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  1. It was announced toward the end of last year that Dean Reynolds was taking over Mike Perotte’s position at DIRTcar when he left .
  2. Utica Rome and Canadaigua have a SDS race on the 27th and 28th
  3. $53,000 to the winner according to the Northeast Dirt Modified page on Facebook
  4. Yes they kept Decker’s hauler . There was a picture on Facebook of it being somewhere to get serviced . It had the Decker wrap on the sides of it .
  5. I'm not a hater. I just want to know who is taking it over .
  6. I thought the 360 race during the night of the STSS finale was pretty good even though the car count was low .
  7. I didn't start the start the rumor . It's in the other thread (the Premature Entry list for Volusia). There was an article a few weeks ago about Peter Britten staying with Graham racing for next year no home track was announced , just that they were following the SDS again in 2019. One thing I have learned in the past few years is that Northeast Dirt Modified racing is an ever changing sport .
  8. The last few years I have not gone to one track on a weekly basis . I did go to Fonda a lot in 2016 until Danny stopped . I went there a lot that year , but the last two years I have just gone to bigger shows . Weekly racing just does not do it for me anymore . I feel with the new promotional staff at Fonda that will be different this year .
  9. Someone in the premature entry list for Volusia thread said they heard they split . Any truth to that?
  10. It's not exactly mid summer but OCFS is planning a big event in August for its 100th year of racing .
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