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  1. It's over 60k a race to rent an ARCA car now, so I imagine the trucks must be closer to over 100K,
  2. The the track ended up taking out the 3/4 mile track the mods used in order to make infield upgrades for the Cup series.
  3. In the "heat of the moment" you don't get in car to chase someone down the road, block them, then pull a gun on them.......
  4. That would actually be a worse conflict than the LOL vs Fonda one last year. With Malta and Fonda they share some of the same weekly drivers and a lot of the same weekly fans.
  5. I was going to say it has looked like the turn 1 wall was just about to fall over the past couple of years.
  6. Kenseth did win a race during that championship season. NBC demanded a "chase" after that season because their executives wished a more marketable driver had won and also they could not grasp the concept that someone could clinch the title before the last race.
  7. Richard Childress screwed over several young drivers during that period including Tim. He had them under contract but they barely ever raced due to "lack of sponsorship". But when Richards's grandsons were old enough to run in the top 3 NASCAR series that "lack of sponsorship" issue certainly went away.
  8. The only reason he got fined is because he practically admitted it during an interview FIVE DAYS after the incident. There have been some just as obvious intentional spins(such as Logano at Martinsville 1 week earlier) and nothing was done.
  9. It's more of an issue of incompetence in race control. There have been several Truck races where they have run numerous laps under the caution because of a simple spin due to the fact they can't get the lineup right. Now back in the 80's through early 90's the NASCAR Busch Series officials were borderline crooks. I am pretty sure those guys had it in from drivers who were not holdovers from the old Late Model Sportsman circuit or had moved up from the Virginia\Carolinas Late Model Stock tracks.
  10. A track I attended growing up had a driver who suffered a heart attack during the middle of the week either at home or at work. The guy checked himself out of the hospital so he could race on Saturday. As you might guess the he had another heart attack and died during the pace laps of his heat race.
  11. Beech Ridge in Maine was dirt(technically oiled clay) until the end of the 1985 season. It was the first track I went to as a kid since my dad was a Late Model crew member there before he switched to Oxford instead. Although dirt, Beech Ridge ran the same divisions and essentially same rules as the surrounding pavement tracks They kind of had co-headline divisions with Supermodifieds which were later replaced by Modifieds along with Late Model Sportsman. Many of the top guys ran both the open wheel division along with the Late Models. And oddly enough even though they were running NASCAR style pavement Modifieds weekly on the dirt, there were a few seasons where there was a Super Dirt Week Syracuse Small Block qualifier race. I think a couple guys showed up with dirt style cars to try to win that, but they burned their tires off pretty quickly on the oiled clay. Obviously it would have made more sense for the track to have a Pocono Race of Champions qualifier like every other Modified track in New England instead. Not sure how as a kid I figured that out, but no one from Beech Ridge\Super Dirt Week\Race Champions could not. Insert other media
  12. There was a close call at Lebanon Valley last week where a couple crew members in the infield were injured by debris flying off a car flipping along the infield pit wall on the backstretch. I have been kind of surprised that more tracks that have infield pit parking\spectator access don't have a fence like Eldora.
  13. That wreck in the Small Block feature has to be the worst anyone has flipped a Modified anywhere in quite a while.
  14. Yeah, as people have said it would essentially be like Thompson, but Thompson is a slightly longer track. And having walked on the track at Thompson numerous times, i would say it probably banked just as high as Lebanon Valley. However, the Valley has much tighter turns which probably gives off an illusion that it is higher banked.
  15. For some of these races they may have not have ever tried to broadcast or possibly never been to the track before the day of the race. It's not like network\cable TV coverage where they have several production and satellite trucks supporting them. The streaming services covering races are pretty much at the mercy of the local internet speeds.