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  1. You mean when I post about a real racing automobile holding a real racing event.
  2. Your key word is “simulator”. It’s a simulation of the real thing. Astronauts use this too, but I ain’t watching it. Simulation, video game, cartoon, etc... Whatever you decide to call it, it’s just that. I’m all into playing video games, that’s fun. Watching others play video games and acting as though you are watching a real sporting event isn’t my deal. Zero interest.
  3. Not even close to the same thing. You are actually seeing the real band play real instruments making their real music. The venue doesn’t matter, it’s still a live concert. Your comparison is the same as comparing the Moody Mile to Glen Ridge. The small venue isn’t really a race. If you want to compare fairly, it would be like watching Led Zeppelin in a live internet broadcast playing Guitar Hero. No thanks!
  4. I understand that. But watching people play a video game isn’t really my thing.
  5. The only way I’m tuning in to watch a cartoon race is if this dude is in the booth!
  6. Lincoln's gotten all 4 of their scheduled shows in.
  7. Contingency Sponsors/Awards are still a big part of the SDS.
  8. I'm not an Administrator of any Forum other than my own personal social media accounts.
  9. Never had an issue at my house.
  10. How exactly am I acting? If sticking up for WRG/DIRTcar is a crime, than I guess I'm guilty.
  11. Sometimes blunt truth hurts.
  12. You can’t compare the CB to any other indoor races, especially the TQ stuff here in the NE. If you haven’t been, you just don’t understand. It’s one of those events you must experience in person to really get the whole gist of it. It’s an event like no other on this planet.
  13. You can believe what you wish. I still have no clue, other than the clues you spout out, about any of it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who you are on here. You were hiding in a desert, rather than a forest.
  14. I don’t know what that even means??