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  1. I have 4 pit passes for Sunday’s Monster Jam show. You’ll need a ticket for the main event. The pit passes were $60 for 4. I’ll sell for $30. Text me at 310-745-0762. I live in Scotia.
  2. Ken W.


    Not on? Can’t tune in.
  3. Fuller is a true pro. Smooth as silk, and kept the car & tires underneath him for all 100 laps. Watching him race this year at Fonda has been fun. I can remember many races back in the day when Jack would let the other guys burn off their RR and sneak by on the inside with a few laps to go. Last night reminded me of the “good old days” at Fonda. I love seeing the place packed like it always was when I was a kid. Great job to the Fonda team and I hope Ronnie, Billy Decker, and Jesse Mueller are all feeling ok this morning. -Ken
  4. Thanks guys. Saved me the drive out.
  5. Looks like we've got a shot of the weather holding off. I'm going with my Dad for our first visit there this year. Schedule says final points night - any invaders rolling in?
  6. I remember that race Rooster. I was maybe 8 years old and almost in tears because I thought they wouldn't let Jack race. I kept telling my Dad that I wanted to do it!
  7. Is it hard to see when you're racing Fonda at night? I couldn't tell what part of the track he was on, or see the flagger either.
  8. Tom Boggie wrote a nice article in the Schenectady Gazette.  The last paragraph hit me pretty hard.  Rest in peace JoJo.      http://www.dailygazette.com/news/2014/mar/21/0321_stockcars/
  9. Ken W.


    Just posted on their facebook page:   Fonda Speedway "The Track of Champions" about a minute ago via mobile Just spoke with management from the track and we are a GO! So pack up the family and head on down to The Track of Champions! Warm ups start at 6 and racing action starts at 7! We'll see you there!
  10. Good night of racing - AJ holds off Bobby Varin for the win. Johnny the Jet wins Sportsman. Pete Broderson in Pro Stocks. NYSCCA Hall of Fame inductions were excellent. Great job by the organization, Ron Hedger and Tom Boggie.
  11. If 24 budgets start a feature, and 1 or 2 cars have something obviously different about them, that raises eyebrows. Billy Decker's car sounds different than the others and there has been about 100 threads about that. So if the same car keeps shooting flames out the tailpipe and all the others don't...he is just running rich? I suppose all the other cars are leaned out to improve fuel mileage for their 20 lap feature. All sarcasm and joking aside, my guess is budget drivers are taking some liberties with their fuel choices. Perhaps this doesn't ALWAYS lead to burnoff in the tailpipes, but it's a factor.
  12. 2 years ago at the Southern Tier 100, I noticed 3-4 mods throwing flames out the tail pipe when they got off the throttle in turn 1. The reason? They were cars from PA tracks that run alcohol. Perfectly legal for that race, in fact it was red flagged at halfway so they could refuel. In an effort to keep costs down for the budgets, tracks originally required pump gas - meaning 93 or 94 octane. Now, most tracks sell VP98 for crates. What else is legal for fuel, and how many tracks are checking it?
  13. That old wooden fence would take a beating. At least a few times a year, the races got red flagged for about a half hour so the track crews could fix the boards after an accident.
  14. Ken W.


    With that many Sportsman, maybe split off a "rookie" division/feature like Glen Ridge does? Pay out the top 3 or so. They get to race and have track time instead of a DNQ every week.