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  1. Art Roraback


    I didn't hand pick someone and add them to the field so don't blame me.
  2. Hi Doug: I look forward to meeting you. Odds are pretty good that Lisa will finally be back this Saturday.
  3. For the first time in years we have a wide open championship battle in the modified division at the Valley. As a fan it is very exciting. The Pro Stocks and the Pure Stocks provide epic battles every week. As a fan you can't ask for more action and excitement than what the Valley provides every single race night. The Sportsmen (not a weekly division) always put on a good show. I have to admit that at the moment Andy Bachetti is smoking the field in the 358's but the competition is pretty good in that division as well. Toss in the family atmosphere and the low cost food concessions and you've got the perfect evening and at a low cost.
  4. Thanks. I look forward to "meeting" you.
  5. I am the ugly older fellow that helps Lisa sell tickets. She is on a medical break and I am fighting the good fight in her absence at the track. Since I usually don't bite say hi to me the next time you enter the front gate.
  6. As a leading goodwill ambassador for the track I love to talk to any and all of the fans. I generally help Lisa sell 50/50 tickets and unfortunately have been working solo as she is currently resting a badly bruised leg. We are glad to provide information to new fans making their first trip to the speedway as well as to chat with long term diehards such as myself.
  7. And please say hi to the "World's Ugliest 50/50 Girl" at the front gate....
  8. At least no one has brought up Fonda just yet......
  9. Art Roraback

    RIP Joe Falagna

    Rest in peace.
  10. Art Roraback


    They should run a whole lot of 1 lap races and hand out a lot of trophies. Then they could do American olympic game style coverage and not actually show any events but instead have little puff pieces about the drivers and of all the sacrifices they had to make to get where they are and tell of the hardships they faced. Like the time their cat got run over on the street, etc... (sarcasm on)
  11. Art Roraback

    Rocky and Jake

    Every one should be able to run what they can afford to do. If you aren't paying the bills you have no say in the matter. It's easy to sit at a keyboard and complain. Without people like Jake there would be no racing and I hope he has continued success.
  12. Since I don't go to airports I never see CNN....... You can find the $20 figure on Orange County's website of all places.
  13. I am sure that Orange County will attract more fans with all of the excitement but if they are charging $20 a seat they aren't going to fill up with former Lebanon Valley fans. Lebanon Valley is easily the best deal around with low admission and concession prices. The support divisions have always offered very exciting racing action and losing Hearn means our big block races should be more competive than they have been in years. Peter Britten and Marc Johnson will both be welcome additions to the field. I can't wait!!!
  14. For the record Lebanon Valley is located at the exact center of my universe.
  15. Only old timers today are willing to sit in the rain hoping for the track to dry out......