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  1. I also paid the $85. Great broadcast overall. I do agree about showing the leader on the last lap when race is going on behind him for the last transfer spot. I was a little annoyed to find out that at least 1 group was showing the DTD.TV feed through there tv live on facebook. I am sure the powers that run the broadcast are looking more into it. But if this continues we will not be seeing live video coverage of these events. Its 1 thing to stream a race live from your phone while you are at the event in person. But when you stream the live broadcast from your living room there has to be some copyright issues that come into play. Support the event and and broadcast team and pay!
  2. Seen a picture of Jason Sides car. 1 night and 1 sprint car destroyed. Glad to see he walked away.
  3. Stew never lost his spot. He rode the wall in 2nd place and came back off the wall still in 2nd place. The yellow was not needed but I can understand why they threw it. As fragile as these race cars are, I am suprised the front end did not collapse on him. If he would have broke and they delayed the caution and he caused a huge pileup, everyone on here would be complaining that they did not throw the caution soon enough.
  4. I think it was the calcium they put down. Put a lot if grip into the track and made it 1 lane. I get it, they tried calcium to get control of the dust issue. That failed and added grip which made faster lap times. The racing this past Saturday night was 100x better on the wide slick ice skating rink they had. Hopefully they can get the slick surface back for Friday and Saturday.
  5. predmore13

    Malta Massive Weekend

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the fonda 200 is the following weekend.
  6. For $100,000 to win and $1000 to start. I would think they should get 70 to 80 modifieds easy. But I remember seeing many times on this forum that racers do not race for the money. So who knows what the car count will be. I was suprised to hear that Fuller, Tremont, and Ronnie Johnson will not be in attendance.
  7. Track was smooth and slick. Lap times for 358's were 25 and 26 seconds for the feature. Even though the track was slower, the racing was real good. Been a long time since I have seen guys run as high on the track as they were last night. Perrego was the class of the field in the 358's as he easily won both features. Came from 9th or 10th in the second feature. The sprint race had it's own excitement. Again guys were using every inch of the race surface. Danny Dietrich ended up winning when race leader Gerald McIntyre caught the outside wall off of turn 2. Before that happend Dietrich was using the extreme inside through 3 and 4 while McIntyre was way on the outside all the way around. Dietrich was catching him and prolly would have made the pass for the win regardless.
  8. Not that I know of. But they are now selling beer.
  9. Just realized something about OCFS from this past Saturday. First and foremost congrats to Billy V. on your 2nd Big Block win. But my question is how did Billy start up front in the feature? OCFS rules state, and this is straight from the rule book under big block and small block handicapping procedures. "12. In the event a regular driver misses a week or a suspension is involved, upon return the driver qualifies in the top 12 on time, driver will start in the 16th position until the three consecutive weeks are established". Prior to June 22nd Billy missed 2 of the last 3 OCFS races as he was on tour with the ESS. Am I missing something or did track managment and handicapping drop the ball.
  10. Was going to get it but looks like some heavy rain to the southwest of the track moving towards Dundee. Hopefully that rain breaks up before it reaches the track.
  11. predmore13


    Lots of negativity towards OCFS. While I do agree that they deserve most of it let's give them credit for trying something new. And giving modified drivers to race before a never before seen payout. As far as track conditions go, they are supposed to be getting a brand new surface to race on before the all star sprint race next month. As long as they get the right people to lay the new surface down you all may be in for a big surprise. I am keeping an open mind and hope that the racing improves. Time will tell.
  12. predmore13


    The prices are especially high for the Thursday and Friday night portions. $45 for a $5k to win mod race and Sportsman. And Friday at $55 for 10k to win modified and 358's. I see a lot of empty seats on those 2 days. Child prices are way out of line. The place will still be packed on Saturday for the historical event. Now if we can get the event format. I am wondering will caution laps count for the 160? Hoping it is 160 green flag laps to make it interesting.
  13. predmore13


    Indirectly racing but it does kick off the centennial weekend. Concert on weds night and racing Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I am still waiting for details to be released regarding the racing for those 3 days.
  14. Race is less than 3 months away and still no information regarding the event besides what was mentioned in area auto racing news a few months ago. I also left a message on the tracks Facebook page regarding ticket sales/pricing, camping and general information. No response to that message. Been a typical approach for ocfs this year. Does not seem to be much organization and without that they can not let people know what's going on.
  15. OCFS is an absolute train wreck right now. I had high expectations for the centennial season. It has been a complete circus all around so far. And unfortunately not an end in sight until they make some managerial changes and address the track surface. OCFS is my home track 10 minutes from home and I try to support them as much as possible. But at what point, as a paying customer do you say enough is enough. Everyone wants to support there local track but OCFS is making it damn near impossible to do so. They call the criticism they get "bashing". And they refuse to address or take accountability for the issues they are having this year. We are 3 months away from the historic $100k to win race and there are no details for this event besides it's a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. As someone else mentioned earlier they asked the speedway for admission pricing for the spring eve of destruction event and the speedway did not have an answer. This is all stuff that should be planned out and set in stone.