, per his FB Fan Page.
  14. This is easy, the Chili Bowl is the greatest race on the planet. Do yourself & your brother a favor, go!!!