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  1. I think the track needs to be smooth and consistent, maybe using the phrase "slowing the track down" was the wrong impression. The track has tore up a lot of race cars, but make it smooth and I believe it could be better racing. Also I think one key to success is having the correct people in place to make it come together, from track prep to social media. I'm not here to tell any promoter how to spend his money, but I hope they realize they're are some people around that are cancers to this sport and if a promoter cannot figure that out then I think success is not in the future. Im nobody of importance and my comments arent really important, but i stopped going to a few certain tracks because of the people involved. Just get the right people in place, smooth the track out and worry about your track and nobody else is a good start IMO.
  2. Fair enough, here is the farthest I will do with this,    Promoter is responsible for the race track. The horse facility and truck pulling areas have nothing to do with the race track, the promoter is not responsible for that stuff at all, not sure where that rumor came from. as far as anything else, feel free to call the fair office and schedule an appointment.   Maybe a few weeks ago I would have engaged in this conversation a little bit more with everyone, but when it starts affecting me at home and at work, I no longer wish to partake in this anymore.   If someone is serious about this, please contact the Fonda Fair office at 518-853-3313 and schedule a meeting. No real reason to extend the deadline anymore, everyone knows and knew it was up for bid, so if you, or anyone else was TRULY interested I am sure we would have heard from you or others instead of a racing forum(no disrespect to this forum), don't you think sir?    Thanks,  Butch
  3.   I'm not so sure about that....  The grape vine was a buzz this morning about a possible meeting taking place with an older new player..   Um, he's sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw him pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.     THATS GOTTA BE HUMPY!!!!!!
  4. Is Ed Fuez still alive? Hopefully Wednesday night a decision will be made, yes.
  5. There was another truck there prior to that one, how come that rumor didn't pop up? Lol
  6. So a truck, a meeting room, and 60 degree weather means one of your 30 rumors has come true? Hopefully one of our 30 rumors will come true so you don't come out of this looking bad lol... I cant wait until Wednesday when all this ends.
  7. Crap, now what are we going to do? What will we do we do to get the motions rolling again with so little time left?
  8. Honestly, we do not know who is taking over and pretty ,much everything you have posted thus far has been inaccurate and untrue. Can't wait until its finally over so people can start talking about how the next person will do wrong lol. Carry on...
  9. There are enough theories and rumors that I could write the new "Fonda" book lol
  10. Now I KNOW that is a rumor! I heard it was semi trucks not buses! Get your story straight! haha! 
  11. So the rumor about Humpy Wheeler taking over is false then? 
  12. For the umpteenth time, ANYONE is more than welcome to come to the board meetings, they are the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm, and held in the building just inside the gate to the left.
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