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  1. I think money is the biggest factor in deciding to offer the WoO late models during SDW. Declining interest in the satellite shows could be cause by people not being able to afford to take them in. People only have so much disposable income and they are voting with their feet.
  2. Don't give up on pavement tracks. Thunder Road in Barre, VT. and Stafford Motor Speedway in Stafford Springs, CT. put on terrific racing programs. I hadn't been a fan of asphalt racing aside from watching Richard Petty a few times a year on CBS back in the day until I went to these two places. I'll grant you it's a long haul from a salt water beach. but the racing is great (and now over for the season.)
  3. We still love you John. Thank your mother for the $3 check she mails me each year. Last year's was postage due but we are loyal as hell.
  4. The SDS race at Malta on Saturday was won from the pole and the leader led all 100 laps. But it was one hell of a race! Congratulation on Demetrio Drellos on winning his first Super Dirt Series race!
  5. Art Roraback


    Keep fighting the good fight Bob!
  6. I used to check posts on the site at least 12 times a day and look forward to finding out information about drivers, tracks, events. While I am still here a few times every day it isn't as fun or informative as it used to be. I tend to gripe a lot but generally with my racing buddies and in private, not in a public forum. It's just a sad commentary on society in general in that we all like to complain about everything but in my experience the ones that dish it out the most couldn't take the heat if they were the ones being constantly maligned. Thankfully the racing life is still fun and I look forward to seeing my friends at the Valley for every event. While helping Lisa sell 50/50 tickets I hear from a lot of DTD users complaining about all the people that complain. It's really a shame as this is a remarkable outlet for information and you can't beat the cost.
  7. I've been a registered user of this site dating back to the days when it was Fire on Dirt. Since I didn't have any inside information to offer I generally was/and am a lurker. In recent years it has been getting painful to follow most of the topics as they predominantly consist of people bitching about everything imaginable. I just don't get how people can maintain such constant negativity. If I was a non racefan and happened to find this forum I'd think twice about going to my first race.
  8. Art Roraback


    Hang in there Bob. It can only get better.
  9. I'm not sure exactly what they will do with the 50/50. Be sure to bring your tickets as they will definitely be in the drawing one way or the other (could be a second prize, or perhaps added to the next week's sales for an even bigger prize.)
  10. I think we had a Pure Stock race and perhaps a Sportsman heat before the rains forced the cancellation of the night's program. There won't be double features next week. (I was helping Lisa sell 50/50 tickets so I haven't a clue- obviously)
  11. Art Roraback

    Mr Dirt Track USA

    You need to understand that people just love to complain. It makes them feel important.
  12. Art Roraback


    I am sorry that you are going through a tough time and hope that you are able to make a complete and painless recovery asap..
  13. https://www.mchoulfuneralhome.com/book-of-memories/3936159/Jablonka-Stanley/
  14. https://www.pennlive.com/news/2019/08/accident-at-williams-grove-speedway-kills-spectator.html?fbclid=IwAR2ib45X_VRZWYtxCVwEFNTDrXC2VAzVYs2uU9IFyj7S4_DOOYk_zLRSTK0 There are no words for this. I go to races to escape reality, not confront it.