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  1. Every time he wins a big race it makes me want to stop watching DIRT racing. Out of all the names out there, Williamson winning these races is supposed to be exciting. There’s only 1 driver I could think of worse then Williamson, that If he won I’d puke.
  2. On the schedule it shows 5pm everyday as the start time. Did they just randomly put 5pm, or are they tape delaying the racing this year? I’d ask them, but last year a few questions I had were always unanswered. I watched Super Dirt Week last year with very few problems. How has the quality been for this years races? Should Super Dirt Week be fine for quality for the most part?
  3. Your coverage of all the racing updates is amazing. In the rare situation you take a night or weekend off, we are missing a lot. Thanks for everything you do for us, by giving the coverage you do.
  4. Let me first off say, I have never been to Orange County. After seeing this video, screw them. I see 1/4 of the field that should never return. I stick 100% behind what Sheppard and Pereggo said.
  5. I thought the rule was you can work on your car under a red flag. You just have to go to the back of the pack. It makes sense to me. If you have 10 damaged cars or so, that could mean 1/4-1/3 of the cars in the race not making the next green flag if you couldn’t .
  6. It sucks that he can’t run for $1,000 to start and $100,000 to win if everyone gets the same points for the night.
  7. Then why call it “Show up points” if you show up and get equal points when others don’t? Why even bother giving any points for the night?
  8. Why would the drivers going to Orange County get 20 points. I can see the drivers going to the Valley not getting full point, but why wouldn’t they pick up at least 20. If the drivers going to Orange County don’t get 0 points this rule needs to stop. I brought this up years ago. It has nothing to do with me being a Tremont fan. When this rule started years ago with a Super Dirt Series race scheduled on a regular Valley Saturday night I wasn’t a Tremont fan at the time. The drivers at their home track should pick up at least 20 points.
  9. I thought whoever stays at the Valley gets 20 points. Whoever goes to Orange County gets 0 points.
  10. His name was listed in the who’s going to O.C. Earlier this year. Or will he be at the Valley tomorrow? Is Britten going. If Britten goes and Kenny doesn’t, wouldn’t Kenny be champion at the Valley? Kenny has a 30 point lead. 20 show up points tomorrow would put him at a 50 point lead. The following week if Britten wins and gets 60points and Tremont gets only 20 points for last, Kenny still leads by 10 points. Is Mr. Dirt only 20 show up points. With Kenny starting Mr. Dirt if he does, would make him champion.
  11. Worse then last time. 51:23 tonight. Like I said I went to one Valley 200 that was over in 1 hour and 12 minutes. My nephew has been to the Valley twice. He likes the modifieds. I know to we wouldn’t have stayed to watch them.
  12. Last year Lebanon Valley admitted they didn’t have a strong enough signal to run Race Monitor. I don’t think a Super Dirt Series Race will ever be streamed live from there.
  13. I’ve mentioned on a few places before, that I used to be a Bachetti fan. At the mid season point 3 seasons ago I questioned being a fan of his anymore. At the very end of that Valley season he caused a 4-6 car wreck. In that feature race he hit the rear panel of Hefner. Hefner spun out. In the spin out it also collected Tremont,Hearn and 3-5 others. That’s when I said I’ve had enough of this idiot Bachetti. I had supported Bachetti since his initial season at the Valley. I supported him for 15-16 seasons. Now I couldn’t be happier that I no longer support him. Plus he’s had I believe 19 season at the Valley, and what, 1 big block title I believe.
  14. I know it was a tour race. It’s ridiculous that 12.5 minutes of actual racing takes 50 minutes. I’m not blaming the Valley staff. How can the modifieds run a 100 lap race with a few cautions in about 35 minutes. I went to one of the 200’s at the Valley. It was over in 1:12. There was only 3-4 quick cautions. Every week the Valley prostocks take 1/2 hour. If I remember last years tour race for the prostocks was over 40 minutes long.
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