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  1. Believe they cut all the feature laps on every division? I left after Mod feature as well. I will agree that Fultz was coming, but doubtful he had anything for Siri. Paine should never be allowed back there again. Using his car as a weapon against the 2B was so unprofessional and stupid. Didn't he have another issue similar to this and did not return for years ? Did meet a friendly gentleman who parked next to me and shot the sh*t with him during the delay. He did leave before they started, wondering if this is the same person as "Down the Backstretch" ?
  2. What was the modified car count last night ? Debating on going up this afternoon, but not thrilled about the 7 divisions show.
  3. Was there in person, crowd was about the same as last year for Saturday. Thursday and Friday, crowd was "sparse" at best. I do believe they need to bring in the 410's on Friday night and place would be packed. They would have to do something to the schedule on Friday night to accommodate an extra division. Middle of October can get cold at night, but weather on Thursday and Friday this year was warm and beautiful. It was advertised that the Campground was sold out for the weekend, but there were lots of open spots in general camping. The electric spots are mostly sold to season reserved and 3/
  4. I was there on Friday night for the ULMS show. First time there and really liked the track layout and the SLM get around there very well. Track was extremely rough and attrition in the SLM was high. Great race between the top 4 though, really long night and checkers for the SLM was at 12:30AM and had 3 more features to run. Uncertain if I will ever return there, but if I do it will be on a clear 0% chance of any precipitation. I seen they only had 26 Super's last night compared to 34 on Friday night. Read a bunch about there cancellation last night on FB, seems to me that paying 10K to w
  5. Left parking lot at 11pm after Mod Feature, did not stay for Sportsman.
  6. Sucks LoL and Selinsgrove are now the same day, both are about the same distance travel time for me. On the original date (July 1), wife and I were doing some wine tasting and going to head up to LoL after, but "wet grounds" screwed us. We were in Geneva at 5pm that day and had beautiful blue skies and no precipitation. Wife asked me as to why they were cancelled for the night and I could not give her an answer other than wet grounds and tracks now depending on a "projected hourly forecast" on a weather app. The hourly forecast did not look good, but as usual for most of the summer, the apps h
  7. Do you see a problem with the above dates ? There are way too many options and expensive shows to go see. Hold out for Sunday and see USAC at Bloomsburg with Super Late models, get the best of both worlds on a smaller track. USAC will get strung out on Selinsgrove and Port Royal. I have been to the Port Royal USAC show numerous times and it always is a long, dragged out night with the vintage cars there. I am actually leaning on Thunder Mountain (PA) for the WoO on Friday the 18th and Bloomsburg on the 20th.
  8. Dusty for sure, but track slicked off for the feature and dust was not as bad. Excellent feature for the mods and one of the better that I have seen at Dundee in a while. Why were some of the food stands closed ? No pizza, popcorn, ice cream as those booths were closed.
  9. Wonder if they will be charging a fee when the WOLMS are in May for a 2 day show ? I have stayed at Port Royal many times, sometimes they charge and other times they have not. I think paying $30 for a "dry" spot that is usually on a hill and not shaded is a bit steep.
  10. Have seen him at Port Royal, think it was August of 2019, and at Dundee with the All Stars.
  11. Love this list, but one issue with all of them- they are all in the FALL !! Makes it tough for a spectator to pick and choose which to attend as there are way too many specials in the Fall. Wish some of these bigger races could be moved to Spring. After attending Port Royal for the 200, that's the place to be.
  12. Bring in the 410's for one of the Nights Modifieds will be there. The place would be SRO due to the 410's.
  13. That would be great, but it will make an already busy Fall schedule more saturated. Everyone will be scheduling against each other dividing up the fields between tracks. There are only so many weekends in the Fall to schedule. Maybe try Spring time instead for this race weekend ?
  14. Find it hard to believe that CVD is passing up Grandview, or is he just for Thursday night ? Hope his back holds up though and able to compete..
  15. Yes- I am planning on bringing my clubs and play on Friday late morning/early afternoon. When I was down for the Lucas show I played Lost Creek in Mifflintown. The Course was OK, but thinking this time, may take the ride up to Lewistown CC and give that a shot. Lost Creek was burnt real bad from the lack of rain received in the area.
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