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  1. Me, personally am looking forward to this show. i like the idea of the 360 sprints being involved, hopefully they can pull 20-25 360's.
  2. Hidden Valley reopened this year and did very well. Mckean, Marion Center are not operating
  3. Whatever track i leave that i am satisfied with what i have seen for the evening. I love them all, because possibly in 20 years, who knows what will be remaining ? Right now, current day- Port Royal has it going on in Central PA, Weedsport in Central NY
  4. Yes- first year at Oswego. Ran in the back for the entire race trying to "survive"
  5. Maybe hit this up on the way to Weedsport ?
  6. Yes- was there and attended Williams Grove on Friday as well. Friday at the Grove- ho hum Saturday at Port Royal- Great racing, thought Sprints were good from second on back. Late models were exceptional. Shout out to Danny Varin- held his own very well. Port Royal never disappoints- track is so much better when it's slow and slick.
  7. Tuscarora 50- Port Royal, Freedom 76- Grandview, Fonda 200 (Maybe) , Oswego (SDW) and whatever else the "Money Tree" in my back yard can support. Way too many year end specials !!
  8. Surprised on the lack of comments about this. Total BS on the entire deal, hope Halmar is providing Tim McGraw tickets to Ted White. Look forward to this show every year as it's in my back yard and not a 2-3 hour ride home.
  9. Was there in 2016 and will say it is much better live than on TV. The trucks reminded me of the old Pro Truck Division at Dundee several years ago. It was very entertaining, but will not return for a Truck race again (been there, did it attitude). Next on the list to do at Eldora is the Dream in June.
  10. Last 2 night on video appeared looked fantastic, just sucks i live 4 hours away from most of the shows. Would love to see these Midgets at a track like Woodhull. Maybe make the 3 hour haul to Linda's Friday night.
  11. USAC 360 race was ok after a few early yellows, Mod feature went non stop and CVD had em covered from 9th starting spot. Crowd was mediocre at best, think the $25 admission scared some more than the heat.
  12. Big Diamond was not bad at all with heat last night- was a nice breeze blowing. Good racing last night at Diamond
  13. Agreed- she was listed as a "buy in" on line up sheet.
  14. Heard that comment as well from someone in the crowd, but also heard a crew member in Victory Lane say "throttle control" back to whoever yelled about Traction control.