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  1. I'm not an Administrator of any Forum other than my own personal social media accounts.
  2. Never had an issue at my house.
  3. How exactly am I acting? If sticking up for WRG/DIRTcar is a crime, than I guess I'm guilty.
  4. Sometimes blunt truth hurts.
  5. You can’t compare the CB to any other indoor races, especially the TQ stuff here in the NE. If you haven’t been, you just don’t understand. It’s one of those events you must experience in person to really get the whole gist of it. It’s an event like no other on this planet.
  6. You can believe what you wish. I still have no clue, other than the clues you spout out, about any of it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who you are on here. You were hiding in a desert, rather than a forest.
  7. I don’t know what that even means??
  8. Bob, nobody ran anywhere. Whatever you are referring to, you did to yourself. If you were told you can’t attend some place, that’s on you, nobody else. I have no idea what you are talking about. What I do know, for someone who was working at tracks/events for a vendor, gets into the venue for free in order to work, then bad mouths the company/event repeatedly on social media sites, what would you expect to happen to you? Again, I have no clue what you are referring to, but with your constant comments towards me about “ratting you out”, I’ve pretty much put it together. Perhaps you should look in the mirror before placing blame on others for your actions.
  9. As stated above, the 2 DIRTcar/UMP nights race for less of a purse, but they also run less laps.
  10. Every employee has their own respective lives, and trust me, that life doesn’t revolve around following our boss’s every move. When the organization makes an announcement, the employees will see the announcement, just as you do. There’s no bat phone that rings to inform us of every change or meeting taking place. When Dean met with Jack Lehner personally to have the agreement signed, the whole staff didn’t follow him there. And the same with all of the others that have taken place, and will take place going forward. If want to know who’s already signed on, I’ll look it up, just like everyone else.
  11. Just because I work for the series doesn’t mean that I’m involved with all of the contract signings & announcements. Just like all of you, I find out via the SDS social media accounts. If someone can’t take it upon themselves to search the world wide web for information they seek, that’s their problem.
  12. I didn’t have the time at the moment to look through the entire thread to find each announcement. Perhaps you should ask the same question to the person looking for the announced drivers. If I want information on something, I do the research myself.
  13. Except that DTD isn’t a SDS social media account, like the 2 I gave you.
  14. Agreed! He'd be real fast for 3 laps, then he was a train wreck. Couldn't put a string of laps together at all.
  15. You can follow along on Social Media in order to keep up with the announcements.
  16. G.R. Smith was a weapon all week @ East Bay.
  17. Believe me, they already know.
  18. It is the greatest race on the planet...........
  19. Apparently you aren’t on social media. The contracts are being signed & announced on social media one by one, as Dean meets with the drivers personally. As this happens, someone posts the announcement in this thread. Just keep watching like everyone else is doing. You have plenty of time, the first point race is 4/11/20.
  20. Because you are too lazy to take 5 minutes and do the research yourself, I get called names lol. Nice try Fella.
  21. So you want someone else to look through the 5 pages for the list, so you don’t have to.............
  22. They’re already listed in this thread.
  23. Lucky for you, as far as online streaming, cable has nothing to do with it. And regarding your Uncles phone, I’m guessing you have a more sophisticated one?