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  1. fastbackss

    Duel predictions...

    I am wearing my 5h shirt to offer support for who I'd like to read about tomorrow...
  2. Looks like they are doing the "practice then qualifying" like they did last time. Little after 6 means I don't have to rush from work. Can't wait.
  3. Was able to couple a work trip for my annual (when the mods are there) trip to Eldora for the Day 1 portion. Said differently - I actually get a hotel this year and am not paying for it. I will be wearing a Josh Hofenhorst shirt, with a huge grin on my face (and roaming the food area when the Trucks are practicing). Speaking of - I saw two different schedules. One said the mods practice at 6:25 - another said they qualify at 6:25. Anybody know when they hit the track for the first time? -Mike
  4. After coming from the b-main, so this was a solid effort.
  5. The NASCAR Whelen Tour Modified race for Wall Stadium is approaching quickly. It is Saturday the 18th. From the day it was announced I had full intention of supporting it. Sadly, it does not look like my work schedule is going to allow that to happen. While there is a slim chance that could change, what won’t change is my desire to support the track (and the Krause’s) for ponying up the money to host the Tour. I am thus going to purchase 1 General Admission ticket and gift it to someone. The tickets can be purchased online. I will buy it and then electronically send it to you. Here is how the winner will be chosen… - Write up a few sentences on why you want to go. Have you never been there? You want to take somebody who hasn’t been there before? You haven’t gone to a Tour race since the last one in NJ? Etc. - E-mail it to me. My e-mail address is simple – take my screenname on this forum and then add @hotmail.com to it - I will review the responses over this coming weekend - I will choose which one I liked the best - I will purchase the ticket either on Monday or Tuesday and send to you Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for reading, - (Michigan) Mike
  6. Was surprised to see Sato at the top of the speed chart yesterday. Also impressed by Herta's speed
  7. fastbackss

    2020 Cup Schedule

    Good to try some things out before the wholesale changes after 2020 season (when the track contracts are up)
  8. Maybe that explains why Gabby was racing against lowly old me on iRacing the other night . I was wondering if I was the only one in the race who knew of his pedigree... Good to see Sage get another ride. I want to see him succeed.
  9. 14 drivers completed 15 or more of the 16 races last season. The top 5 in points were Rudolph, Sheppard, Phelps, Dunn, Haers. Rudolph had 960 points (16 races), Sheppard 959 (16), Phelps 901 (15), Dunn 885 (16), Haers 828 (15) If you simply take the average points accrued per race and make it 15 races (yes I know this is inaccurate, but actually makes it a worse scenario because it is dropping average versus a low race) you would get points as follows. Phelps (901), Rudolph (900), Sheppard (899), Dunn (830), Haers (828) So - it can still be done with missing a race. (Happens a fair amount in sprint car country down in PA when teams make a decision whether to go to Knoxville or not)
  10. Good thread. I sincerely doubt that PatO goes to Harding after what happened with him being released. I do expect that he will take his $$$ to a team to get a ride for the race.
  11. Here is an article with some quotes from Bloomquist https://racingnews.co/2019/02/12/scott-bloomquist-was-surprised-that-he-was-suspended/ The article says it was covered in the drivers meeting. Bloomquist asked to see the rule.
  12. https://www.indoorautoracing.com/syracuse-indoor-race-event-information-2/ Tickets: $29 plus fee
  13. Some data from the SDS website. (the list could be refined some by using the same percentage of shows, but this should be enough to show general trend(s): 2018 - 10 drivers ran 21 or more of the 24 shows 2017 - 13 drivers ran 23 or more of the 27 shows 2015 - 13 drivers ran 20 or more of the 24 shows 2014 - 15 drivers ran 16 or more of the 18 shows 2013 - 14 drivers ran 13 or more of the 16 shows 2012 - 13 drivers ran 11 or more of the 14 shows 2011 - 13 drivers ran 12 or more of the 15 shows I personally am looking forward to what the data will show this coming year. I expected a bump up when home track points were removed. It is a small sample size, but we did not see that.
  14. Tulsa Shootout is well underway now (exceeding way over 1000 entries). If I counted correctly there are 6 drivers from NY, and at least 3 of them are running in multiple classes. Mike Maresca is running in 4 classes. He made the qualifier races in all 4 (that sets the line-ups for the A and B mains, which means he does not have to run any of the C-mains which are also today). He starts 12th in winged outlaw, 14th in non-winged outlaw, 5th in winged A, and 3rd in stock non-wing.
  15. fastbackss

    Sim Racing

    Wish I had more time to do it. I pay for iRacing and rarely do it. Sidebar - there is a sim sub-forum on the site...