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  1. I am sure that information will be available at the car show .
  2. You are welcome. Membership is open to anyone involved in racing....drivers, crews, owners, sponsors, fans, track officials, track owners, etc. Annual membership is $25. You can find a membership application at our website, www.nyssca.com. Our organization was formed to promote and support racing. The most important piece is probably our injured member benefit fund. Should a member become injured due to a racing related incident, once they are out of work for a minimum of one week, we will pay them $125/week up to a 26 week maximum. That would be $3,250. Our hope would be that we would get thr
  3. Bill will be ok, has some broken ribs.  Says we will be back at Fonda !!!!!!  Thanks for asking.
  4. Most laps are $40.00 with exception of a few where the lap sponsor added more $$.  But  each lap is at least $40.00
  5. Everyone has been asking about Dave... He has been taken of the ventilator, had the trach removed and is eating food.  Please keep him and his family in your prayers as he still has a ways to go.  Now for benefit news :  50/50 was won by Harold Chadderton, Autographed Helmet was won by Terri Villa and Gas Grill was won by Dwayne Heroth.  Fran, Ted and I would like to thank everyone who had a part in this.. if you donated an item, bought a dinner ticket or just gave a donation... We met our goal of $5000.00 and exceeded it.... Total raised was $7500.00 !!!!!!! THANK-YOU Ever
  6. Thank you to all who donated and to those who came to the benefit.  It was a great time. I will have more posted later on who won the large prizes.  Thanks to all who helped out today !!!!! 
  7. Hope to see everyone tomorrow at Checker's Out Speedway for Dave Buanno Benefit !!!!!
  8. Thank you so much for the donations !!!!   Hope to see everyone there !!
  9. Some of the raffle items we have are... Signed Pat Ward panel, Hondo panel, Brett Hearn Big Show 5 shirt & Brett Hearn shirt, Mike Mahaney shirt, Darwin Greene shirts, checkered flag earrings,  DVD's- Fonda McDonalds Weekend, Glen Ridge Sowle 60 lap mod. race, Malta Sportsman Run Whatcha Brung, Pat Ward diecast car, Pat Ward, Billy Decker & Larry Wight sweatshirts, Billy Decker & Larry Wight shirts and a hand drawn picture of Dave's car. If anyone has items to donate please contact one of the hosts.
  10. Donations can be sent to me.   Jann Ivancic-McGaffin  44 McNeir Ave.  Amsterdam, NY 12010.                                                          Cards can be sent to Dave Buanno P.O. Box 155 Tribes Hill , NY 12177
  11. We are having a benefit for Dave Buanno who was injured in August at Fonda Speedway while watching the races. We want to help his family with the many expenses they are facing during this time.     Spaghetti Dinner @ Checkers Out Speedway , Sun. November 17th, Noon to 5:00.  Tickets are $ 11.00 for the dinner.  Racing will be $ 10.00 and paid for that day at the track.     There will be racing raffles and more.  If anyone would like to donate anything for the raffle please contact us.    Hope to see everyone there !!!!!   Fran Ivan
  12. Dave Buanno  has NOT passed away.  He is still in the hospital and could use everyone's thoughts and prayers. I have this information straight from the family. So would everyone please keep Dave and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
  13.     Photos can be found on the link below...     Mod edit - Sorry but we do not allow linking to other websites here.  DC
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