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  1. Where's the "kiss my ass" emoji when you need it?
  2. The thing I like most about this is that it is FUN. I got into racing because it was exciting and thrilling ... as a kid, it was fun to go to the races. Now, it seems it is just so serious with so much money on the line, big sponsorship dollars, etc. The professionalism and big money on the line seems to have taken a lot of the fun out of it. This is going back to racing being fun ... competitive, yes, but trash talking, having a good time, taking the time to remember that people got into racing because they loved the adrenaline rush of it. A ton less pressure. Nobody gets hurt. And still a million people watched it last week ... if they keep on having races like they've had, I hope the ratings will still be solid.
  3. How about one for the underdogs! Go Timmy Hill!!! And with a super low-buck setup, too. Next week, Bristol I heard. This'll be interesting.
  4. Cornwall, Fulton, the Valley, OCFS, Oswego ... honorary mention to Grandview or new Bridgeport as #6.
  5. The thing is, this isn't just any group of guys playing a racing video game ... it is the top NASCAR drivers and crew members. It's kind of like saying that seeing Led Zeppelin at a bar doesn't count as a concert because it's not in a huge stadium. I don't know about any of you, but I'd be ecstatic to see Rush one last time, even if it was just Karaoke or playing Rock Band. Godspeed, Neil.
  6. I think that was back when Richmond was the week after the Dayton 500. BRRRRRR!
  7. What made this different from normal Cup racing is that it was FUN. The folks involved were genuinely having a good time. That and the fact that they could actually race and pass instead of spending all day dealing with aero push. They had fun and all they had to worry about was racing. No emphasis on sponsors, no team getting an edge because they spent a million dollars on special air jacks or in the wind tunnel or whatever it is they are wasting fortunes on these days to drive the little guys out of the sport. Just drive it like you stole it. Was awesome to see Jr. up front, underdogs like Timmy Hill and Smithley and Beneditto all had great runs. Great finish with four cars in the battle for the win. It was everything stock car racing is supposed to be, just without the huge repair bills and hours in the garage during the week. I enjoyed watching it enormously. The graphics were surprisingly good. The racing was competitive -- yes, it had a lot of yellow fever, but that's what happens when you get very competitive drivers, evenly matched cards and a short race. I really enjoyed it.
  8. Cool. I had kinda been following the high-profile events via Reddit's NASCAR subreddit, nobody there had talked about anything but small local leagues and the high profile events with Cup drivers. Thanks for the update.
  9. I gotta admit, I think it is kind of cool that the iRacing event tomorrow has a lot of the NASCAR drivers and is going to be broadcast on FS1. With real racing on the sidelines, where's the action at in Sim Racing these days? Is rFactor with the DIRT Big Blocks downloads still have much popularity? iRacing seems kind of pricey by the time you buy the add-on tracks and cars? I would love to see someone entrepreneurial capitalize on the publicity iRacing is getting and put together a huge online racing competition, something like a ChiliBowl event -- have an open event with elimination brackets over several consecutive nights and have a huge online competition where thousands of drivers from across the country (around the world) could battle it out to get into a high profil main event -- it would be really cool if there was an All-Star event with star drivers for that class where ordinary folks could earn a spot in the event by running these preliminary events. Make it cool enough, get a few big name drivers, and you might be able to get it on FS1 or MavTV, maybe even pick up a few sponsors.
  10. It's safe to say that RPM and I disagree on a lot of things politically ... That said, many of his points are accurate -- the vast majority of people who get this don't suffer significant harm, the best thing to do is wash your hands a lot and limit exposure to large groups of people. And it WAS easy a few weeks ago to not be too concerned -- we've been through scares with SARS, Bird Flu, etc that past few years and they were controlled and stopped quickly. I'm glad we're finally taking the threat seriously because the virus does spread so quickly and easily and while most people will be okay, that 1% fatality rate becomes horrifying if the disease becomes widespread across the general population. The emergency status is a wise, prudent move to get things going to try to mitigate the spread and prevent a nightmare scenario. It is, hopefully, a short-term inconvenience to prevent a worldwide disaster. And hopefully life returns to normal and the spread of the virus is under control so we can get back to "Beer Hill Sucks" and "Infield Sucks" (Williams Grove reference) and anyone but Sheppard/Friesen/Hearn/theDoctor in a couple of months.
  11. And he saved us from windmill cancer while cheering on the patriots in the Revolutionary War as they defended our airports. Good God, in what evil timeline are we living that the President of the United States actually said things this stupid? But that is a big issue with our current Administration -- they have shown an enormous capacity to distort and present outright falsehoods as fact, so if we can't trust them on the little things, how can we possibly believe them when it's something important. Boy who cried wolf and all that. Want to know why reported cases of coronavirus are so low in the US? We're simply not testing people. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/03/donald-trump-coronavirus-testing The US has tested less than 10,000 people. Total. South Korea is testing 10,000 people a day.
  12. A couple of things to remember about the virus -- It has about a 1% fatality rate (optimistic estimate, many experts say closer to 2%). I have seen several health officials say that they believe the virus could infect 150 million Americans. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/11/up-to-150-million-americans-are-expected-to-contract-the-coronavirus-congressional-doctor-says.html That means, statistically, 1.5 million Americans could die from this virus. 1.5 million. Also, again, best estimates say that about 20% of people infected get so sick they need hospitalization -- that's 30 million people if the infection predictions are accurate. We don't have the capacity to handle that many sick people. Granted, for most people, this virus is no more serious than a bad cold. But it is devastating for a significant number of people. That's the reason why responsible officials are so concerned and why places like Italy are on lockdown instead of telling people to go to work, they will just get better sitting at their desks. Responsible officials are doing what they can to limit the spread of the virus or at least slow its spread so that hospitals can keep up with the need for treatment. This is a potentially pretty damned serious problem. Good Lord wiling, the outbreak will be contained. But it is highly contagious and that's why extreme measures are being taken to contain its spread. That doesn't even get into the possibility of tens of millions of Americans having medical bills so high from intensive hospital treatment and their insurance companies potentially not covering it that they have to declare bankruptcy. If 30 million people get hospitalized -- which is the only correct extrapolation based on the testimony of the Congressional doctor cited above -- and if their insurance is not great, this is a realistic possibility without emergency legislation being passed. It could be a huge economic blow on top of the human cost. If those numbers don't send a chill down your spine, you are an idiot.
  13. Sounds like this is kind of like the super sophisticated suspensions in Late Model land ... give most guys too many toys to play with and you are a lot more likely to dial yourself out than dial the car in; only a handful of teams can really figure out how to take advantage of these tricks. Sounds like the idea is to get a good baseline and then incrementally adjust the setup off the baseline to see what improves the car. (Am I getting this right?)
  14. I love to argue politics. Just not here. That's what Reddit and Facebook are for.
  15. Oh hell, just nevermind.