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  1. Exactly! Do you really think there will be a Government placed official counting heads as they enter? Not a chance!
  2. But it also states it is NOT REQUIRED in order to attend. Walk ups are welcome.
  3. Wheatland has the facilities and capabilities to hold such an event.
  4. Disagree! There are a handful in the USA. As mentioned earlier, Wheatland for sure. Perhaps Vado.
  5. I think the reason has been pretty obvious on social media in recent weeks..............
  6. Parking will be an issue, but they should be able to race. Getting the haulers out of the center of the track will be a different story.
  7. It RAINED last night!!!! Hail, thunder, wind & extremely hard rain. And it’s still raining now. I was mentally prepared a week ago that I’d be watching the race on Monday due to the forecast. It’s looking likely now.
  8. I guess she’s in worse trouble than I thought, since she isn’t racing on Sunday.
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