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  1. How long do you plan on letting these topics get out of hand? Do your job and moderate, or let someone else do it. Stop making idle threats. This forum has become an embarrassment.
  2. Lucas Oil TV has East Bay shows for 6.99 for the month plus a bunch more races and the broadcast is top notch. NBC Sprots has Track Pass for 2.99 a month, which will get you New Smyrna Ashphat races.
  3. I used screen mirroring for World Finals, but the use of an app through Roku or Firestick gives a much better picture.
  4. Yes I do, but its much easier to access a streaming broadcast through an established app then to cast threw a browser. Just saying.
  5. Only thing left for DV is to have an access app for Roku of Amazon Firestick. Like DTD and Flo Sports has.
  6. Just bought tonights STSS broadcast. Great broadcast. Excellent connection. Thanks guys.
  7. Flo racing shows SDS available through their site. If this is correct I would prefer to use thier acces. Any info would be appreciated.
  8. Hoping this is the last year this race is run on Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Lets get it back to the 2nd Thursday of August where it used to be. It shouldn't interfere with year end points championships.
  9. Im getting too old and the cost to go racing is passing me by. 75.00 for pit addmission for a one day SDS show tonight at OCFS.
  10. I get Brewerton and Fultons concerns but to cancel on because of a forecast on Wednesday is too presumptuous, but Im not the promoter.
  11. Definitely the heat is a concern, but why not push start times back an hour as Port Royal did. Both tracks run efficient programs so a late night wouldnt be a concern.
  12. Totally agree Fran. I was actually at both Fonda and Canandaigua so I have no idea what the broadcast issues were. I think as we go into the future things will continue to improve. I feel lucky to live in a time when we have access to these events we always cant attend. There are so many variables that still exist while streaming live events. A solid tip I found is to limit how many devices you have in your home that have access to the internet at the same time while streaming live events.
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