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  1. To watch the STSS Flo racing Pro is required correct? With Pro that includes all the other sports? My main question is, is it one lump sum yearly fee or can you pay a monthly fee.
  2. I know the safety equipment is the best it probably ever been. After seeing so many cars on top of each other and flips I'm surprised nobody has been life flighted out yet even with the best equipment.
  3. I feel sorry for the drivers and fans. Mostly the drivers though. God knows what time they'll fall asleep. Then they have to be up early for drivers meeting and autograph signings. I tried my best to make it to the end. One caution like 2 laps after a red and I'm done. When they barely even get 1 lap in a minute that's a joke. I don't blames the drivers. I blame the clowns that setup the track today and this week.
  4. This is great considering the 150 would've already been over by now. I missed my nephews game earlier because there should've been racing. What a joke. By time today's racing is over the 200 will be run by Tuesday. A freaking joke.
  5. I think I'm going to be sick. I hate Mat Williamson. I don't want to sit there for 350 laps on the weekend and see him in either victory lane. I have the drivers I'm rooting for of course. If my drivers can't win anybody but Williamson.
  6. I've paid for it in the past but it's been a few years. Who's covering it? They're covering the whole week correct? Do you pay a one price fee for the whole week? Or can you sign up for just one month? Lastly will it play on a Roku tv?
  7. Wight just refused to fire on that restart. I think they penalized Bachetti firing early because some cars bounced off each other. It's Wights fault though. He didn't even attempt to get on it. Bachetti is the leader. He's obviously going to fire early.
  8. Nope. It looks like 2006. Bachetti in 21st place and Hearn 20th. J.R. Heffner won.
  9. There was one after 2004. Bachetti led practically from the start. He led I think until about lap 110-130. Literally the whole time it sounded like a car using a rev limiter and making a like popping sound when maxed out. We were in turns 3 and 4. His car did it every lap. Bachetti then broke. My dad laughed at me. Hearn inherited the lead. Hearn led around 50 laps until about lap 160-180. Hearn then broke. I told my dad that was karma for laughing at me. I'm almost positive it was Alan Johnson that went on to win as I've only seen him win once in real life.
  10. Yup that was it. Surprisingly Hearn didn't catch Bachetti.
  11. Also for those of you that say there's no passing at the Valley. How about the year Hearn broke I believe in hot laps before the feature at Mr. Dirt. He had to go to his backup car. He started dead last and went on to win. I was always mad at my dad and Uncle when Hearn would win at the Valley. They would gloat the whole ride home. That night Hearn went from last to first in Mr. Dirt I said to my dad, congrats. That was the 3rd best race I had ever seen in real life.
  12. I'm a Bachetti fan. There was one year Bachetti beat Brett Hearn in one of the 200's at the Valley. The impressive part was Andy and Brett lapped the rest of the field. That may of been the year Andy broke the track record that stood for a decade until Hearn broke it. Andy ran I'm almost positive 19.635. Hearn rebroke it at I'm almost positive 19.365.
  13. As of now the Valley looks dry tomorrow. When I checked a few days ago it looked like a 30-45% chance of rain. At that point in time I was doubtful I was going to watch it. So far the 6 or 7 times I've watched an event on DTD Tv have all been dry and ran in its entirety. Say if it's a night that there's a say 35-50% chance of rain but it's an event you really want to see, is there a rainout policy? Just wondering.
  14. I know the Valley's modified championship doesn't end until Mr. Dirt weekend. Isn't Mr Dirt Show up points for everyone? Isn't the points leader after this Saturday's race basically champion as long as they qualify for Mr. Dirt? Bachetti has a 12 point lead. It's almost certain hed qualify for Mr. Dirt. As long as he's the leader at the end of Saturday wouldn't he be theoretically champion?
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